Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Stream Energy knows that giving back to the community and helping others is rewarding in many ways. This is why they recently announced that they had developed a new philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the company, this new foundation Stream Cares, and their previous philanthropy efforts.

Who is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy is a direct sales energy company whose employees work for commissions from sales. The company was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since their inception, the company has generated more than in $8 billion in revenue. The company currently offers not just energy services but also wireless, home, and protective services aimed at customers with on the go lifestyles. The services offered by the company are available not only in Texas but also Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Washington D.C.

What is Stream Cares?

Stream Cares is a philanthropic foundation created by the team at Stream Energy. Through Stream Cares the company and their employees hope to bring a change and help families not just in Texas but across the United States in the years to come. Stream Cares is a natural addition to the existing philanthropic nature of the company and its employees.

Previous Philanthropic Efforts

The philanthropic and charitable deeds by those at Stream Energy to date have included but are not limited to the following.

  • Through the organization known as the Hope Supply Co they have helped homeless children and families in northern Texas.
  • After several tornadoes devastated communities in the area they worked with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars to help the recovery efforts.
  • They co-hosted an experience for young girls in veteran households called the American Girl Doll Experience. The company covered the costs of dolls and lunch for ten girls at the American Girl Cafe.


Dr. Mark Mofid’s Innovations in the Medical Field

Dr. Mark Mofid is a renowned plastic surgeon who hails from San Diego in California. He received his Bachelors Degree from Harvard University and also went to The John Hopkins University School of Medicine from where he graduated with his medical degree. The doctor has his own practice and is also affiliated with many other hospitals in San Diego. His areas of specializations are in the general surgery and the plastic surgery. He is recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons for his innovations in the sector.

About Dr. Mofid’s Perception of Gluteal Augmentation

While the term gluteal augmentation is associated with negativity, Dr. Mofid has changed this perception through his medical safety practices. Dr. Mofid has done extensive research in the cosmetic surgery to help in conducting the procedures in the best and safest ways that are guided by science. Again, the gluteal augmentation sector is marked by a phenomenon where patients tend to ask for big implants as most don’t mind the costs. However, the doctor is always quick to embrace safety before everything else as he believes those are the best practices.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s practice on the gluteal augmentation has seen him also do some research on the body’s fat, skin and muscle to get a better understanding of how to conduct the surgeries. Moreover, this has seen the doctor work on the development of some different kinds of surgery for the past eight years. The gluteal augmentation industry in the past had been marked by the generic implants which were subjected to droop after sometime due to their incompatibility with the human’s muscle. Nonetheless, Dr. Mofid’s research bore fruits when he innovated the superior gluteal implant.

About Dr. Mark Mofid’s Profession

Dr. Mark Mofid has his office is based in La Jolla/UTC in San Diego. He works together with his wife who serves as a full-time dermatologist and a nurse. The doctor is board- certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery among others. His facility provides laser services and is attached to AAAASF/ Medical surgery center. Also, due to their excellence in what they do, the clinic receives thousands of patients who seek their services each year. Additionally, the facility offers many other services where some include the vein treatment and hair removal done using the Cutera Laser.


Shervin Pishevar Talks Mass Failings

Shervin Pishevar has experienced a wide array of successes in the entrepreneurial world since graduating from the University of California, Berkeley. During his college years, Shervin Pishevar’s career was headed in a different direction, as he would eventually garner a degree in molecular cellular biology.

After switching careers, he would develop a reputation for outspokenness and on-target predictions regarding bonafide startup companies. Today his portfolio consists of companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Warby Parker, Rapportive, and Dollar Shave Club, all of which he was an active participant with during their initial phases. In the last few months, Shervin Pishevar, who often utilizes social media to communicate his ideas, has been absent from the public arena, but, in a startling and unexpected return, he went on a 24-hour rampage, detailing his views on a variety of important economic topics, a few of might have dire implications.

The co-founder of Hyperloop discussed the future of the stock market, which, if he’s correct, could be in for a serious slump. In his recent posting spree, Shervin Pishevar detailed a scenario in which stock market will experience a drop of upwards of 5000 points. Despite the fact that the stock market has been very volatile in recent months, many supporters, including President Donald Trump, have remained true to their stances. Just a day after Shervin Pishevar conveyed his belief regarding a significant drop for the stock market, the Dow Jones proceeded to plummet, causing panic all over, while also adding credence to Mr. Pishevar record of correct trend prediction. Mr. Pishevar also discussed the loss of dominance regarding the traditional capital of world technology, Silicon Valley, which, in his estimation, is more of an idea today than physical location, as all of the things that once made it the tech behemoth of the world, are being implemented on a mass scale by competitive zones. These ideas were once considered to be the “American way,” but according to Mr. Pishevar, they are now the “global way,” which, in its mass adoption, has led countries such as China, to the forefront of world tech, operating with an unprecedented speed of execution.


