New Protections for America’s Waterways

On Wednesday, May 27, the United States White House announced that the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency have finally issued new guidelines to help direct the protection of waterways that fall under federal jurisdiction from commercial and residential landowner damage caused by destruction and pollution.

Why were these new rules necessary?

Many businesses and residential landowners had difficulty understanding some of the previous Clean Air Act rules after the Supreme Court made a decision in 2001 and another decision in 2006 that caused confusion about small waterways. According to the Associated Press, these decisions left more than half of all U.S. wetlands and small streams unprotected by federal law. Worse yet, some people also took advantage of the confusion caused by the decisions to purposely destroy and pollute these waterways.

The White House believes that the new guidelines will make it easier for businesses and residential landowners to understand the Clean Air Act rules according to Madison Street Capital on It will also make it easier to punish anyone who accidentally or knowingly violates the Clean Air Act.

Although environmentalists are thrilled with these changes, many business owners — especially farmers and ranchers — are deeply opposed to new rules. Of course, experts have pointed out that these groups would be the ones most opposed since farm and ranch owners have been the ones violating the Clean Air Act the most since the Supreme Court changes.

Broaden Your Dating Pool with Anastasia Date

There are a plethora of people that are looking for a new mate, and Anastasia Date has one of the most promising websites for people that are single. This is a site that have been designed to connect American men with Russian women.

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The company is growing even more now that there is an app available for the site on Amazon. There are lots of wealthy men that are interested in meeting women that are registered on this site. Many of the women do not have the same income levels that some of the men have so it really benefits both parties. The site was named in honor of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, and it has a bevy of beautiful women on display.

What this website has become is a modern day mail order bride website. It works so well because there are lots of people that do not want to go through a long dating process. They just want to get married and start living their lives together as a couple. What the Anatasia Date website has done is expedite this process. It makes it easier for men that have never been outside of the United States to still have access to those females that live outside of the country.

This website has become a staple for people that just don’t seem to have any luck with the other websites that are limited to American singles. A whole lot of people are just going to need an alternative to the traditional dating sites, and that is what Anastasia Date has managed to provide. This site is ranked high as one of the top sites for dating. It has one of the highest success rates for singles men that want to meet women around the world. People can find more about the site through YouTube and Twitter before they actually sign up.

Mike Brown Memorial

May 20, 2015 marks the day that Michael Brown would have been 19 years old. Almost a year after his untimely death, family, friends, and his community don’t want to forget his memory. Many of the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri purchased teddy bears, memorial flowers, and cards to place them at the very place where Michael lost his life. While the teddy bears and other emotion driven products are a sweet gesture, the city of Missouri wants to do better than that. The city came out and removed all of the memorial products and instead, will erect a memorial for Michael Brown. City council members are doing so in hopes that Michael Brown never be forgotten. They want it to also serve as a reminder to citizens and police as to why the community needs to focus on building trust. Critics have complained about not just small city justice teams, but the United States Justice System as a whole. Many critics have challenged the police officers across the nation to get out get to know their communities. NJBiz and Boraie Development LLC wanted to point out that there have been many measures made by police officers in recent weeks to build that trust. Community forums, police having public interaction with civilians, and an open and accepting line of communication are some of the ways that the Ferguson Missouri police department are trying their best to shine a brighter light for the city of Ferguson.

Los Angeles Could Be The Next Big City With A $15 Minimum Wage

The city council of LA could make a lot of people happy if they pass a bill that raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The council has been debating the wage issue for months. The minimum wage is $9 an hour in the city now, and in January the minimum will be $10 an hour.

If the vote is positive, the minimum wage will increase in the city every year. By 2020 the minimum wage will be $15 an hour. San Francisco, Seattle and a few other cities have already increased their minimum wage to reduce the poverty level. The people that will benefit the most from the increase are restaurant workers and retail sales and stock associates.

There is still opposition to raising the minimum wage according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Some nay-sayers believe businesses can’t afford the increase. Other opponents think the wage increase will fuel inflation. But in spite of the objections, the minimum wage will increase over the next five years in most American cities. The wage disparity in the US is out of control, and it must be addressed in several ways. One way is raising the low-income wages and another would be having CEO’s donate some of their wages to low-paid employees. Dan Price of Gravity Payments in Seattle did it, and his business increased tremendously.

President Obama to Limit Certain Types of Military Weapons to Local Police

President Barack Obama had decided to use his executive orders powers to limit the types of certain military styled equipment which is being made available to local police for sale or donation. The current program has very few limits regarding the types of equipment that local police can receive from the Pentagon’s program to transfer excess military equipment to various local authorities. Some local police authorities have been criticized for over responding to civilian demonstrations and protests with combat grade military equipment and turning the tension in what was once a peaceful protect into a violent engagement with police. Many have argued that the civilian police force is beginning to look like a military occupation force and that this posture is contrary to the United States Constitution and makes the average U.S. citizen a de facto enemy combatant. Many feel that this posture enables police to more easily use deadly force against the vary people that they are sworn to serve and protect. The President plans to implement his new policy by executive order after consultation with the new United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. The language of the executive order has not been released and there is no word yet on whether Congress will consent or object. Congress does have the power to take its own action by legislative means and override the President’s power.  Bloomberg pointed out something the crew at Madison Street Capital knows well which is that this can only be done if Congress knows it has the votes to override a potential Presidential veto.President to Limit the Types of Military Equipment Made Available to Local Police

FBI To Investigate Struck Windshield of Amtrak Train

As Amtrak service renews today on the Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia route, federal transportation investigators, including help from the FBI are examining the cause of window damage to the derailed Amtrak train 118, which resulted in the death of eight people and the injury of 200 more. An engineer on the doomed train reported hearing an object striking the train right before the train derailed. Investigators have learned that two other reports were noted by either passengers or employees of Amtrak also hearing something strike their train along the same stretch of track. Amtrak officials have been careful to note that their is no immediate connection between the reported incidents and the derailment of the train but noted that their investigation will continue.

