History of CCMP Capital and the Contributions of its Former Chief Executive, Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray, the former chief executive and president of CCMP Capital Advisors, left the firm in February 2015 due to unknown reasons. However, when the firm was reached about the issue, they said that his departure was due to “health-related” issues. Mr. Murray passed away at his home one month after leaving CCMP Capital.

“We are very saddened to learn that our friend and former partner, Steve Murray has passed away……We are grateful for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP and its predecessors,” said Mr. Brenneman, CCMP chairman.

Mr. Murray joined CCMP Capital in 2006 after the successful spin-off of JPMorgan Chase and Company. According to his profile, he has sat on the boards of Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc., Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Octagon Credit Investors.

Mr. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital holds a degree in economics and a Master’s degree in business administration that he earned from the Boston College and Columbia Business School respectively. Stephen Murray is also remembered as an active philanthropist who supported different charitable causes. He supported several foundations including the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

About CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a very successful American private equity firm that deals mainly with leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions. Originally founded (1984) as Chemical Venture Partners, CCMP Capital is a branch of different investment firms including Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chase Capital Partners among other firms.

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The company operates under four distinct categories of expertise:

• The consumer and retail sector

The consumer and retail industry of CCMP Capital has invested close to $7.6 billion for the last 31 years. This amount includes services such as service businesses, special retail, mass channel supply, multi-channel marketing and various types if information services. The consumer and retail section is headed by Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino.

• Industrial services sectors

This department has invested approximately $4.1 billion and bring more than 25 years of experience to the table. This sector includes industrial services, manufacturing, and distribution. Mr. Walsh heads the industrial services department.

• Healthcare services industry

This industry services different healthcare industries. So far, it has invested approximately $1.6 billion in healthcare industries. These industries include specialty companies and their products, providers of healthcare services, distributors of different products among others.

• The chemicals and energy department

This investment sector offers close to $2.6 billion, and it includes chemicals, oilfield service and power, exploration and production. The sector is headed by Mr. Behrens.

Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-13/stephen-murray-ex-ccmp-chief-who-helped-build-firm-dies-at-52

How Chris Bevin-Tubman Continues to Shape and Define the Mining Sector in Australia

Chris Bevin-Tubman is one of the most prolific project services manager in the mining and metals industry. She boasts of a vast experience helping clients with project controls, contracts, procurement, and commercial management advisory roles in the construction and resource sectors.

Personal Attributes

Chris owes her success to her excellent communication skills. Successful projects always hinge firmly on how well articulated and presented the various ideas and concepts are. Chris Bevin-Tubman can engage the clients in a sincere manner. She’s very keen to listen to the needs and wants of her clients and then come up with a well-thought-out plan of action. Her strategies are dynamic, and they continually evolve to match and rhyme with the prevalent situations on the ground.

Multi-Million Dollar Projects

For the past one and a half year, she’s honed her experience working as the project manager for Water NSW’s development and deployment of Contractor Management Workplace Health and Safety procedure and processes. Her principal duties have included engaging the various stakeholders involved in the deal in meaningful deliberations on the way forward.

The consultant oversaw the complete overhauling of the Kogan Creek Power Station. She helped streamline and coordinate the construction process to its fruition. Asides, the Australian is credited with both the reviewing and the estimated analysis undertakings for the coal project in Greenfields, Queensland. The project was expected to receive funding to a tune of roughly $700 million. Chris also oversaw the forensic audit and analysis reviews of a project involving the reconstruction of a large hospital in Australia.

Bringing Back Jobs

Previously, Christanna had worked as a project controls specialist at Phu Bia Mining. Her tenure there lasted a year and four months. This company is based in Laos, Brisbane. Her primary duties involved setting and defining the scope of training, mentoring and of the capacity building development endeavors of the employees in the firm. Chis was praised for transitioning project services functions and bringing them back home. Projects now got handled by a panel of regionally based experts.

Chris is said to have done a tremendous job in training and mentoring of the junior staff at Phu Bia Inc. Thanks to her efforts the firm was able to cut back on costs and thereby maximize on the expenditure. She also made sure that the suppliers of the raw materials used in their processes adhered to the golden standards of quality at the same time.

Unprecedented Successes

One of her crowning achievements at the mining firm was that she forged stronger networks between the different departments. In every company, undertaking a proper scientific feasibility study was always part of her retinue. And, judging by the revenue earnings reported by the firms she served it, it is correct to assert that she indeed did a marvelous job in the said companies.


Chris Bevin received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Australian Institute of Business in 2015. She’s an accredited member of highly-rated organizations like the Australian Institute of Project Management and the Project Management Institute.


