New President Pushes Highland Capital Further Ahead

In a landmark announcement, Highland Capital Management has announced the hiring of a new President of Institutional Products, Terry Jones. Mr. Jones is expected to enhance the company’s position in the market by focusing on client specific product innovation. This new trend in the money managing market drives a very specified approach to investing. Each client’s holdings are diversified with the risk that they are comfortable with, in markets they find acceptable and within industries that they think are worthy of investing. Mr. Jones said that he is optimistic and excited to begin working within the Highland Capital team. He explained that Highland Capital is already well known for its positioning within the industry to foster a dynamic investing platform. He is looking forward to creating a client driven customization solution which has the potential to further solidify Highland Capital’s position.

Highland Capital controls just over $20 billion in assets with investors from high wealth individuals to pension funds and trusts. James Dondero, co-founder and President, expressed great excitement in the hiring of Terry Jones. Jim has been a leading innovator within hedge funds and equity marketplaces for decades. He co-founded Highland Capital after years of investing experience, with a focus on customization investment offerings. Since its inception in 1993, Highland Capital has become a leader in collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, special situation private equity, and long only funds and are the recent recipients of the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. These strategic steps have been taken under the direct leadership of James Dondero, and have come to place Highland Capital as the largest and most experienced alternative credit manager.

Jim formerly founded and sold another hedge fund in the early 90’s, which had more than quadrupled in size before he sold it in order to begin Highland Capital. James Dondero is known for his innovative strategies and forward thinking attitude, which has lead him to the hiring of Terry Jones in order to further the revolutionary positioning of Highland Capital and enhance its relationship with investors around the globe. Mr. Jones will be critical in aligning the portfolio acceptable risk levels with Highland Capital’s risk management platform. Mr. Dondero said that Mr. Jones will be critical in both the risk assessment alignment and the client solutions that are developed around these assessments throughout an increasingly complex globalized market. While Terry Jones is a proven expert in the investment industry already, Mr. Dondero’s leadership and skill as an investor show the strength and ingenuity to trust in any appointment he deems wise.

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