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Oncotarget is a traditional journal that publishes and releases papers on a weekly basis concerning health issues. The journal’s reputation keeps on growing each day after the other based on the credible information provided. So what is our main goal as Oncotarget fraternity?

Well, we strive to have a disease-free society. To achieve this, we pick journals from various authors and researchers, scrutinize their works and post them to our esteemed readers.

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In this article, we are going to highlight the pros of Oncotarget. They include:

  1. Having a common goal

For any group or organization, an attainable and realizable goal is crucial. Here at Oncotarget, our main goal is to have a life free from ailments and diseases.

  1. A panel of renowned health experts

Oncotarget takes pride in having a respectable and recognized team of researchers. Members include Carlo M. Grace and Bert Vogelstein among others. This is an assurance that the issues raised and addressed are credible.

  1. High ranking of journals

Some of the journals that have been posted in Oncotarget have been recognized and awarded. This boosts the confidence of our readers that the researcher’s publications are substantial.

  1. Clear policy for researchers and authors

Oncotarget holds strict policy that necessitates the authors to provide information about their editorial team. This helps to minimize conflict that may arise from publications posted here.

  1. Set of guidelines for our publishers

This makes it easy for researchers to post their publications after having a clear understanding of the standards set. It also helps in minimizing redundancy. Make Oncotarget your number one online journal to enlighten you on health issues.

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