Not So Fast for Spring in Boston

After consecutive weeks of winter storms, the Boston area could be in for another wallop later this week. New alerts from the National Weather Service are warning that Boston could potentially receive up to ten inches of new snow from a storm arriving in the area late Wednesday into early Thursday. A winter storm watch has already been posted for a large swath of Massachusettes and Southern New England in effect through 8am on Thursday. In addition to the threat of heavy snow, a coastal flood watch has been posted for the shoreline communities of the Boston metro area including Cape Cod and the neighboring islands. The highest risk of coastal flooding will come at high tide on Thursday morning.

If it materializes as predicted, this nor’easter will arrive just in time for the official first day of spring. The exact path and intensity of the storm are still unknown early in the week. The storm is still beginning to form outside the Carolina coastal areas. The Boston region may experience light snowfall overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning, but the bigger storm is not expected to arrive until later mid-week.

One weather tracking model could spare the Boston metro area, as it would hit a little further east. In addition to snow and possible flooding, the storm could also bring strong winds. Unseasonably cold temperatures continue to plague the region with expected highs in the Boston area only expected to be in the mid-30s for the beginning of the week. These cold temperatures are about 10 degrees below average for mid-March.

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