Kenneth Goodgame Hits the Ground Running, and He Hits it Hard

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing expert who works at True Value. He has been able to do a lot for True Value as he has been working for them and this has given him a chance to make the company even better than what it was before he took over.

As a marketer, Kenneth Goodgame is good at anything that has to do with promoting a business. He worked for years before he worked at True Value marketing businesses to other companies. He is an expert and he has been able to bring the expertise that he has to the business. This is something that has proven him to be quite valuable to the company. Kenneth has been able to do a lot for True Value in the time that he has worked for them because of the way that he has done different things within the industry.

There are many different techniques that Kenneth Goodgame uses to be able to do much more for the company than anyone had ever done in the time that they were working for True Value. It was not something that people had the chance to do because they did not know the techniques that Kenneth Goodgame does. The big mistake that True Value made before with their CEOS and other professionals was that they hired people who did not have the same type of marketing experience that has made Kenneth Goodgame such a great asset to the company.

The way that True Value is set up is much different than other hardware company or any other company at all. True Value companies are owned by different people and are independent of each other. While they all fall under the main umbrella of True Value, they are much different from each other. They are able to carry the same products but the individual owners are able to determine which of the products they will carry. The company is generally set up in small communities so that people can get the hardware that they need to be able to have.

There has been a lot of success that True Value has had. This is something that has made them better at the different options that they have. The company has worked hard to be able to show people the different options that they have. This is something that has changed the way that things are done for True Value. It has also given them the chance that they need to be able to reach different people in different areas. The company is hoping to expand their reach to communities that do not have a True Value and that have never had the chance to have one.

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Where To Go For College Football Betting Information

Why did one team lose the game to another? How is it possible that a higher ranked team collapsed and lost to a team that wasn’t on anyone’s radar? These questions are tough to answer, tougher still if you have no resources to turn to for help. Fortunately, there are websites which can help offer some explanations for what might happen before a game even gets started. That is vital because those who wish to gamble on the games could benefit enormously from this information.

Consider the value of a website such as Covers.com for a moment. This website is one created specifically for those who like to bet on college football odds and other sports. It features all of the match-ups, shows the lines for those games, gives weather and injury updates, and simply provides just about everything that a better could ask for in terms of information they will require before their favorite games kick off.

As any sports better will tell you, there is something very vital to having important information about a variety of factors that can impact the game before that contest gets started. With this information in hand, a gambler can make his more educated guess about the outcome.

Most people who bet on college football do it simply to have a little fun and add some excitement to the game for themselves. They are not overly serious about how well their bet turns out or not. This is why those who take the time to look at the real information about a game can profit from the laziness of these other fans. With just a little time and energy, it is possible to walk home the winner.

Obviously, the house takes some cut of the money bet on the games. This is how they are able to operate the system in the first place. They do not care which way the outcome of the game goes because they will be paid out either way. Therefore, it is on the gambler to make sure he overcomes the cut that the house takes in order to make a profit. Players who gamble with no information have virtually no chance of pulling this off. However, those who take a little time to learn the ropes of things can quickly become well versed in how it all works and actually start to win more than they lose. It all starts with gathering information.

George Soros: The Legendary Author

George Soros, for a long time, has been a best-selling author. According to the Forbes Magazine, George Soros has succeeded in winning the financial insight books-market. To this end, George has published over 14 books that reveal his way of approaching business investment. For this reason, he has shared his perspective on economics and politics to the young generation. He has written numerous books about philanthropy and globalization through his Open Society Foundation. They include:

The 2008 Crash and its Meaning
According to a message written by the London Times, they are wrong about the Oil prices. According to George Soros, the commercial standards should not assume that demand and supply can depict the actual meaning of a crisis. For you to understand the markets well, you should star at the starting point. In boom-bust cycles, the theory outlined in the book is wrong and inaccurate. According to George Soros, the main argument should be centered towards his credit-crunch fascinating book. He has launched his new book “The New Paradigm for Financial Markets.”

The Fallibility Age
While he anticipated the seismic changes expected in the financial markets, George Soros made himself a fortune. For a fact, he is a billionaire because of his talent in predicting the financial markets. According to the Open Society Foundations, Soros has used his money to change the world. In the Fallibility age, George Soros brings his commitment preoccupied since 2001. America is a degenerate state.

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George Soros on Globalization
According to him, it takes numerous institutions that fail to predict the economic markets as a major proponent of globalization. While Soros keeps criticizing the institutions, he offers a new paradigm to bring them back to the economy. For the sake of alignment, his idea is to compel a new face of their misery.

The New Paradigm for Financial Markets
While the world is healing from the worst financial crisis in history, the legendary financier has explored the beginning of the crisis. He has a great report about the maturity of this depression. According to George Soros, the crisis has a big implication towards the future. George Soros, who has an unusual experience in the financial markets, has placed this crisis in years of study. He is researching about how individuals and their financial institutions on Biography handle the crisis without damaging the universal economy. Since the 1930s, this was the worst financial crisis.

