Magic Mike XXL Hits DVD October 23

With its release on DVD closing in, we thought it was a good time to take a look at Magic Mike XXL and how jock strapped hunks diving, grinding, flipping and dry humping can be great entertainment.

Magic Mike XXL takes place three years after the original and broadens its scope in a lot of ways. As opposed to a small story about a group of male dancers at an oddly shy strip club, we get a slightly bigger cast and a tale of gorgeous men driving to South Carolina to compete at a stripper convention. While we prefer the intimacy of the original, we can’t deny not having a good time with this sequel. The road trip itself minimizes the possibility of stage dancing, but we get lots of hip swiveling in minimarts and around power tools in a shed. It’s all glorious and sweaty, with a pumping soundtrack. There are even a few flat out musical numbers, courtesy of new cast members Donald Glover and Matt Bomer.

While the movie may initially come across as fluffy and commercial, the truth is the script is intermittently brilliant. Screenwriter Reid Carolin has taken the elements of a life where one uses their body to make money to highlight our individual ability to find and appreciate beauty for its own sake. The movie sees how we use our bodies in many ways to bring pleasure, yet not letting us forget there are personalities behind them. After seeing the film, there is plenty to talk about besides thongs and abs, including subjects like gender politics and mixed races in the New South.

We credit the film’s exuberance to the game cast. With Channing Tatum leading the pack, everyone’s putting it out there to get us shimmying in our chairs. Besides eye candy like Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez, there’s Glover, Bomer and “So You Think You Can Dance” star Twitch. Familiar faces like Jada Pinkett-Smith, Andie McDowell and Elizabeth Banks show up. We especially like Crystal Hunt in the role of Lauren. A former soap opera actress with a huge Facebook following, Hunt also appeared in “Problem Child 2,” “Sydney White,” “23 Blast” and the video for “N.Y.C. Underground.” We hope to see more of her and soon.

Overall, we think Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL will make for a great double feature on the couch.

Kyle Bass is in Serious Trouble With Poor Business Decisions

Poor Kyle Bass, he just keeps making one bad decision after another. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he made a fortune for his direction and writing on The Sixth Sense. He was thought of as a genius at first, but oh how the tides have turned. It’s not only the bad calls that he has made, but it is also his unsavory alliances that have got him in trouble.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Nobody is sure why Bass is friends with Kirchner. She is called the worst thing that has ever happened to the country of Argentina. Don’t let Bass hear anyone say that, he sings her praises. When her country defaulted on their debts for the second time in 13 years, Bass defended her. Some say he is her lackey or minion. Bass has a good relationship with her and has supported her preposterously irresponsible policies. She has ripped off her own people and he still defends her.

Chris Sniper

Business ties to the American Sniper are also of a valid concern. His widow is in the middle of a big lawsuit against one of the subordinates to Bass at Hayman. The man has been accused of all sorts of unethical behavior. This guy has also come up with a plan that is vile in nature. Both houses in congress are working on an overtime plan to close the loopholes caused by him. The scheme is too easy and rather troublesome. It involves Erich Spangenberg. They pick out specific pharmaceutical firms and then they take their stocks and short sell them.

Once the stocks have been short sold, they created a front organization made up of patients they pay. It’s called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. The reason for this group is that they make the stocks of the prescription company go way down. In return, Bass rakes in a few million. The pharmaceutical companies’ prices go through the roof, but their motivation to continue medical research plummets. Millions of people who need those firm’s products to help with pain and suffering are sold short so Bass can make some money.

Kyle Bass has had a hard time getting things right these days. According to reports, he lost 30% of his money in 2014 due to hedge fund managers. Even Bass himself admits that he had a tough year, but he says that you cannot win them all of the time. He liked the salt from his wounds when he stated that it’s hard to loose when everyone else is winning. This could be the motivation behind the pharmacy scandal and maybe why he’s sucking up to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Argentina has a great deal of oil and where there’s oil, there’s money.

