Securus Spreading The Good Word About Video Visitation

The Securus Technologies company is hard at work spreading the good word. Securus is a telecommunications company that exclusively provides communication services to prisons and jail facilities. This puts the company in an incredibly powerful position. They could behave like other prison telecommunications companies, such as Global Tel-Link, and charge the inmates a prohibitive rate. Instead, they choose to connect inmates with their families in order to reduce recidivism and crime rates throughout the country. They do this by employing technologies such as video visitation.


That’s why Securus is spreading the good word. Since the company only deals with the prison population, their friends, and their families, not many people are aware of the benefits of video visitation in prisons.


One of the first things you have to know is that prisoners are often sentenced to facilities that are far away from their friends and family. This can put an undue burden on anyone trying to visit the inmate. It can take an entire day and a full gas tank in order to visit a prisoner that you know. The visitation process itself is very uncomfortable. There is a security check, you are forced to wait, and the atmosphere is not very inviting. It can be an especially difficult experience for children.


Video visitation allows the families of prisoners to save time and money. The visitation is instant allowing more people to visit with the inmate without sacrificing an entire day. Friends and families also save money on the cost of fuel and food on the road. The technology also saves children from having to go through the incredibly intimidating process of visiting a prison facility. This technology should be celebrated and welcomed in the cold, hard world of the criminal justice system. After all, the technology benefits everybody involved.

Geoffrey Cone Illuminates Tax Transparency Issues

Cone Marshall Limited is located in Auckland, New Zealand. It was created in 1999 by Geoffrey Cone who is an experienced lawyer specializing in trust and tax law. There is also an office in Switzerland because Geoffrey’s expertise is valued internationally. At one point in time, he was a legal counselor in the British West Indies. Truly, his heart has remained in Auckland no matter where in the world he traveled. He was born there and went to school at the University of Otago. It was there he discovered his love for practicing the law. He formed a determination to become a lawyer in tax and trust law. Geoffrey spent time in Christchurch and did good work there in commercial litigation. His peers recognized his brilliance and named him the Chairman of Partners for the firm.

Geoffrey is a preeminent lawyer. Thus, he has practiced law at all levels. He has been called on to present cases in front of the Privy Council on several occasions. Clients from many countries lean upon his expertise when they want to know about tax law within New Zealand. Geoffrey has weighed-in on an international scandal involving foreign investors. He wants to bring truth and clarity to a matter that has been obfuscated by the media.

Years ago, foreign investors were suspected of wrongdoing by the media. A series of stories were published that accused them of engaging in lavish partying while they used New Zealand as a tax haven. This story is far from the truth of what happened according to Geoffrey. The truth is that New Zealand is not being used by any foreign investor as a tax haven. The laws of the country protect its citizens from this indignity. New Zealand is a leading country in tax transparency laws. There simply isn’t much room for the corrupt and the dishonest to hide their funds. When a foreigner invests their money in one of New Zealand’s banks, the highest of international standards are applied to their account. The status of the account is reported to their government. This is an absolute requirement.

An American cannot open an account in New Zealand without the United States government knowing about it. There is no way they could hide their money in the country. New Zealand has a policy that makes opacity impossible in the realm of banking. Geoffrey Cone seeks to show the public the truth behind the media’s entertaining narratives.

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The Keys to Modern Business Success

Globalization and the internet are two concepts that companies and business minded people need to consider in order to make any head way in the current industry of today. Companies that start off small who do not take advantage of the large marketing resource of the internet are cutting themselves short and need to reconsider the way that they conduct business. It is a different day in age then it was even a few years ago, and adaptation needs to take place for new businesses to survive. IN order to help these small and medium sized companies succeed White Shark Media, an online based marketing firm, is the ally that may be able to help them meet the needs of the modern day world.


White Shark Media, based upon their official website, is a customer driven marketing company that builds its success directly off of the success of its clients. White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs seeking new and innovative ways in how to meet the business needs of the modern day world. White Shark’s business model is strong and simple at the same time. They use their highly skilled staff of marketeers to move client companies in the right direction using such traffic bringing resources as Google analytics and ad words as a few examples.


The business model of White Shark Media is based completely on the personal success of their clients. This means that if a client company becomes successful then they owe some of that success to White Shark Media, while if they end up failing then White Shark can be blamed for that as well. This business model means that White Shark Media is directly related to how their clients prevail or fail in the world marketplace, and this means that in order for them to progress themselves they need to support their customers to the utmost of their abilities. This realization can be used by other companies as well to gain a better sense of accountability and forming a culture of customer driven operations.