The Central European University
George Soros delivered an informative book at the University of Central Europe in Budapest. He founded the university in 1991. For this reason, he wanted to generate a critical thinking generation in the capitalism and financial markets on Investopedia. He has provided a broad view of his politics and economic thoughts. In 2009, he delivered a lecture about financial information.

Adam Milstein: Real Estate Investor with the Heart of a Philanthropist

When first encountering Adam Milstein, one might think he is just another successful real estate mogul investing and managing properties throughout the United States, but there is much more to this man than meets the eye.

Though he is most certainly a success in the world of professional real estate, for the last 16 years he’s dedicated a substantial amount of time to serious philanthropic work. Through founding the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 with his wife Gila, Adam Milstein has sought to help young Americans with Jewish roots make a strong connection to their Israeli heritage. In addition to this type of connection, he has sought out to support all types of community outreach programs, geared towards Jewish Americans, but with effects that ripple throughout all demographics and have a lasting impact.

Some of his biggest support has been in fundraising for Jewish education, advocacy of a Pro-Israel state of affairs, and the continuity of Jewish traditions, beliefs, and community strengths. With these ideals in mind, he’s worked hard alongside his wife to create the type of future they can be proud of and offers the very best to those they support. Many believe that his support has been vital in bringing together Jewish communities from all of the United States, and in creating a strong connection between the US and Israel.

There are many successful Jewish businessmen in the America, but not many go as far as Adam Milstein to provide the type of championship and espousement in the Jewish community needed to bond those of Jewish heritage to the ideals from which they’ve thrived under for so many centuries.

Adam Milstein is a beacon of fulfillment to the young Jewish Americans living in the US and abroad, someone that is truly creating a better future for their lives and the lives of their children to come. With this type of support and partnership, there is no doubt that the work he’s doing today will continue to impact lives and relationships long into the future of our world.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa – How to Take Better Pictures with a Smartphone’s Camera

Lighting and a better understanding of photography are crucial when you want to take pictures with a Smartphone or any other camera. Below are unique photography tips from Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Ø Take a few seconds
Take a few seconds to ensure that there is proper lighting and that the object being photographed is positioned at a proper angle on YouTube.com. That way, you will get a clear shot and obtain a high-quality picture.

Ø Adhere to the composition principles
A better understanding of principles of composition in photography can enable you to create an amazing picture. Additionally, application of the cutting technique when the picture that was taken has a bad composition can improve clarity.

Ø Approach your subject
Smartphones lack an optical zoom and, therefore, moving closer to the object being photographed is paramount on Twitter. If you do not want to move closer, you can fit your Smartphone with a zoom lens to photograph distant objects.

Ø Turn off the flash
The flash creates shadows, bring about unwanted glare, and affect color. In place of the flash, one can use an attenuator or just employ the natural lighting. Different phones have various applications and, thus, identification of applications that best suit your Smartphone is important. Some of the most common applications include ProCamera for iPhones and Camera 360 for Android.

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Ø Take advantage of the many camera options
Learning about options in the camera applications enables you to adjust your settings to suit the scene you desire to photograph. Settings vary, so it is important to read the instructions before changing them.

Ø HDR is a vital tool
The use of HDR is important since it helps attain a balanced coverage in the photograph according to Figueroa. However, it needs to be used moderately to avoid creating images that look misplaced.

Ø Limit the use of filters
Use of filters is exciting, but then you need to assess what you want to achieve by applying filters since not all pictures look good with filters.

Ø Improve your editing and cleaning skills
You need to learn how to edit and clean the lens. Take online courses on editing and watch YouTube clips on how to clean your lens.

Who is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa?

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a South American businessperson who serves as the president, director, and treasurer of five internationally renowned firms. Adrian was born on November 11, 1979, in Venezuela. Additionally, he is a member of the Panama City business assemblage and works to mentor young aspiring leaders. Unlike other entrepreneurs, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is passionate about creating stability and improving the economic status of his country. He has written several essays about his country’s culture, history, and attraction sites.

Susan McGalla And A Great Sense Of Style

Susan McGalla does have an interest in style and a great work ethic. One thing that she understands that fashion is one way to be successful. For one thing, the right outfit can inspire the right mentality. Susan McGalla is aware of the different mentalities. This includes the different sports mentalities. For one thing, people have to be in the mood in order to do anything. The right type of clothes could bring forth the right mood. Susan McGalla wants to make sure that the fans are in the mood to support the Pittsburgh Steelers. The right clothing could bring help the fans get into their fun.

