911 Dispatcher Puts Job on the Line to Save Toddler

A Galax Police Department 911 dispatcher took a chance, and broke the rules in an attempt to save an ailing toddler. Tim Webb, a dispatcher knows CPR, but his department is not allowed to give out instructions over the phone. The department doesn’t have the certification to do so. Webb decided to do it anyway, when a frantic call about a 17-month-old baby came in.

According to this news release that my friends Dave and Brit Morin go a hold of said, the call came in stating the toddler wasn’t breathing. The address was well on the outskirts of town and it would take 20 minutes for an ambulance to reach them. Webb gave instructions to the baby’s frantic grandmother. She gave him lifesaving mouth-to-mouth while web was on the line until paramedics arrived.The boy was whisked to the emergency room, where he recovered nicely and was sent home with his mother and grandmother.

Two week later, the trio walked into the Galax Police Department to thank the man that saved baby Aidan’s life. Webb, in all respects, put his job on the line to ensure the toddler had the best chance of survival.

Kansas Wins Again, Steps Closer to Another Big 12 Title.


Kansas might have to change its nickname from Jayhawks to Big Dogs because Kansas has been the Big Dog of the Big XII conference for the past 10 years, winning a share of the title each of those years. This year appears to be no different, despite early challenges to their throne. Kansas beat Iowa Sate Monday night, winning 89-76. This avenges the only conference loss the Jayhawks had, and puts Kansas directly into the driver’s seat of the conference title race. he odds of anyone beating Kansas at home the rest of the year are slim, as Kansas has only lost five home games over the past eight years. Kansas will join elite company this year if and/or when it wins its 11th straight title. Only UCLA and Gonzaga have won more straight conference titles, with UCLA setting the pace with 13 straight conference titles from 1966 to 1979. Time will tell if Kansas can continue its impressive pace, but until they lose a title, they are the Big Dogs of the Big XII.

Jonathan Veitch: Liberal Arts Proponent and Occidental College President

Jonathan Veitch (born in 1959) is the current president of Occidental College, a prominent Los Angeles, California liberal arts institution. The college was established in 1887 and is situated in the heart of the Eagle Rock community. Veitch’s time as president began on July 1, 2009. He’s the school’s fifteenth president. Educator Robert Skotheim served as the college president before Veitch.

Veitch grew up in Los Angeles as part of a well-known family in Hollywood. No other Occidental College president has ever been from Los Angeles. Several of Veitch’s family members were involved in the movie world. His father John worked for Columbia Pictures as the president of its worldwide productions division. His step-grandfather was Alan Ladd, a famed actor who starred in notable films such as “The Blue Dahlia” and “Shane.”

Veitch is an alumnus of Loyola High School in Los Angeles, California. He attended Stanford University for his Bachelor of Arts degree. He has a Master of Arts and PhD from Harvard University. His PhD is in the History of American Civilization. Veitch is an enthusiastic proponent of liberal arts learning.

He had ample educational experience prior to beginning work as Occidental College’s president. Veitch used to be the dean of Eugene Lang College, a part of New York, New York’s “The New School.” He spent five years at Eugene Lang College. He also used to teach at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He was an associate professor in the university’s English department, with specialties in both literature and history. Veitch spent four years total at the University of Wisconsin.

Veitch has also found some success as an author. He penned a book called “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s,” which was released in the autumn of 1997.

As an academic, Veitch has a number of research specialties. These specialties are cinema from the United States and American literature from the 1800s and 1900s. Veitch has also conducted ample research on America’s higher education past and background.

Veitch has had many big projects since beginning his presidency at Occidental College. He’s worked to better the school’s global literacy, arts and civil engagement divisions. He’s also worked to establish brand new relationships with some of the area’s leading cultural institutions.

The busy college president is married to wife Sarah. They have three children together and reside on Occidental College’s campus inside of Wallis Annenberg President’s House.