Sergio Cortes Captures Imagination

Sergio Cortes is capturing the imaginations of many fans around the world from Brazil with his impersonation of Michael Jackson. If there is anything that is needed, it is a passion to do what is needed. Sergio Cortes has that passion. One thing that compels a person to succeed at what he wants is passion. If one is passionate about something, he is going to spend a lot of time pursuing what it is he is passionate about. He is going to take the time studying and learning about the object of his passion. Then when he has mastered enough about his passion, then he is ready to capitalize on it and make a career.

Sergio Cortes is very passionate not just about Michael Jackson, but impersonating Michael Jackson. He was one of the biggest fans of the star when he made tons of amazing works for the audience to enjoy. Like many others who have experienced his tours, he was amazed by the dance moves and the creativity that went into the work being done for the performances. He got to enjoy many of the performances, the albums, the history and other aspects of Michael Jackson that made him what he is, and then he became that.

He has listened to and studied every song of every album that Michael Jackson has produced. He has looked at every era of late star. He has practiced all of the moves and has utilized every bit of creativity and passion in order to bring the late performer back to life. With all of the practice that he has put into his craft, it is only expected that he actually becomes Michael Jackson. If one asks him to perform any song created by Michael Jackson, he would manage it very well. He could also sing any song in the style of Michael Jackson.

Even though Sergio Cortes is impersonating someone else, his real talent is in the impersonation. His ability to capture every bit of essence of someone that he is impersonating speaks volumes of his talent. While there are many copycats that try to imitate the great stars but fall flat, very few take it to a new level like Sergio Cortes did. Many people are not just excited to see Michael Jackson performing, but they are also curious about the man behind the resurrection of late musical icon, Michael Jackson.

Corporations and Businesses with Headquarters in Dallas, Texas

The city of Dallas and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US. Besides a phenomenal rise in population, which stood at 6.7 million people in 2012, the area has become a magnet for business both nationally and internationally. The high concentration of business in the area has led to a drop in unemployment figures, which is consistent with the drop in the national average unemployment rates. Some of the leading corporations and businesses with their headquarters in Dallas include; Dallas ISD, Baylor Health Care System, AT&T, 7-Eleven, Pacific Wings, Texas Instruments Inc and UT-Southwestern Western Medical Center. The other corporations with main base in Dallas include; Parkland Health and Hospital, Southwest Airlines, Atmos Energy, Tenet Healthcare, Energy Future Holdings, Affiliated Computer Services and North America Spine among others.

AT&T offices are located at the One AT&T plaza; the company employs close to 16,000 workers and has been in business for more than a century. Today, AT&T boasts one of the fastest 4G networks in the US; the network serves approximately 3 million people and over 30,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Texas Instruments Inc is a leading supplier of semiconductors and digital signal processing solutions in the US and across the world. The company has featured several times in the Forbes, Most Admired Companies List. Baylor Health Care System operates one of the largest medical campuses in the country, the Baylor University Medical Center. The center provides excellent patient care together with medical research and teaching services. Baylor Health Care System employs over 17,000 people. Atmos Energy Corporation is one of the leading natural gas distributors in the US. The company serves more than 3 million people in 8 states. The corporation began its operations at the turn of the 20th century in north Texas.

North America Spine is a leading provider of Minimally Invasive Spine Care. The treatment procedure undertaken by the Dallas based North America Spine takes a holistic and conservative approach, when it comes to treating spine and related ailments. One of the centers most popular treatment procedures is the AccuraScope Procedure. This highly affordable treatment procedure has a success rate of 82%. Some of the benefits of undergoing AccuraScope procedure include; accurate diagnosis of pain from the source, early treatment, diminished chance of pain recurrence and minimally invasive incision. The physicians who work at North America Spine always strive to empower patients with relevant knowledge and information in order to help them make well-informed decision concerning the best treatment option. The AccuraScope treatment is highly recommended for treating disc protrusion, herniated disc, spinal stenos, torn disc, degenerative spine, sciatica, arthritis of the spine and spondylitis among other related conditions.