Fortress Investment Group Helps Seniors with New Senior Investment Group

International alternative asset investment firm Fortress Investment Group helps seniors by providing housing with their New Senior Investment Group subsidiary. New Senior Investment Group is a real estate investment trust that is publicly traded and comprises of a much diversified portfolio of senior housing properties from all across the United States.

In fact, this investment group provides much needed senior housing opportunities for thousands of seniors that are part of the growing baby boomer retirement population influx. Fortress Investment Group provides excellent senior housing opportunities for the baby boomer generation and is continuing to expand and grow their holdings within this category. Fortress Investment Group, the parent company of New Senior Investment Group has solidified its portfolio within the alternative asset category and continues to streamline opportunities to invest in distressed, illiquid, and underperforming asset vehicles that will generate lucrative returns on investment.

Fortress Investment Group was established and founded in 2002 by Wes Edens, Peter Briger, Rob Kauffman, Michael Edwards, and Randall Nardone and quickly became one of the more respected and well-run investment firms in the world. They capitalize on strong human capital and various analytical and intellectual expertise from its founding members and an extended professional staff of creative investment managers. Fortress Investment Group currently has over $30 billion in assets under management and more than 1750 institutional and individual clients from around the world.

Peter Briger and Wes Edens serve as Co-Chief Executive Officers and continue to provide high-level leadership and guidance to this global alternative asset investment firm. Peter Briger runs the Fortress Credit business that has solidified itself as one of the most creative and innovative parts of the business by providing a blueprint that translates into profitable returns on investment through the distressed and underperforming asset investment opportunities.

Peter Briger was educated at Princeton University we received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and continued his education at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. With the leadership capabilities of Peter Briger, Wes Edens and the other talented investment staff at Fortress Investment Group opportunities are created to provide innovative approaches to investment that create dynamic returns on investment. The investment in New Senior Investment Group has provided an opportunity for Fortress to penetrate into the growing senior population that needs housing opportunities that cater to their retirement and physical needs as they retire and lives their life in their golden years. The New Senior Investment Group at Fortress Investment Group has created an opportunity to not only capitalize on this extremely large market in senior living but it’s providing an opportunity to truly give back to the general public by providing excellent housing opportunities for seniors. New Senior Investment Group continues to flourish and provide opportunities for long-term income streams and valuable resources from its publicly traded stock opportunities.

This will continue to be one of the investment opportunities that can be expanded and grown over the next few decades to become one of the flourishing opportunities for huge profits and exceptional growth within Fortress Investment Group. With New Senior Investment Group, a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group that provides opportunities for the assistance of the senior population by them with excellent properties to enjoy their retirement years.

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Daniel Taub Discusses The Issues Pertaining To The Geneva Accord

Daniel Taub has discussed his interpretation of the nuclear deal between Iran and the UN. As the ambassador from Israel to the United Kingdom he believes the new alliance possible between Israel and the Middle East is a means of countering the threat caused by the nuclear ambitions of Iran.

He stated Israel does not believe the Geneva accord will prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. He believes previously unacceptable radical partnerships may become a reality in the future.

He also stated there may be cooperation between Israel and the Sunni countries concerned about Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Daniel Taub does not believe Israel is the only one with concerns. He said many countries are in agreement and the immediate differences must be put aside to align the fundamental strategies. This could result in a deepening of these relationships.

He believes these relationships may be successful in spite of any outstanding disputes because the current changes are forcing numerous countries to consider making new choices. He believes this will create partnership opportunities for Israel. He spoke of a potential relationship with areas in the Middle East interested in the development of prosperity.

Daniel Taub additionally spoke about the still healthy relationship between Israel and the Western allies. He stated Israel still believes the deal is not taking the right direction. He said not only will this not prevent Iran from becoming nuclear it will not even slow them down.

He believes the deal will not affect the infrastructure of Iran because the centrifuges, plutonium reactor and military all remain standing. His concern is when the six months end Iran will be even closer to becoming nuclear. He said the agreement already has fundamental differences between the Western powers and Iran and this will be problematic. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Many of the Israeli people are angry over the agreement. The thought process is if in five years time a nuclear bomb is triggered from a suitcase in Madrid or New York the cause will be the signing of the deal.

Daniel Taub does not disagree with this philosophy and has chosen to consider the deal carefully. He believes many of the elements have been oversold and do not have the significance seen at first glance.