IAP Worldwide Services Offers Many Job Opportunities

A job allows people to use their talents and use them well. When people have a job that is satisfying and even fun, they can have a fulfilling career. A job can also provide with the a means to support themselves and other family members. This is something that those at IAP Worldwide know very well. At this company, the emphasis is on helping all of their employees to develop their talents and develop them well. Working at this company means joining a team of happy employees who are grateful for the chance to participate in projects that help lead to varied and interesting career. This is one of the largest employers in the entire country. Each year, IAP Worldwide Services officials scour the nation looking for talent to come on board and participate in the company’s important mission. They know that they can provide a working environment that encourages creativity and devotion to great products.

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A Magnificent History

IAP Worldwide Services was founded as the very famous Pan Am airlines. Pan Am was one of the industry’s most important pioneers in creating routes all over the world for those wishing to take this new means of exotic travel. Their intrepid engineers and explorers enabled company officials to offer services to many places all over the world in a safe and enjoyable plane. Since that time, the company has expanded into many new industries. Company officials of IAP Worldwide Services have also been involved in many important endeavors such as the first space launch facility in the entire country. They offered backup for flights into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was the devotion to excellence here that caught the public’s attention and imagination. Building on this legacy has been the aim of company managers ever since.

Applying For A Job

Those who want to join the team of professional experts here can apply for various positions in IAP Worldwide Services. Company officials hire in many places including states like Maryland and Virginia or as far away as places such as Bagram, Afghanistan for those who prefer to experience new worlds and new locations they might not get to see otherwise in person. Applications for an open position can be made via an online process. Any applicant can apply for a given position online by sending a resume and a cover letter. Each application is carefully considered in order to determine if the applicant is right for it.

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Flint Residents Entitled to Bottle Water In Face of Water Crisis

Residents of Flint, Michigan, received good news on Thursday. A U.S. District judge ordered the city and the state of Michigan to deliver bottled water to the doors of residents. Every home is entitled to four cases of bottled water per inhabitant per week unless officials verify a safe filter is present.

Community leaders praised the decision, which was based on a suit brought by the ACLU of Michigan, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Concerned Pastors for Social Action and a local resident. Now, Flint may be able to begin healing from the economic and health damage caused by years of unsafe water.

After news broke about lead contamination in the city, hundreds of thousands of donated bottles of water poured in. However, the city’s roughly 100,000 residents still don’t have a reliable source of clean drinking water, as their municipal system is not yet safe to use. The federal judge’s decision ensures that Flint residents won’t have to worry about where their next drink is coming from.

Not included in the judge’s order was how Michigan and Flint are to pay for the bottled water deliver, which is estimated to cost $9 million per month. Part of the difficult facing the region is the lack of funding for cleaning up the water supply. There’s no word yet on whether the state plans to appeal the decision.

George Soros Provides Every Entrepreneur with Fail-Safe Inspiration

Let us face it. Many of us, as entrepreneurs, believe we have an up-hill battle as it pertains to starting and continuing a business. We need to gain a hold of ourselves by looking at the brilliant careers of persons who have truly succeeded in life: persons like George Soros.

One person, who likes to take shots at George Soros Nazi, is media personality, Glenn Beck. Of course, Beck is earning a living too: and George knows it. However, where George has the upper-hand, he realizes any comment made, on the part of Beck, is merely because of his fame and fortune. When persons become famous and rich, there is bound to be some fall-out. Some entrepreneurs are afraid to continue in their endeavors because they do not want the untrue negative press that sometimes occurs when one becomes excessively wealthy.

George, though, did not have his wealth handed to him on a silver platter. It is correct to state that whatever negative comments made by media personalities, such as Beck, have to say about him is of little relevance to an internally strong individual such as George. George Soros has been painted, as opportunistic, by Beck, and deceitful to his own people. The claims are used, so that Beck may, presumably, enjoy greater ratings. In reality, George has done much for world peace, in addressing freedom; and taking control away from the Communists. George Soros, also, was made to conceal his true Jewish identity, as a boy, when the Nazis occupied Hungary.

George, attained an education in Economics in London. He began his career working on Wall Street. George Soros is influential, to some degree, due to his enormous wealth, and his willingness to work with people.

George Soros is an inspiration: is the reality. No one need to become blind-sided to the fact that George is a self-made man, immune to the negativity of his critics. He is motivational, not opportunistic–as Mr. Beck suggests. Entrepreneurs can learn much from the grit and fortitude of George Soros.

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From Fragile To Agile: Spokane Vet Walking Again After Dog Enters His Life

He was a U.S. veteran once classified as “100 percent permanently and totally disabled” by the Navy. Not anymore, because this 70-year-old former submarine man is on the go, thanks to Tucker.


Jack Cotter of Spokane, Washington, had suffered numerous injuries during and after his time in the Navy. Some of these included spine fractures, hip replacements, neck fractures, heart attack and more. Life was so challenging for Cotter, that he had to be pushed in a wheelchair to attend his son’s basketball tournament. reports that Jack Cotter’s life turned completely around after being gifted with an adorable rescue puppy named Tucker. The cute pooch is a wire fox terrier and one that got to walk Cotter, instead of the other way around.


