Reasons why Jeff Yastine is instrumental to the success of Banyan Hill publishing

With close to half a million day to day readers, Banyan hill publishing is a giant in the world of finance and investment. Banyan attributes its success to its panel of highly proficient and successful financial experts such as Jeff Yastine who help propel it to greener grounds by offering independent investment advice and strategies which always work.

Initially, the publishing giant was known as the Sovereign society and was committed to helping investors and budding entrepreneurs achieve self-sufficiency and personal sovereignty by offering them top-notch insights on matters such as asset protection trusts and countless tips on how to maintain individual and fiscal privacy.

It, however, underwent restructuring in 2016 and switched its name to Banyan Hill publishing so that it could blend in with its new set of objectives the primary one being to provide useful insights on matters such as entrepreneurship, asset protection and investing to its readers. In order to make this possible, Banyan hill publishing also brought on board global experts from the mentioned areas who will help walk readers every step of the way on their path to financial independence by offering them the professional touch required to make the journey free of financial worries.

Every aspect of 2016’s reorganization was of essence and that is inclusive of the company’s name. It named itself after the Banyan tree to symbolize its strength and the protection it offers investors from the unforeseen financial storms and market volatility risks. Each of Banyan’s hill publishing experts boasts a rich resume and is highly successful in the finance and investment arena which is why readers can be certain that the tips brought to the table by editors like Yastine, Paul Mampily, and many others are guaranteed to work. For instance, take a brief look at one of Banyan’s editors’ career background below. Read this article at

Who is Jeff Yastine?

Jeff Yastine is an Emmy-nominated financial journalist who joined Banyan hill publishing one year before it underwent reorganization. He also played part in the restructuring and is an influential part of the publishing giant because like all the other editors of the publishing giant he also boasts vast knowledge of the finance field as he has been a player for more than twenty years now.

Jeff has worked with a long list of top-shelf companies such as the PBS nightly business report in which he played the role of the correspondent for sixteen years. As a financial journalist, Jeff Yastine has had the privilege of interviewing some of the most illustrious and also high profile investment figures such as Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and a whole other list of others. This gives him an upper hand when it comes to offering investment advice because it is clear to see that he has learned from the very best in that sector.

Besides that, Jeff Yastine has been the man behind most investment opportunities and has also helped save the day for myriads of investors by reporting about imminent financial storms such as the 1990 tech bubble, the 2000 real estate crisis and even the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This has helped countless investors avoid monumental losses a factor that contributed to him being nominated for the 2007 business Emmy. It is thanks to this and numerous other factors that Jeff Yastine is instrumental and a cornerstone of Banyan Publishing success.Total wealth insider is his brainchild and he attributes his excellent journalism skills to his studies at the University of Florida. Visit:


Mauna Kea, Hawaii: Home to The Other Volcano

Mauna Kea is a sleeping volcano on the island of Hawaii. It is the tallest volcano mountain. It has not spewed lava for over 4,000 years. The latest data estimates the Mauna Kea last erupted around 2,482 B.C. The resting volcano is a popular tourist site on the island. The current lava flowing from the Kilauea volcano is confusing some tourist as to which mountain they can visit and which is closed.


There is still plenty of sun to soak up and beaches to roam on the Big Island. The tourism board reports that tourism was slightly up by 9.4% at the beginning of the year. Some shops and business owners have reported a slowdown in sales since the eruption.


Volcanologists and geologist have been putting out press releases to douse any myths that the Mauna Kea may not be safe. Hawaii has many beautiful parts from the sand, villages, and mountains. It is a large island, and the erupting volcano is only affecting a small part of it.


Mauna Kea rises an impressive 14,000 feet into the atmosphere. There is a visitor’s center around 9,000 feet, and this is a good place to stop, gather information, and check the weather conditions at the top. Because the drive takes roughly two hours to reach the peak, and the rise is swift. Altitude sickness could be an issue for some, so the visitor’s center works as a stopping point to get used to the changing altitude.


For a nighttime adventure, free stargazing is held during the week. Check with the information desk before heading up for the date and times, and check the weather to see if the night sky will be clear.


Mauna Kea, the other volcano, and Hawaii still offer tourists a safe, unique experience in a tropical paradise.