While it is commonly stated that people should not judge others by how they dress, it is important to know that a lot of people dress in a way that gives a hint to the mentality. For instance, athletic people on Bizjournals.com may be more inclined to dress in active wear. Another thing is that people who are fans of sports tend to dress in clothes that are made for the sport that they are interested in. For instance, football fans tend to wear football jerseys and other related items. The same could be said for fans of basketball.

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Often times, people wear the colors or the logos of the teams that they are fans of. Susan McGalla herself has put together a business that helps market the apparel of the Pittsburgh Steelers on riznews.edgl.com. When people wear these types of clothes, it puts them in the mood to be invested in the game that their favorite team. Steelers fans will be more into the game when they wear these clothes.

Susan McGalla herself is very aware of the effects that fashion has on the person. Therefore, she makes sure that there is enough clothing for fans to get into the mindset of the game. She herself makes sure that she is professionally dressed not only for her company and her image, but also for her mentality. One thing that Susan McGalla has shown that she is very thoughtful about a lot of things. This is one of the reasons that her company has turned out to be really successful on steelers.com.

How a Litigation Lawyer Can Help Your Brazilian Business

As a Brazilian business, there are a variety of situations that will require the assistance of a lawyer. Fortunately, most of these cases can be settled out of court. However, acquiring the assistance of a litigation lawyer is necessary in order to protect your company’s business interest. Especially in the case of contracts, environmental compliance and employee terminations. Instead of scrambling to locate a lawyer when these situations occur, take some time to find the best lawyer that will defend your case. The best type of lawyer to choose in the situation is a litigation attorney. Litigators are lawyers that represent Brazilian companies in civil and commercial cases. Litigations lawyers are able to assist throughout the entire process including investigating the case, pretrial and trial.

During the initial phase of the legal process, the litigation attorney will conduct the investigation. The goal of this phase is to locate evidence that supports their client’s case. Evidence can include video tapes, medical records or lab findings. Documents such as medical records and billing and payment history will also be gathered. Witnesses may be interviewed during this stage as well as the hiring of an investigator.

Once the evidence has been gathered the attorneys will enter a pretrial state. Which requires attorneys from the plaintiff and defendant side to negotiate. Fortunately, most cases do not go to trial. It is during this period that attorneys may decide to reach a settlement. However, if a settlement can not be reached the next step is a trial. The litigation attorney must be able to craft a case that supports their client’s position in order to win the case.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well known and highly skilled Brazilian lawyer. Mr. Tosto has an extensive amount of experience as a litigator. Mr. Tosto has grown his small law office to a highly respected and large corporate litigation firm in Brazil.

Over the years Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has fought hard for each of his clients. His clients include well-known public personalities as well as Brazilian corporations and international organizations. He understands how stressful the situation can be when a trial requires. However, Mr. Tosto has innovative and strategies to resolve litigations. As well as a skilled associated trained under his guidance to provide a smooth experience.

Adrián José Velazquez Figueroa: Experience the real beauty of Panama

Panama is a country that has experienced multiple transformations in the recent past. One of the key people that has helped the transformation is Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Figueroa has a successful businessperson who has taken a huge investment in the Panamanian business market. Apart from his interest in business, he has a love for tourism in Panama. In a recent article, he wrote about top 10 things to do and places to visit in Panama.

Panama is a region that is home to multiple natural attractions. The place has experienced multiple volcanoes on youtube.com. Volcano Baru is today one of the most famous places for being the tallest peaks in the country. At its top, one can have a good view of the Caribbean Sea, at the other side one can have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean. The whole volcano has a massive height of 3473 meters high. There is nothing to be afraid about the volcano because it has been dormant for thousands of years. It is wonderful place to visit and offers an exclusive experience in Panama.

You can also head to the EL Valle city. This is a city that resides at the center of a volcanic crater. The volcano has been dormant for about 300,000 years. The El Valle village on Facebook is a tiny village with a thrilling things to see and do. It is popular and loved among tourists like Figueroa. The place is also one of the coldest places in the Panama region. It is shielded from external humidity of the ocean.

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Figueroa notes that Panama is a country with a good history. The whole region was once a Spanish colony, about 400 years ago. After the country gained its independence, it became a Republic of Grand Colombia. Through the help of the United States, Panama became a republic on its own several years later. Since its treaty, Panama has been trading with the U.S. currency.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was raised and born in Venezuela. He is today one of the most prominent business people in the region. He is currently president of more than five companies and manages their treasury department. Figueroa is also a business director. He is innovative and passionate about entrepreneurship. Figueroa is currently a mentor of young entrepreneurs. The prominent business person has been living in Panama for the past five years. His years in Panama have proved that he is passionate and innovative about his business.

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