A Modern Day Gold Rush Is Just Months Away

While gold is still much in play, it is still a solid hedge against inflation and deflation, as well as a perfect vehicle for monetary growth. One factor regarding growth is that most people who invest in precious metals understand the correct timing to do so. Without a proper understanding for timing the markets, any investment, including gold, will become devalued very quickly.

In many cases, people claim a substantial stake in gold or some other precious metal, only to lose substantially in the end. And the problem with their investment wasn’t in the purchasing of gold, it was in the timing. Many people purchase gold, and don’t understand the various nuances that make up rises and drops in the gold market. It goes well beyond the rudimentary understanding of the raising of stocks and bonds in relation to gold. There are many other factors that need to be considered and evaluated when purchasing gold for an investment purpose.

For instance, people are not aware that there will be a significant bear rally within the next 3 to 6 months. How is this important? Here is the simple answer in a nutshell: when this bear rally occurs, it will combine with a slowdown in the selling of gold on the general markets. Gold has been selling rapidly over the last year and a half, especially to foreign interests like China and Russia. When this heavy buying subsides, it will trigger the prices of gold to go up. During this time, over a 6 to 9 month period, the price of gold is expected to rise anywhere from 10% to 30%. Within the next year, it will not be uncommon to see gold at the price of $1100-$1300 per ounce.

So how does one get involved in becoming a part of the gold rush? One of the things that a individual must have is an expert in gold dealings. The people at US Money Reserve have an extensive amount of time with individuals looking to invest in gold. They have a number of different departments, with over 100 expert individuals giving advice in gold management, gold purchasing, appraisals and more.

The people at US Money Preserve have been in the gold acquisition business for years, and can tell a person firsthand the best options for them to continue on with their investing goals. Gold coins remain one of the best physical investments in gold that you can make, and the experts at US Money Reserve know what their customers want, and offer quality products that they can partake of.

Kheradpir: A Trailblazer in Technology and Business

Shaygan Kheradpir, born in London, holds a PhD in electrical engineering. He received this degree from Cornell University, where he also attended undergrad. Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive businessman who also specializes in technology. Currently, he holds the Chief Executive Officer position at Coriant, which sells hardware and software for EOT. These optical transmissions apply to networks such as voice, data and mobile. Kheradpir originally contributed to the inception of the FiOS network at Verizon, making him a trailblazer in the industry. His business as well as technology knowledge have led him through a successful career. He has also held high positions at Barclays as well as bring Chief Executive Officer at a company called Juniper Networks.

Shaygan Kheradpir on mtv started off his successful career at GTE Corporation, which turned into Verizon when it merged with Bell Atlantic. He served as the Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer here for over a decade. His main focus was to lead a large team that supported IT systems and worked on the development of new products. Another succeeded goal while at Verizon was to reduce the company’s technology spending. He did this by about 30% due to his negotiation skills with vendors, as well as outsourcing labor to India. Additionally, he improved their use of IT assets.

Following Verizon, Kheradpir worked at Barclays for two years before becoming the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks. Kheradpir took lessons that he had learned from Verizon and Barclay’s to apply them to his position at Juniper. He found Verizon to be a US centered company, and a main player and core carrier in providing wireless service. Then at Barclay’s, he found a worldwide company with offices in Africa, Singapore, New York, and London. Working at both Verizon and Barclay’s gave Kheradpir an idea of the wide spectrum of clients that he would then be catering to at Juniper. He found a lot of lessons in common among the companies, as well as some differences. While at Juniper, Kheradpir launched a new plan that incorporated integrated operating. This was influenced by the recommendations of investors of the company. The goal was to reduce expenses, increase their dividends, and buy back stock.

Although only at Juniper for a short time, Kheradpir moved on to join the management team at Coriant. It did not take long before he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Coriant.

