Kyle Bass And Hedge Funds: Poor Bedfellows

Kyle Bass is responsible for CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Why is he responsible for CAD? Well, there could be a lot of reasons for this, but one of the big ones seems to be the poor performance of his Texas-based hedge fund. Kyle Bass should be doing better, when one considers his regular media appearances. But somehow, every time he makes a media appearance, his hedge fund’s own ability to increase on itself seems to actually decrease. It’s almost like there’s an inversely proportional relationship to Bass’ media appearances, and his hedge fund’s performance. It really doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, because Bass hit the market so prominently in 2008 with his successful prediction of America’s sub-prime lending crisis, and the resulting economic fall-out. Since then though, he doesn’t seem to have any gold-strikes under his belt–except for CAD.

Kyle Bass uses CAD as a means of manipulating the stock-market out of millions. The scam is elegant and simple, and it works like this: Bass forces big-ticket pharmaceuticals into lowering costs of their profit-garnering drugs. This results in devaluation of stock, which Kyle Bass has holdings in. He short-sells his holdings and gets away with millions. What’s so brilliant about the scheme is that it is entirely legal, and it’s controversial to boot. All Bass has to do is remain enigmatic and trust in the ignorance of the public, primarily the left; ironic as that may be. See, ostensibly, CAD’s purpose is to decrease the cost of big-ticket pharmaceuticals so those who are already ill don’t have to pay as much for their necessary medications. The thing is, when such prices are curtailed, the profit they would have brought the company is lost as well, and so departments which don’t directly lead to profit but drain a given pharmaceutical organization monetarily must be cut. Which departments are most guilty of not directly profiting a pharmaceutical company, but costing a lot? Why, research and development, of course! So because of CAD, future breakthroughs and developments are effectively delayed, meaning those who could have been cured in months from a new discovery may instead die. While one group of infirm people manages to save some money, future groups may very well die from preventable causes because of CAD and Kyle Bass, who was exposed by

It makes sense that he’d do these things, though. Bass is involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of his home country: Argentina. He always sings her praises on the mainstream media, despite the double economic default de Kirchner is responsible for in the space of only thirteen years.

Kyle Bass doesn’t do well in his hedge-fund, but it is explicable: the hedge-fund may not be his main aim in America. For what that is, one must consider his relationship to de Kirchner closely, and read between the lines.

James Dondero and the Stock Market Overview

The stock market is one of the most popular investing vehicles. There are a lot of people looking for higher returns on their invested capital. With interest rates at record lows, there are a lot of people who have trouble in this area. The stock market is exciting and fun to invest in. However, few people have the expertise needed in order to drive results in this area. James Dondero is someone who has a lot of experience helping other people invest in the stock market. Over time, he has helped thousands of people with their financial future.

Helping other people with their finances is something that James Dondero is passionate about. Often times, investing is the best way to increase someone’s wealth over a long period of time. However, many people are scared or nervous about investing in certain areas of the economy. James Dondero provides a great service to investors who are looking for ways to earn a higher return. Over a period of many decades, just a small increase in annual returns yields a huge increase in total wealth.

Since the start of the year, the stock market has been on shaky ground. There are a lot of people who are looking for investing advice in this area. James Dondero works with clients in order to drive financial results. Anyone who wants to take their investing acumen to the next level should work with James Dondero. He has a great track record of success in driving results for customers. There are a lot of people who make huge investing gains simply by speaking with James Dondero about their investing plans and getting advice. Anyone who is looking for investing advice should consider working with James Dondero.

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Brian Torchin Leverages Own Experience to Help Other Chiropractors and Doctors

Brian Torchin learned the hard way about the problems of running a medical office. As a physician of chiropractic practice, he discovered how staff turnover and the sudden loss of key people could damage his ability to help his patients and therefore limited his income. He had to learn for himself how to screen and interview people. He had to learn the correct personnel practices to institute. He had to discover how to find, train and retain qualified, competent employees.

