NYC Spends As Much As $600 a Night per Homeless

New York City has ended up spending as much as $600 per night to provide housing for homeless families in Times Square, city’s prime location. As Daily News report, it is two times more expensive than rooms at Waldorf Astoria.


To fight rising homelessness, Mayor de Blasio decided to rely on commercial hotels to keep families off the streets. The total cost for housing these people in luxury hotels costs the city $400,000 each night. In November 2015 city’s Department of Homeless Services was booking slightly over 300 rooms a night, and now it has risen to over 2,000 rooms.


Thanks to the taxpayers, now almost 6,000 homeless stay at commercial hotel rooms in Times Square and around the city. The average hotel bill is nearly $200 a night. Some of the rooms are being booked at much higher prices. As reported, 800 rooms cost more than $400 a night, and 30 over $600.


While homeless should get help, many taxpayers may not be happy after release of this data. After all, paying several hundred a night is more about providing luxury rather than basic service. This may also indicate that the city is getting a bad deal. Why pay $600 a night when Waldorf Astoria, a symbol of luxury and high living, charges less than $400 for one-bedroom suites?


Since November 2015, New York City has spent more than $70 million to book 425,000 hotel rooms. Taxpayers need to start asking questions.

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