Kheradpir extensive professional career and clear drive for success has only led him up the professional ladder. His commitment to innovation and development in technology has made a huge impact on the field.

Sergio Cortes Keeps MJ Alive

One cannot help but wonder how one of the most iconic performers of the late 20th Century would have looked like had he not gone through uncountable plastic surgery procedures. That put aside, there is one individual who continues to amaze the world with his striking semblance that has many of the millions of MJ enthusiasts in awe. Sergio Cortes is a man of Spanish origin and thus has no hereditary linkages with the King of Pop who was born to a musically endowed African American family.

It is common to find entertainers mimic Michael Jackson signature dance moves with great finesse. However, it is nigh impossible to expect one to have the looks, liquid dance moves and vocal cords that defined Michael Jacksons. Sergio Cortes as with any MJ impersonator is the pop icon’s most loyal fan. Born in Spain, Cortes was introduced to MJ at a tender age by his mother who similarly adores MJ to a great extent. He stands out from other Michael Jackson impressionists in that he can also sing like the fallen icon and most importantly, looks like him to the most intricate of detail.

As such, rumor has it that a photographer approached him once in Barcelona and asked him to pose for pictures as MJ’s double. Magazine and newspaper publishers all over Spain were so amazed at his resemblance to the King of Pop that Sergio became an overnight sensation. Not only did he exhibit Michaels’ looks but his physique as well. Over the years, he has trained immensely to closely match his vocals to those of MJ. Being a naturally endowed dancer, Sergio worked effortlessly to be as fluid as Michael Jackson. To date, there is no one else in the world who keeps the millions of Michael Jackson fans excited as Sergio Corte.

It is important to note that Sergio Cortes has his own entertainment group complete with backup singers, dancers and a live band. Sergio and his group travel all over the globe offering MJ’s countless fans, an opportunity to see MJ alive again. His live performances are exquisitely prepared to detail to ensure that all the visual and audio effects enable fans relive the good old days when Michael Jackson actively performed on stage. If there is ever to be a movie on MJ’s life, Sergio Cortes would undoubtedly be MJ’s perfect double.

Incredible Cosmetic Surgeons Do Exist Outside Of Reality TV

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon, who would not want one that brims of patience, knowledge yet has genuine warmth about them and does not mind answering concerns to ensure that a patient will feel at ease if they decide to have a procedure completed. This type of cosmetic surgeon does not simply exist on television or in fairy tales. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been accomplishing these patient goals for several years now and those that have worked alongside her have obtained desired results and trust.

Considerate and attentive, Dr. Walden enrolled in the respected University of Texas where she majored and obtained a biology degree. Soon after she enrolled in the university’s Medical School, in which she became well-educated in the field of medicine, leading to graduating second in her class. When her medical schooling was completed, Dr. Walden completed her medical preparation by heading to New York City to pursue a fellowship in the area of aesthetic surgery to assist her in working towards her plastic surgery certification at New York City’s Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Since the young physician stepped into this facility she has made it her specialty in the field of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery focusing on the body, breast and face.

This thorough cosmetic surgeon (who has a very loyal fan base of patients) uses a philosophy in her practice intended to enhance balance and health using an approach that is personalized to each patient in accomplishing reconstructive or aesthetic surgery. Dr. Walden also provides a staff that is welcoming, friendly and eager to assist those whose goal is to improve their body image and self-esteem which walks hand in hand. Direct and honest, Walden takes every step to be sure that her patients are completely informed about every aspect of a particular procedure to be sure they are making the best choices to obtain results they strive for. While Dr. Walden sees several patients daily, she wants to be confident that each one feels and looks the best they can, so she goes above and beyond in being committed to the safety and total care of each individual.