However, as a busy chiropractor looking for just the staff his own office needed, he was limited in what he could do. He realized the ideal would be to have a list of qualified prospects he could call on when the need arose. However, he could not ask such people to just sit around waiting for his call. But what if he represented a large number of doctors, clinics, podiatrists, dentists, hospitals and chiropractors that might need qualified medical staff at a moment’s notice? Such a service would help both the medical practices needing new employees and the qualified, trained people seeking positions. It would also help their patients by minimizing service limitations caused by the loss of certain employees. He learned more about helping other medical professionals by working for Project Management, Inc for seven years as Director of Medical Marketing.

That’s why Torchin founded Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC in 2009, and serves as its president. He lives in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but has opened business offices in Delaware and Florida, and recently expanded its services to Europe and Asia. Torchin keeps active writing blog posts to educate the medical field on many staffing related issues.

These articles cover a wide range of medical practice-related issues, revealing Torchin’s many areas of experience and expertise. Subjects including how to market a medical practice, a guide to handling toxic employees, the interview questions to ask prospective employees and how doctors can avoid burnout. These articles run on the company’s blog and on Torchin’s pages on LinkedIn and Google+ to reach and help as many people as possible.

Torchin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He attended New York Chiropractic College, getting that degree in 1995.

Charles Koch Supports some of the Bernie Sanders’ Political Ideas and Policies

Born in November 1,195, Charles Koch is among the top most businessmen in America with a net wealth amounting to US$43.3 billion. This American billionaire is also well known for his philanthropic and political activities. Charles Koch is the co-owner, current chairman of the board of directors and also Chief Executive of Koch industries. Together with his brother David H. Koch, they own 42% share of the Company. According to the information revealed by Forbes, Koch industry is ranked the second largest privately owned Conglomerate in the United States of America.

Koch received his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1957, was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in general engineering. In the following year, Koch graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and in 1960, received his second master’s degree in chemical engineering. His philanthropic acts revolves around funding of research projects, political policies and programs, which intends to educate people on free market understandings. For instance, he donated $246 million between the years 2004 and 2008 towards the support of libertarian activities.

Though Koch is a liberal minded person, he has shown his support to some of the policies and ideas of Bernie Sander, one of the presidential Candidates. For instance, Koch was moved by the issues on criminal and corporate wellbeing. These are among the issues, which Bernie plans to advocate once he has been elected as the president of the United States.

He argues that both the political and economic structures are usually engineered to assisting the few privileged individuals. The less privileged and advantaged individuals get a few benefits from these political and economic policies. In an op-ed Washington post, this billionaire applauded Bernie Sanders for showing concern to the millions of American who have been struggling to benefit from the selfish policies and systems.

As an advocate of justice, Charles Koch has shown his total support to Sanders on criminal justice issues. During the Washington post op-ed, Koch indicated that, issues to do with criminal justice reform are among the most important matters the president of the United States should address.

For several years, Sanders has been opposing and disagreeing with the Koch’s economic ideas. In his speeches, Sanders has often revoked Charles Koch on matters to do with income disparity and Business/corporate selfishness and greed. The plan by the Koch brothers to spend about $900 million in coming elections has also made Sanders upset. In fact, this presidential candidate argues that, Koch sounds like he is against him.

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Talk Fusion Leads The World in Video Services

Talk Fusion’s official launch caused a buzz across the entire technology industry. It seems that consumers were ready for a video service that actually worked better and was more affordable than other options. Talk Fusion is now one of the most popular technology companies in the world, holding the #1 spot for a video app in Indonesia and ranking highly in other countries like Japan and Switzerland.

Talk Fusion is known primarily for its first major product: video emails. This service allows users to create a video on any of their devices and send it to friends, colleagues, and customers via email seamlessly and affordably. Bob Reina, the CEO and founder, created the company because he experienced ineffective solutions before.

First, you create the video. Then you open your Talk Fusion online portal. Next, you upload the video you want to send. Finally, you are ready to send it to as many people that you want. You can do all of the sending and uploading and email designing from the portal. There are hundreds of great templates that you can select. And the video email service doesn’t require any plugins or RAM-hogging downloads.

Talk Fusion also provides numerous other services. For example, there are live video chats, conference calls, and email newsletter technologies available in the suite. Talk Fusion is offering a 30-day trial, which you can find on or through Google Play. The software is easy to use and of the highest quality.