Maryland National Guardsman Loses Life During Ellicott City Maryland Storm

Eddison Alexander Hermond with the Maryland National Guard was dining in La Palapa Restaurant when he saw a lady struggling to carry a cat carrier in Tiber River IVO Parking Lot D across rising waters. Hammond left his meal and went to help her on May 27, 2018, when he was swept away in the floodwaters. He was last seen entering the Patapsco River before the Howard County Sheriff’s Department reported that they had recovered his lifeless body in Ellicott City, Maryland.


The woman who was carrying the cat carrier was Kate Bowman who owned a local pet shop. She says that earlier reports that Hermond was trying to save her cat were erroneous. Instead, Bowman says that he was trying to save her life. Despite efforts by many first responders in the community, first responders in communities surrounding Ellicott City and volunteers, Hermond’s body was recovered.


City officials say the rains that hit the area were reminiscent of a similar rain that hit the area in 2016. The 2016 flood was supposed to be the worse in 1,000 years. The city that was established in 1768 has been flooded 15 times. During the rain event on Sunday, it is estimated that over 9.6 inches fell in under three hours in an area north of the city with over 6 inches falling in the city.


Other areas surrounding the city including Catonsville, Maryland, and Arbutus, Maryland, along with the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus were significantly impacted. Meteorologists say that the cold weather above the ocean just to the city’s north mixing with the warmer weather below set off conditions for this storm. Therefore, they say that it may happen again until temperatures warm up consistently.

Los Angeles Housing Prices Soar

Recently, the price of the average home in Los Angeles has soared to nearly $700,000. While this may not appear overly exorbitant to residents of other high-priced cities, like San Francisco and New York, it is bad news for a town in which the median wage is only $55,000. This is a reflection of the sharp dichotomy throughout the city’s haves and have-nots.


The fact that the median home price is now shooting towards 15 times the median annual household income means that even for households with two earners, Los Angeles is increasingly becoming a place where the American Dream of homeownership is permanently out of reach for the average person. This has negative long-term implications for the city as it means that fewer families will be able to afford to form in the first place, driving the city’s young population away or causing them to entirely forgo marriage and children.


At the same time, the huge disparities between home prices and average wages are also causing a crisis in the affordability of rental properties. Los Angeles may now be the country’s capital city for homelessness, an epidemic that has been seen sweeping through the city’s streets, parks and other public spaces over the past decade. The homelessness problem has reached such epidemic proportions that entire neighborhoods have taken to the streets, protesting the appearance of tent cities within their posh enclaves.


Yet, with even the cheapest available rental units being completely unaffordable for lower wage earners, the homelessness problem seems all but guaranteed to continue apace. Many have noted that this has created a distinctly third-world vibe throughout the city of Los Angeles, which once hosted some of the most idyllic and peaceful neighborhoods in the state of California and provided the model for the ideal American family as seen in shows like the Brady Bunch, E.T. and many others.


Now, much of the city has been overrun with the homeless and third-world immigrants, who are often willing to pack 10 or more people into a single apartment, living in squalid conditions that make a mockery of the American Dream.

Seattle Passes New $240 Million Homeless Tax on Businesses

The Seattle City Council approved a controversial new law that will tax employers in the city about $289 annually for each person they employee with the money going to provide for homeless services. That will allow the city to collect $48 million in new tax revenue each year. Only those business making more than $20 million annually will have to pay the new tax starting on January 1, 2019. The law is set to expire in five years if city officials do not choose to renew it.


There are currently about 10,000 people in Seattle who are homeless. About 2,900 of them sleep on the streets each night. The city says it will use the $240 million to construct 591 affordable units, help pay rent on 302 units and pay for 250 emergency shelter beds. When the law was originally proposed, the city wanted the tax to raise more than $75 million. The city’s mayor, however, said he hoped the new law would raise $40 million.


The new law would apply to about 585 businesses in the city. When the new law was originally proposed Amazon was working on two large expansion projects in Seattle. Amazon says that it will restart the planning of a 17-story office complex where up to 7,000 new employees would work. The company says, however, that they will be further considered if Bellevue, Washington, is a better option for them moving forward.