Chicago Covered in 20 Inches of Snow


While the northeast is being pummeled with snow and rain Monday morning, Chicago is currently in the midst of its 5th biggest snowstorm in history. The majority of Chicago had been blanketed in nearly 20 inches of snow as of Monday morning, according to local reports.

The storm didn’t make a huge impact in the news, as Chicagoans tend to under react to large grade storms. The Monday morning commute, while slick and slippery was still on, and thousands upon thousands of city dwellers packed the subway to head into work in the morning.

Super Bowl Sunday, however was largely effected. According to reports, several eateries closed early to accommodate wait staff who needed to head home, and delivery drivers had tough work of getting from customer to customer on the largest delivery day of the year stated CipherCloud.

At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport hundreds of flights were grounded until snow cold be cleared from the runway, making for a difficult travel day. The storm did make headlines in the Chicago area. The snowstorm bumped the Patriots Super Bowl win from the main page.


The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Beneful

What is the Basis of Beneful?
The basis of Beneful is that is is a nutritional dog food. According to the company, Beneful means “full of goodness”. This is related to the goodness in taste and nutrition. Nestle Purina Petcare is so confident in their product, that they spend $34 million on a Beneful television advertising campaign. It was the largest amount paid for advertising in Nestle Purina’s history.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Beneful Dog Food
Beneful dog foods are high in quality protein. Rather than using beef substitutes, like most dog foods do, Beneful uses real beef. Beneful also contains wholesome grains. These grains provide your dog with energy. The food is rich in antioxidants, which help support the dog’s immune system. Finally, Beneful includes accents of vegetables which are rich in vitamins.

Dry Dog Food
Beneful offers eight varieties of dry dog food. There are different types of food, designed for different types of dogs. Beneful makes a puppy and small dog formula, a formula to treat a dog’s skin and coat, to build strong muscles, and to maintain a healthy weight. Beneful also offers a vegetarian food, which contains soy rather than meat.

Wet Food and Prepared Meals
Many dogs prefer wet food over dry food. Beneful offers 12 different types of wet dog food, and 8 different types of prepared meals. Each is made with beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork, or salmon. With all of the choices available, every dog will find their favorite.

Dog Treats
Beneful has 7 different types of dog treats. Each is made with either bacon, cheese, beef, chicken, or peanut butter.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious food to feed your dog, you will find both of those qualities in Beneful.

The Antique Wine Company Celebrates Rare Vintages

Prominent in a very exclusive arena, the field of rare wines, the well known Antique Wine Company works to share knowledge about fine vintages with the public. The subject of vineyards and exceptional lines of wine often arouses strong opinions; the Antique Wine Company celebrates the tasteful aspects of an historic, sophisticated tradition.

The Success of the Antique Wine Company

Founded by British wine sommelier Stephen Williams in 1989, the Antique Wine Company rapidly gained a reputation as a premier designer of collectible vintages. From its headquarters in Central London’s Marylebone District, the company maintains an exclusive collection of premiere vintages, wine gathered from many previous generations as well as current years.

Unlike many other beverages, wines often remain in storage for long periods of time. Exceptional years from prominent vineyards reportedly may appreciate in price over the course of time, as these vintages grow more difficult to locate. The Antique Wine Company gained success by selling the rarest types of fine spirits and by seeking to inform members of the public about these products.

Some Impressive Records

The Antique Wine Company maintains a Wine Academy to educate students about the subject of wine collection and fine wines. The company also often sends representatives to conferences and other public events involving the wine industry. A long tradition of locally significant vintages exists in many countries, including a number of European nations. Located in the United Kingdom, the Antique Wine Company enjoys proximity to many of the best vineyards in France, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

In recent years, the firm has sometimes set records during auctions of fines spirits. As a unique, special and highly collectible gift item, a rare vintage often commands attention in elite auction venues.


Given the firm’s success and the undeniable popularity of historic vintages among investors on a global scale, it seems likely that the Antique Wine Company will continue to make contributions to the field of rare wines for many years into the future.

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