One aspect regarding the signing of the deal is Israel now believes the United States is no longer one of their closest allies. They feel there are potential allies that may be of much more importance.

Car-Obsessed Atlanta Opens Up to Bicyclists

The average Atlanta resident spends 59 hours a year stuck in traffic according to a 2017 study by transportation analytics firm INRIX. As the ninth worst American city for commuter congestion, Atlanta is turning to bicycles to lighten the load on clogged highways.

Historically, Atlanta has been dangerous for bikers, with bicyclists unwilling to venture out onto the city’s crowded surface streets. However, that all changed in the 1990s when the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition launched in the city to promote biking. Prompted by an intown construction boom and a surge of interest in sustainability and fitness, biking exploded in popularity in Atlanta between 2000 and 2009. The first bike trails in the city’s huge greenspace Beltine project opened in 2008, tempting motorists to switch to a two-wheeled option.

Since 2012, Atlanta has increased their bike path mileage by more than 100 miles. Former Mayor Kasim Reed added his voice to the chorus of bicycle advocates in 2013, earmarking $2.47 million in funds to expand the city’s biking lanes and launch the Relay Bike Share program. Reed even established a Chief Bicycle Officer post in 2015. In 2016, the Atlanta Regional Commission announced a $1 billion campaign to increase pedestrian and bicycle traffic in Atlanta over the next 25 years.

In 2017 alone, the city built 10 miles of new bike paths. Bikeshare stations have sprung up around the city, and biking groups estimate that at least 25,000 people have used an Atlanta bikeshare service in last year. Recently, the city purchased 63 acres of former railroad land that will be added to the city’s Beltway; when completed, the Beltway trails will stretch for 33 miles. City officials hope that an increased focus on bicycles will improve air quality and help alleviate Atlanta’s notoriously bad traffic.

Minneapolis EcoVillage Project Is National Model For Affordable Housing In Tough Neighborhoods

An innovative new housing concept in Minneapolis is helping homeless people get off the streets and into clean, modern apartments that are not only affordable, but also environmentally friendly.

EcoVillage is a four-story apartment and townhouse complex developed by a nonprofit group called Project for Pride in Living (PPL). The organization has been working for more than 10 years, primarily in north Minneapolis — one of the toughest inner-city sections of the Twin Cities.

More than 75 families now live in EcoVillage. Some of the residents were previously living on the streets or moving from shelter to shelter before gaining a coveted EcoVillage slot. The new residents still pay rent, but at rates far lower than average for Minneapolis. Rents range from $675 a month to $995. The average rent for a two-room apartment in this section of Minneapolis is $1,200 a month.

To qualify for a place in EcoVillage, residents must earn less than half of the median average income for the area.

As its name implies, the design of the EcoVillage complex is equipped with a number of energy-saving features and environmentally-friendly designs, including a roof carpeted with real grass. It also sports a high-tech rainwater filtration system. This is used to provide for a series of rain gardens spread throughout a common/community area for residents.

EcoVillage also has a playground, an outdoor picnic site and car parking that is underground – and heated – a real plus for bitter-cold Minnesota winters.

The entire design of the apartment and townhouse complex is “solar-panel ready.” The buildings incorporate advanced insulation techniques to make them extremely energy efficient.

The project has been called an “oasis of hope” amid one of the “toughest sections of a major American city.” PPL has plans to expand EcoVillage on an ongoing basis to meet the enormous demand for affordable housing.

Matt Badiali Has Made It His Life’s Work To Help Investors Choose the Right Stocks In the Natural Resources Industry:

S&A Resource Report editor Matt Badiali is a leader in advising clients about how to properly invest in natural resources. He specializes in investment knowledge related to metals and energy as well as other various natural resources. Over the years he has helped investors in their decision-making process regarding stocks ranging from water, natural gas and oil to gold, silver, copper, uranium and zinc. Matt comes from a scientific background, holding a degree in earth sciences from Penn State and a degree in geology from Florida Atlantic. Matt was pursuing his PhD at North Carolina when a good friend opened up a new door that would become his lifelong passion. His friend was involved in the world of finance and investment and thought that Matt’s scientific knowledge would make him the ideal consultant to help regular, everyday investors choose wise investments in the area of natural resources. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

How Matt Badiali Helps His Readers at Banyan Hill Publishing Make Wise Investments:

Along with his duties as editor at resource investing publication S&A Resource Report, Matt Badiali also serves as an in-house expert on natural resources at Banyan Hill Publishing, a top publishing house for all things investment related. Matt is well known in the natural resources industry for going out into the field and taking a look in person at the mining operations for different resources that he will recommend people invest in. He loves talking to experts at the local level to get an inside track on whats going on. The information he gathers in his travels is now the subject of a great monthly newsletter from Banyan Hill. Real Wealth Strategist helps its readers to wisely invest in resources ranging from agricultural commodities to metals and oil.