Starbucks also released a statement slamming the new law. It says that the city’s coffers have grown dramatically as businesses have chosen Seattle as their home. The city took in $2.8 billion in 2010 while in 2017 it took in over $4.2 billion. Starbucks urges officials to realize that companies will start moving elsewhere if they feel that the city is not responsible with its money.

Eruptions in Hawaii Continue More Than a Week Later

Residents on the big island of Hawaii cannot catch a break.


As the Kilauea volcano continued to relieve pressure on Tuesday, plumes of ash rose more than 12,000 feet into the air sending sediment and toxic gas all over the Big Island. Experts worry that the volcano still has a lot more activity left in it if the pressure below continues to escalate.


Government officials have told residents to remain indoors if they are within the path of the ash and poor air conditions. It has been more than a week since the first eruption and residents have been on edge ever since. Tuesday’s emergence of new activity stoked fears that the “big one” is looming in the distance.


Experts with the US Geological Survey (USGS) worry that a phreatic eruption is possible at the top of the Halemaumau crater located at the tip of the Kilauea volcano. This type of eruption has the possibility of sending ash traveling as far as 12 miles from the crater. Because of this threat, the USGS upgraded the aviation color code to red, meaning that aircraft should not be flying anywhere near the volcano. Red is the strongest warning level, as it means an eruption is either already happening or the event is imminent.


Although the ash, which has traveled as far as 18 miles away, is not poisonous, the resulting sulfur dioxide creates dangerous breathing conditions, especially for those people with compromised health. The Hawaii State Department of Health is asking that people take special care to avoid the fissures, as the gas emitted from these ground openings require a specific cartridge respirator to treat when inhaled. So far, more than 37 structures have been destroyed, but no lives have been lost.

San Francisco Mayor Wants to Spend More on Law Enforcement

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell has pledged that one of his main priorities while in office will be to strengthen the city’s police department. In order to do this, the mayor is proposing a new budget that will include an additional $34.2 million in spending for law enforcement.

Most of the money will be spent on hiring additional police officers for the force. $22 million will go to adding 225 officers. The hiring will take place over a four year period. In addition to the new officers on the street, the funds will also pay for 25 civilian employees. These civilians will work in jobs that are now held by officers. By moving civilians into these positions, an additional 25 officers will be back out on patrol.

In addition to spending on new personnel, the budget will allow for the purchase of new police vehicles. $7.5 million will go towards the department obtaining 130 new vehicles over the course of the next two years.

$3 million will be spent on the purchase of tasers. The rest of the funds will go to funding items such as computer database upgrades and additional administrative items.

The mayor is hopeful that more officers on the street will help to reduce crime within San Francisco. In the last year, the city has seen a significant increase the number of crimes committed against property. The main criminal activity has been people breaking into automobiles. There were 30,000 car burglaries last year. Less than two percent of these crimes were ever solved by the police.

The additional officers on the street will also help with homelessness problems within the city. The city runs the Healthy Streets Operations Center. Part of this center’s mission is to respond to complaints that residents have concerning homeless people in a given area. More officers will allow for quicker response times.

Doe Deere Takes Lime Crime Makeup To London At Feelunique’s Pop Up Shop

It doesn’t matter what corner of the globe you’re at, many of us are obsessed with beautiful makeup and the hot trends that develop from creative minds like Doe Deere’s.


The former Russian native had always been attracted by vivid colors and fantasy figures as a young girl. Even at a pre-teen age, Doe Deere had an entrepreneurial spirit and sold temporary tattoos to her classmates.


Now, the pretty cosmetics guru has taken her Lime Crime brand to the young and beautiful in London. A recent item in the Stylist reported that the CEO and founder of Lime Crime was collaborating with popular Feelunique in the capital of the United Kingdom.


Feelunique x Lime Crime Pop Up Shop debuted in late April, and beauty customers are loving the uniqueness of Lime Crime makeup with its fiercely bold color palettes, fairy-like glitter and iridescence and cosmetics that seem to stay on for the entire day.