And if you’re wondering why Talk Fusion can offer such great pricing and trials, the answer is simple: direct selling. Reina started the company with the idea that the software should be available directly to the user. Therefore, a motivated team of independent associates connect directly with their friends and family to allow them to try Talk Fusion.

These associates are ethical and they are present in over 100 countries worldwide. Independent associates have opportunities to win bonuses, tropical vacations, and even luxury cars by representing Talk Fusion. Of course, they are also motivated by helping the community. Talk Fusion gives back to charities, communities, and animal rights causes regularly.

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Keith Mann: The Philanthropist and Businessman

Each year a scholarship is rewarded to a deserving, low-income student of the Uncommon Charter High School. Keith Mann is a part of this movement that recognizes these students and guarantees them a way into and through a four-year college, financially. Therefore, the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement has been created to recognize future business leaders. Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners and his profession is in staffing and hiring strategies, with an expertise in hedge fund compensation. Keith wants to assist in ensuring that the recipients of the award will ultimately use their degrees in achieving their professional goals.

Keith Mann is not only committed to supporting the goals of the Uncommon Charter High School, but to help the students follow through in becoming a successful professional in the world. Keith is looking to expound on his philanthropic duties by announcing that the scholarship will support the Uncommon School’s mission to continue to prepare low-income students for college and their professional careers. As a professional himself in the executive search industry, it is only befitting for Mr. Mann to invest in the lives of future business leaders, owners and professionals. Giving back to the youth and having a goal for future graduates to work toward, sets a positive tone in the Brooklyn community.

The scholarship is open to all graduating seniors in Brooklyn, New York of the Uncommon Charter High School. At the end of March 2016, the recipient of the $5,000 scholarship – to apply towards college tuition – will be announced.

True Dentistry Is About A Lot More Than Just Teeth

In the busy world of medicine for profit, people sometimes forget that there are still medical professionals who actually care. Search scandals and horror stories in the medical profession and you get thousands of hits. It is easy to feel as if most of them are only concerned about “The Almighty Dollar”. So what a refreshing surprise it is to learn about a man named Avi Weisfogel, DDS.

Dr. Weisfogel, DDS., is a man on a mission. A dentist in Old Bridge, New Jersey, looking to make a difference. He has started a GoFundMe campaign to help benefit Operation Smile. In a recent interview Dr. Weisfogel, DDS., was quoted as saying “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.”. With Avi Weisfogel setting a campaign goal of $2000, he is making a great start.

Avi Weisfogel, DDS., has been a man long passionate in educating and helping others in understanding dental care. For him, supporting Operation Smile is choosing to give each child hope for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.And making Operation Smile the beneficiary of his GoFundMe campaign is an excellent start.

Operation Smile was founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy McGee. It has since formed a global network providing more than 220,000 free medical procedures. Their services help young adults who suffer from cleft palates, cleft lips, and other dental deformities. In a world where facial appearances seem to carry so much weight, the chance to have a smile that is a bright, shining star is sometimes a miracle in a child or young adults eyes.

Dr. Weisfogel  is a man from an ordinary town who believes the children truly are our future and wants to reach out and help them in any way he can. Most likely he will never win an academy award, or a Nobel prize, but he deserves our praise and thanks all the same. This is a man who should stand and take a bow, being applauded for being a good man, a decent human being, and a true doctor for the soul, as well as the mouth.

For more information on how to help Dr. Avi Weisfogel reach his goal, please visit You can also find a wonderful video at

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Handy Founder Describes Inspiration Behind The Company’s Founding

Irish born Oisin Hanrahan admits that the founding of the on demand cleaning service Handy has had an unusual inspiration. The Handy founder was also heavily influenced by work in the real estate industry in continental Europe. Oisin states that while working in the real estate industry in Europe, especially Hungary, it was difficult to have small jobs or cleaning done in apartments. A service for such a demand did not exist.

With an idea of starting his own firm in the back of his mind Oisin Hanrahan went to study at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His roommate at his shared apartment would eventually become his co-founder and partner in Handy. Oisin gives great credit to his roommate and fellow co-founder Umang Dua as being the major source of inspiration for finally creating Handy. Unlike Hanrahan, Dua was messy and would leave the apartment in a chaotic state.