According to Ray Lane, investigators are focusing on damage to the first car window of train 118, which they do not believe was caused by the derailment. Officials would not speculate whether the damage was caused by a bullet or rock but simply stated that the damage was caused by a projectile. FBI forensics expert are examining all aspect of the wrecked train to uncover clues and their findings will be an official part of the final report which will present the events which lead up to the cause of the Amtrak train derailment. The attorney for the conductor/engineer still states that his client does not have any recollection of the derailment and has not been able to assist investigators. FBI To Investigate Cause of Window Damage on Derailed Amtrak Train.

Odell Beckham Voted for Madden Cover

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was chosen by fans to grace the cover of EA Sports’ “Madden NFL 16.” Beckham was picked over Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and Patrick Peterson. Beckham, 22, is the youngest player to make the cover and has only played in 12 NFL games. He gained popularity thanks to his stellar one-handed touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 12 last season. Beckham caught 91 passes for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2014 and named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Rob Gronkowski was the runner-up in the poll, but it may be a blessing in disguise if he is superstitious. The “Madden Curse” as fans call it has shown to be difficult to overcome, as Susan points out. After gracing the cover of the video game, several notable players had a down season, such as Peyton Hillis and Brett Favre. Injuries have also plagued players the season after their cover is released, like Ray Lewis, Marshall Faulk, and Donovan McNabb. It bodes well that wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, also known for their amazing catches, were able to overcome the curse in the next season, but Giants fans will surely keep a close eye on the fan favorite next season to see if his numbers decline.

Honeybee losses reach record levels

In July 2014 the first ray of sunshine in the fight to halt the loss of the important honeybee colonies in the US appeared with news that only 23 percent of bee populations had been lost in the previous year. The Washington Post reports the losses have once again reached record levels by July 2015 with news that an estimated 40 percent had been lost over the previous year. The reasons for the losses spiking in recent months have not been uncovered and the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder is thought to be largely to blame.

Experts in agriculture and the environment are warning that the pollination of crops and plants around the world are now at risk of not being completed as professional beekeepers attempt to meet the demand for their services. Gianfrancesco hopes this doesn’t become a huge issue. The problem many farmers and environmentalists have is that the losses recorded are not limited to wild colonies, but affect that managed by professional beekeepers. A small Asian mite is also being blamed for killing a large number of the bees, which combined with the loss of entire populations has led to the record losses reported for 2015.

Police Officer Plays Football With Kids On Duty

A police officer from Bennettsville City was caught on camera when he decided to put down his “cop face” for a minute and play a little football with some local kids. This was a great move by the person who filmed this because it shows the country and the world that not all cops are bad, and despite many bad things being highlighted in the news these days there are some very nice ones out there.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the officer’s name is CJ Mullinax and he felt that it was part of his job to interact with the community that way. He has been working with the department for over three years now and said he wanted to join them for a little ball. This definitely helped the kids feel more comfortable around a person in a badge, and it made the local Bennettsville police department look great.

It was said in an interview with the Police Chief Larry McNeil said that local officers from that city do things like this all the time. It is just as important to reward citizens and give them attention when they are just doing every day things as opposed to only when they are doing something wrong. It is much healthier for people to interact on this kind of vibration because it creates a sense of trust and loyalty in the communities – things that WSJ knows the late Stephen Murray CCMP Capital would have supported.

Another Powerful Quake Hits Already Devastated Nepal

As the citizens of the Nepali capitol of Kathmandu and the surrounding region try to recover from the devastating earthquake that occurred just 17 days ago on April 25, a second major quake hit on Tuesday, May 12 at 12:35 local time. It registered at a 7.3 magnitude, with the epicenter being about 50 miles north-east of Kathmandu, half way between the capital city and Mount Everest.

Hundreds of aftershocks have been felt in the region since the April quake, however, witnesses describe Tuesday’s tremor as being more severe and having lasted longer than the others. As with April’s earthquake, the one on Tuesday occurred at a shallow depth of 9.3 miles, as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. The chance of greater damages is more prevalent in earthquakes that happen closer to the surface.

While the number of deaths caused by last month’s earthquake reached over 8,000, Tuesday’s quake is attributed to as many as 37 deaths in Nepal with thousands of injuries, 17 deaths in India and one confirmed death in China on only the first day according to Madison Street Capital. Many small towns in the surrounding areas are difficult to reach making it hard to get news from these areas. Rough terrain and a number of reported landslides created by the latest quake impede rescue efforts as well.

Many more buildings that were already unstable have collapsed, causing fearful people to abandon their homes and set up more camps in the streets. Asking those in the area to have “courage and patience,” Prime Minister Sushil Koirala is asking all those who have generously committed their time and energy to help those in need from April’s earthquake “to once again extend your helping hand.”

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