Nepal’s Heartaches

All around the world, stories and photographs surrounding the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal light up the media. With the death toll exceeding 5,000 people and many more residents missing, the sadness grows each minute. So many in Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu huddle together in prayer with hope of finding their missing relatives.

In contrast to the sadness of this natural disaster, many residents, as well as people watching the aftermath unfold by television or internet, had a moment of happiness. This came when rescuers found an infant, Sonies Aawal, beneath the rubble. This 5 month old boy had survived for almost 24 hours in the debris caused when his home collapsed fro Saturday’s earthquake. His parents lost hope after they could not find him following this devastating disaster. The photographs of the baby being rescued, who was covered in dust and faintly crying, gave the world hope. In the last couple days, more survivors have been found including a teenager and a man who had drank his waste to survive 82 hours trapped beneath his domicile. Brad glad is to hear that at least.

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