At first, Cotter could only walk Tucker a few feet, but the pup would egg him on further, and eventually, the two were taking long walks and attending dog obedience classes. It was there, that a lot of people noticed Tucker’s agility. Soon, the two bonded even further by entering local contests for championship American Kennel Club agility.


Little Tucker is now nine-years-old and the No. 1 AKC dog for 2016 in agility for his breed. Cotter is in the best shape of his life and enjoying life once again. The duo perform three practice runs twice a week, racing 150 yards around a course in under 40 seconds.


It’s a beautiful story and just goes to show, that dog really is man’s best friend.



March Madness Success

March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events every year. There are a lot of people who are excited about watching and betting on games in the tournament this year. In addition, there are a lot of new teams who are ready to take things to the next level within the tournament. If you are someone who is interested in betting on these games, you need to make sure that you are doing your research. A lot of people just want to jump in and start betting. However, this is never a good idea. You need to make sure you know the teams and the games where you think you can make the most money. This is the key to success over the long term.

March Madness

Over the years, March Madness has become one of the most exciting sporting events in the country. There are millions of people who tune in to see whether the underdog will come out ahead. There is something special about watching an underdog go against one of the best teams in the country and win. It seems like every year the games get better and better. If you are going to bet with success on March Madness odds, you need to make sure you understand your strategy going in. Not only will this help you lay out a plan for success, but it will also help you understand where to bet your money.


When it comes to gambling, the more you spread your money out, the longer your money will last. Over the long term, this is something that a lot of people have to learn the hard way. If you are thinking about investing your own money to gamble, you want it to last a long time and you also want to make some money in the process. Never bet all of your money on a single game. Doing so will cause a lot of financial issues for you. There are many people who have lost all of their gambling money because they have tried to win everything at once. When it comes to betting online, a long term approach is always best.

Overall, gambling can be a fun and viable way to take things to the next level when watching a sport game. However, many people today do not understand betting strategy or how to best smart on the games they are watching.

John Goullet Shares Tips On Overcoming Business Challenges

Business challenges are quite common among entrepreneurs, and John Goullet of Diversant offers quite a lot of information to business managers. He believes that every manager may raise their game when the opportunity is presented, and this article explains two pointers John gave to readers in a recent interview. His approach to business is helpful for those who are new, and he wishes to help his disciples avoid early mistakes.

#1: Hiring Early And Often

Hiring is one of the hardest things for a young business owner to do as they do not wish to spend all their money on people. The staff within a business helps everything push forward, and the business makes more money as more people complete fine work. John wants all his readers to understand that hiring is an essential part of business management. His business functions around good people, and he empowers them to do the best work possible.

#2: Bringing The Right Culture To The Office

John has watched culture changes in multiple businesses over his career, and he recognized a change in culture at Diversant that he did not believe was appropriate. He wants all his readers to understand that a culture change within a business is not automatically healthy. Every business owner must ensure they are consistent with their culture, and employees will buy in over time.

#3: Offering Proper Work Incentives

John believes in trusting several different people with responsibilities in the office that keep them busy. Training new employees is quite important as each must be trained by someone just above them. Young employees who are given incentives to perform will ensure proper training for each new recruit, and the business will function with the culture created by the owner.

The career of Diversant principal John Goullet reflects his belief in training and accountability. He built Diversant using a plan that focuses on proper work ethic, and he trains his youngest employees to become a part of their future. Executives are given a piece of the company they may invest in, and young employees help train and police each other in an effective work environment.

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Dr. Clay Siegall Has Helped To Develop Major Breakthroughs in Cancer Research And Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is the President and CEO of the company that he co-founded in 1998 called Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a research and development company that specializes in cancer treatments. Dr. Seigall is focused on treatments that help patients that did not respond well to other conventional treatment options. The drug Adcetris is their biggest revenue stream currently and is now available in dozens of other countries. The company is the largest in the area and is currently developing additional treatments that are in the pipeline and in the final phase of testing.

Dr. Siegall is responsible for giving major pharmaceutical companies licenses to allow them to use technology that was created by Seattle Genetics. So far they company has been able to generate over 300 million from the licenses that they have allowed other companies to hold. He was also able to single handily raise over a billion dollars that are used for research and cancer treatment development. He is not only an incredibly talented scientist but a shrewd businessman that knows how to seize opportunities to generate revenue that covers the cost of scientific developments in the cancer research area.

Before his involvement with Seattle Genetics, he worked for Bristol-Meyers Squibb as the National Cancer Institute in the 90s. His experience with these companies gave him the ability to help create and effective research and development company that has groundbreaking technology and ideas. Dr. Siegall is committed to finding cures and treatment for cancer and his work continues as new breakthroughs are found.

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