Orange Coast College Scaling the Heights of Rowing

This year, just like any other years in the recent past, Orange Coast College (OCC) participated in the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship competitions. In the regatta held on May 2017, OCC men’s rowing team made the community college proud by being among the institutions in the top ten positions. OCC, established in 1947, has had the water sport for over 60 years. The college has a well-equipped boathouse, David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. The center houses several boasts some of which cost as high as $55,000. The rowing center is an enough display of the college’s commitment to rowing.

The community college is proud of its achievements regarding rowing. So far, the college has 11 national titles. The latest title was bestowed on the college last year. Some of OCC’s students have gone ahead to compete in world championships and the Olympics courtesy of the sport. Learn more:

As the college receives several titles and recognition, OCC’s students who participate in the water sport derive value from the sport. Daniel Amado, who is the member of the men’s rowing team and doubles up as the captain, says that the sport teaches students physical and mental skills that empower them to face challenges in life. Another member of the team, John Kinnear, praises rowing for its ability to cultivate virtues such as teamwork.

Although rowing is one is an amateur sport, it calls for a certain level of commitment and dedication from participants. In OCC, over 80 students enroll in rowing at the start of the school year. However, the many hours and manual labor (evidenced by blisters on the hands of many rowers) demanded by the sport discourage some students who eventually give up. Only about half of the students who enroll manage to stay in the team.

Presently, the OCC’s men rowing team is headed by two gentlemen (Cameron Brown and Steve Morris). The two coaches are knowledgeable about rowing. They dedicate a lot of time to making the OCC’s team among the best teams nationally. Steve Morris, the assistant coach, is a former student of OCC. While in campus, he was the coxswain of the team. Learn more:


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