May 16, 2017 · New York City

New York City is the cultural, economic, and entertainment capital of the country. Along with all of the things to do in the city, residents and other people have a lot of professional sports teams to cheer for in the area. At this time, there is plenty for sports fans in New York to be happy about.


In particular, one area of focus this time of the year is the NFL draft. Those that are fans of either the New York Giants or New York Jets will have a lot to be happy with. Both teams ended up having a good first and second day of the draft (


The New York Giants had a good year last year, but clearly had some ares of improvement to focus on. One of the biggest wholes was at the tight end position, which they seem to have filled. The team ended up selecting Evan Engram out of Ole Miss University. Engram was considered one of the most talented tight ends in the draft. He has the ability to block for the run, but could also help to open up the passing game. The Giants also drafted a talented defensive lineman in David Tomlinson of Alabama and got great value in the third round by picking Davis Webb, a potential backup and long-term replacement for Eli Manning.


The Jets also had a good start to the draft. They got one of the top players in Jamal Adams, who is a safety out of LSU. They also drafted safety Marcus Maye. The combination of Adams and Maye should make the defense much better next year. The team also added to their offensive firepower by drafting Adarius Stewart, who is a wide receiver from Alabama and has the potential to be a great deep-ball threat.


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