Matt Predicts That Zinc Is Soon to Return to a Bull Market:

From 2002 to 2006, there was a significant bull market in the zinc industry and Matt believes that soon this zinc bull market is due to return in full force. With this in mind, Matt Badiali has been urging investors to jump on board and invest in zinc. He has predicted investors could see gains as big as 500%. With the possibility of making this kind of a fortune, along with his in-depth knowledge of the subject, he feels that investors could really hit the jackpot with this commodity. Zinc consumption has continued to grow recently due to the number of things that it is used in. From being a component in sunscreen to its use as a coating on galvanized metal down to its simple application in the production of everyday nails for building, zinc is a versatile resource that will only grow in demand. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

Why Investors Trust Matt Badiali’s Recommendations On Freedom Checks:

Matt Badiali defines a Freedom Check as “a dividend that is paid by one of two types of companies, either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust.” Freedom Checks can be traded like a normal stock would but investors need to make sure that the weed through the many different companies that deal with them and choose the best ones. Matt has had great success in helping investors make the right call when it comes to buying Freedom Checks. Investors trust him to inform them about the top companies in the industry. As with his entire career advising investors, they trust him because of his sterling track record.

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Utah Family Names Boy Scouts in Lawsuit

A Payson, Utah family has filed a suit against the Boy Scouts of America alleging that the organization discriminated against their son and his disabilities by blocking his path to earning the coveted designation of Eagle Scout. 15-year-old Logan Blythe has low functioning Down’s Syndrome and is also autistic. Logan’s father Chad filed the lawsuit last week in Utah’s fourth district court, naming the Boy Scouts of America and the Utah National Parks Council in the suit.

Blythe claimed that his son had been working hard on his service project creating kits including blankets and onesies for special needs babies. However, the local scout officials determined that Logan had not followed the requirements needed to meet the standard to obtain the Eagle Scout rank. Blythe was discouraged by the news because previously the scouts had given his son special accommodations to earn his merit badges in light of Logan’s disability.

Per regulations, Boy Scouts must earn 21 merit badges in addition to a special Eagle project to obtain the honor of Eagle Scout. Blythe believes that the Boy Scouts organization should make exceptions for children with disabilities and adjust the expectations to fit their abilities. Because Blythe states this is not about the money, the lawsuit only seeks damages of one dollar. In the lawsuit, Blythe says his family has suffered emotional distress because of the incident, pointing to the fact that Logan does not want to even put on his Scout uniform any longer. The Boy Scouts of America issued a statement saying that they are working with the family to offer an alternative path to obtaining the merit badges, as well as allowing Logan to continue working on his goal past the usual age of eligibility normally set at age 18.

Felipe Montoro suggests the implementation of PPP in the city of Rio De Janiero

The government of Brazil, as well as Brazilian corporations, can always count on the infrastructure and energy specialist Felipe Montoro to help come up with strategies for financial profitability by eliminating economic waste.

Felipe Montoro is the former Chief Executive Officer and president of the Odebrecht Participadoes Investment Company as well as the previous Senior Financial Officer and Senior Investment Officer of the Odebrecht S.A. He is also a former ConcessionariaTrasvaseAlmos director and three-year director of the Braskem S.A too.

The finance guru is the current Chairperson of the S.A Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal and the Chief Executive Officer of both EnergiparCaptacao S.A and Odebercht Properties S.A. With all these experiences, it is safe to term him an expert individual and corporation financial strategist.

The government of Brazil’s looking to make improvements in the city of Rio De Janiero education system by adopting the PPP project suggested by Felipe Montoro. The Public-Private Partnership project is though out in such a way that new education units will be developed in the city with the private sector taking charge of the construction, operation, and maintenance while the public initiatives take control of the administration and the academic content. Under this project, the Brazilian government intends to develop twenty thousand new day-care education units and forty thousand new pre-school centers by the end of the year 2020. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

There have been several studies and research carried out to ensure that this project could be implemented. The government has sought out the help of the International Finance Corporation by the World Bank Group in the planning process.

As it is, PPP has already been successfully embraced by several other countries all which sought out the World Bank Group. Felipe Montoro suggests that this method will enable education institutions to be more effective in their purpose through the segregation of the roles by the two entities. Felipe also points out that PPP would be an important tool for providing necessary facilities to the general population without the risk of losing the quality of what is already in existence.

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