Doe Deere told the Stylist that her makeup has become in some ways a cult favorite. Her grunge eyeshadow kits, the Venus Palettes, are a fine example of this. There are now four of these Venus kits, and the newest one is the Venus 3 Palette. It’s sexy, strong and fun to collect, and this sequel contains lots of purple/pink passion and power in mattes and shimmers. It’s girlie in an elegant grunge.


Eyeshadows can be tricky purchasing, but women are drawn to Lime Crime’s formulas because they have gorgeous depth, glide on like silk and come in cool-looking textures. These shadows are quality-made and don’t crease or trickle down the cheeks.


Doe Deere has become a master at budge-proof makeup, and that’s a huge plus that makeup wearers demand. Lime Crime’s famous Unicorn and Velvetines lipsticks are the original liquid/matte formulas that come in a striking variety of shades that stay put once the lipstick glides on your lips.


Plushies is another fabulous lippy that creates a softer focus on color with the lip plumpness that women crave. British women are enjoying Lime Crime’s sheer lipsticks in shades like Milk Tea, Cola, Rosebud, Gum Drop and Smokey.


Another reason people fall in love with Lime Crime makeup is based on a purely ethical matter. The makeup brand has always been vegan and cruelty-free, and strict organizations like PETA and the Leaping Bunny have given their seal of approval and certification to Lime Crime cosmetics.


Doe Deere remains active in everything beautiful and becomes inspired by the street. Social media also plays a key role in defining new trends and welcoming in unusual makeup alternatives.


Lime Crime dares to be different, and that’s always a good thing. Learn more:

Arlington Reveals Massive Incentive Plan Designed to Lure Amazon

The secret is out. After much silence, the city of Arlington revealed its proposal to convince Amazon to build its much desired second headquarters within its borders. The Tuesday reveal came after city officials announced that it is was officially out of contention for being awarded the mega contract. Despite offering Amazon nearly one billion dollars in tax breaks and grants, the online retail giant passed over the shot at Arlington.

Although disappointed that Arlington lost out on the bid, Mayor Jeff Williams boasted about the potential of the site stating that the area has a great future in being a major player as a mixed-use district featuring a myriad of residential, commerce, and entertainment options. Tuesday’s announcement was the end to a process that began in September when Amazon solicited an unprecedented challenge to major metropolitan areas around the country to bid on the chance to house the new $5 billion facilities expected to employ more than 50,000 workers. The so-called HQ2 will be in addition to the company’s original headquarters located along Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon revealed 20 finalists in January and the Dallas area made the cut. In order to protect the integrity of the process, Amazon asked that the proposals and the details surrounding the incentives be kept out of the public. However, Arlington officials made the decision to release the data following the news that the site was no longer in the running.

In addition to offering Amazon a 100 percent break of property taxes for the first decade of business, Arlington extended the company a land and infrastructure grant as well as various other tax breaks designed to make the offer more desirable.

Chicago Skyline to Get Major Facelift with Construction of New Towers

There are big happenings going on with the Chicago skyline in the future according to plans released to the public on Tuesday.


Developer Related Midwest unveiled its proposal to turn 2.2 acres at 400 N. Lake Shore Drive into a gleaming two-tower complex that will transform the Chicago skyline. The towers will house condos and a hotel and will also feature an addition to the popular Riverwalk pedestrian walkway. The cascading silhouettes will boast dramatic and sweeping views of Lake Michigan and the entire downtown Chicago area, drawing organically from the area where the mouth of the Chicago River meets the majestic lake and converges with the existing skyscrapers.


The tallest of the towers will be the south tower, rising to a height of 1,100 feet and housing a 175-room upscale hotel on the lower floors with 300 separate condo units on the upper floors. The smaller north tower will be 850 feet tall and will feature 550 rental units, according to Curt Bailey, the president of Related Midwest. To shield residents and visitors from the harsh Chicago winter weather, the two towers will be connected by an enclosed ground floor atrium. Parking concerns will be addressed with an underground parking garage.


Related Midwest has also been charged with the Riverwalk extension. As part of the plan, the long-awaited DuSable Park will be brought to fruition, with Related Midwest chipping in $10 million to the park’s construction. Between the two towers, the Riverwalk expansion, and the park construction, the area surrounding the Streeterville neighborhood will be enhanced dramatically, further cementing downtown Chicago’s place as a premier global destination.


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