Dr. Jennifer Walden and her pleasant staff focus on ensuring that each patient is treated with the utmost respect and genuine compassion, traits not often seen in medical offices today. This cosmetic surgeon is as precise and thorough as one can find and loyal to every patient to ensure they are satisfied with end results. It can be quite a journey when it comes to cosmetic surgery but having someone like Dr. Walden to work with is a breath of fresh air as she listens and possesses flawless techniques!

Try Online Dating to Meet Friendly Singles Across the Globe

Just when you feel like you will never find a suitable woman to date, you find This wonderful international dating site is dedicated to helping all kinds of men and women find each other while on the vast internet. They help to merge the concepts of international love and modern romance. They receive a lot of international attention from singles worldwide. With offices in Russia and the United States, this dating service covers a lot of ground as far as dating goes.

Many people enjoy dating for the fun of meeting new people on a regular basis. If two people really connect and find love amidst the romance, who knows where it may lead? Some singles enjoy meeting people internationally and are willing to travel to date them. Though some of the singles might be hoping to get married, the majority of them are fun loving and friendly individuals looking to have a good time with other friendly people. When you first sign up for a dating service, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of available singles across the globe. There is no need to worry though as all of the members are confirmed by the staff to be actual real people.

It is true that specializes in helping Russian and Ukrainian singles find appropriate dates, but for that matter they are also widely used in central and south America as well as in Africa and Asia. When it comes to dating, really knows how to help people find matching singles across the globe. That’s why they offer regularly organized social activities during the year on three separate continents. If you choose to attend an event, you will be introduced to singles from all across the world.

With over 4 million users in over 110 countries, there is no limit to the number of available singles that a motivated individual can meet. While some smaller dating sites might focus on local and domestic dating exclusively, specializes in international relationships. As with any other type of dating service, they look for ways to help get their members together. These ways can be through messaging and emails, sharing photos and making presents or via their online chat protocol. Recently, they launched their mobile app that helps to connect their singles from their mobile devices as well.

So, if you would like to connect to thousands of interesting singles throughout the world, signing up to would be a wise choice. If you have security concerns, there is no need to worry as they use the leading safety and security systems in the industry. You owe it to yourself to try this stellar dating service.

Editing Wikipedia articles made simple

Still wondering how to edit Wikipedia articles? Recently came across some minor errors but you did not know how to go about correcting them? Worry less, Get Your Wiki is here to help. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing company, this team of professionals offer first class services ranging from article editing, page creation page monitoring and translations. They have successfully created pages for high profile individuals, businesses, non-profits and other notable entities. Their pages are properly formatted and follow the Wikipedia’s manual of style. The pages are referenced and appropriately backed by reliable sources.

They have a policy of money back guarantee; in the event that your page or article is flagged down then they will see to it that you are refunded your money in full. Wikipedia is an open source community where any individual is at liberty to edit any errors that they may come across in the encyclopedia. You can suffer the dire consequences of defamation due some malicious edits. These veterans are here for you as they will monitor your page to ensure that such edits do not find their way into your page. They will also edit or update your page at your discretion. Their translation services are second to none; try their services as they translate to the language you desire.

They say practice makes perfect, one can master the simple steps in editing a Wikipedia page through practice. Everybody can edit a Wikipedia page as long as the page is not protected. For the protected pages, one needs to submit an edit request that will be answered by an editor with the ability to edit that particular page. The widely used methods of Wikipedia editing are the traditional Wiki markup and the VisualEditor (VE)

It is important to note that when editing articles one needs to use a formal tone. Desist from opinionated and argumentative writing as such are meant for other sources like blogs. Wikipedia article should state facts barely and as straightforward as possible, the aim of Wikipedia is to provide a basic summary of already written articles or facts. Wikipedians are encouraged to be bold in the tone they use in their articles. Before engaging in major edits, it is advisable to discuss the proposed changes in the talk page. Major edits done by individual editors have a greater likelihood of being re-edited, so it is important to use the talk page and get opinions on the edit you are about to make. For new editors, start by performing minor edits before moving to major edits.

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