The two eventually discussed an idea that Hanrahan came up with. Oisen asked his partner if he would be willing to hire an on demand cleaning service that would tidy up his apartment. Umang Dua said he would gladly use such as service. Both partners then saw a lightbulb light up in their minds. They had realized that there was a demand for an on demand cleaning service and that their idea could become profitable.

Both Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua decided to drop out of Harvard University to pursue entrepreneurial dreams of creating their own company. They raised $50,00 dollars at first to get their idea into an actual plan and company. A few years later Handy would raise $50 million in investments to grow the company. Handy now offers on demand cleaning services in major US cities all over the country. The firm even has an international presence in Europe. Handy has also offered handyman services and furniture assembly as well as part of a company expansion effort.

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How to Stop the Spread of the Zika Virus According to Dr. Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus outbreak that has occurred this year in Brazil, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands have caused major problems in the health field in general. The virus is transmitted by a mosquito that it native to tropical areas and breeds in the summer. The disease, though recently contained in Africa and Asia for decades, has now reached areas all over the world. In Dr. Sergio Cortes’ newest article in which he details the risks associated with the transmission of the Zika virus, he discusses the treatment of the virus and the protocols taken to stop any further expansion. According to Dr. Cortes, health care officials are in the process of developing and implementing plans to significantly decrease and ultimately stop the spread of the virus to even more areas.

The Zika virus has been a known disease for nearly 70 years. The vital process to begin to regulate the disease only recently happened, however, due to the fact that the virus is now causing severe conditions in the people who are infected with it. The regulations include warnings that have been issued by both the CDC and the World Health Organization to world travelers. The warnings state that travelers should exercise extreme caution when traveling to areas known to be Zika virus outbreak areas. The warnings also state that pregnant women and women who desire to become pregnant at any point in time should avoid these high risk areas altogether since the disease is more dangerous to them than it is to men and children. Amazingly, these official health organization warnings to travelers are one of the best defenses that currently exist in the effort to prevent the spread of the Zika virus.

Since the Zika virus is spread mainly by through contact with a particular infected mosquito, the chance of spreading the virus by any other means is remote (although it has recently been proven that the virus can be spread through sexual contact). It is also highly unlikely that a particular location will develop an outbreak of the Zika virus if it is difficult for the mosquito that carries the disease to breed in that specific environment. Therefore, the main defense in stopping the spread, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, is to prevent travel, especially from one tropical environment to another. Additionally, methods that have proven successful in preventing the spread of the virus include massive mosquito population control efforts which are still being performed by health officials in Brazil in an effort to prepare the country for the upcoming Olympic games. For more information about preventing the spread of the Zika virus, Dr. Sergio Cortes’ original article can be found here, on his official website.

Manse On Marsh – A Leading Assisted Living Facility

Sadly, nursing homes and other places meant for seniors are often driven by the profit motive. Too many of these places are taking money rather than providing equal quality service in return. Unlike them, the Manse on Marsh is designed with affordability and reliability in mind. This is one such facility in San Luis Obispo that senior citizens can count on after retirement.

For several years now, the Manse on Marsh has been providing the needed services to its residents from fresh meals to laundry service, cleaning service, transportation, and medical care on a daily basis. Almost every resident who has looked into this facility and made it their home has benefited tremendously from it. While many other nursing homes can empty your pocket, this facility has options for people from various backgrounds with different needs and budget. No one who has come to this facility has ever wanted to leave it for obvious reasons such as affordability, comfort and convenience. The point of choosing this facility over other is not just for the above factors that are provided here. The point is that the team that takes care of the needs of the residents at the Manse on Marsh tend to give them the best care and if you or your loved ones may want comprehensive care service, they are ready to provide that too.

Increasingly, assisted living facilities like this are playing a bigger role in the health system through programs that are designed to improve the well-being of seniors. These programs include, but not limited to yoga, meditation, and light aerobic exercise. It makes perfect sense to live at the Manse on Marsh for seniors because it can lead to healthy habits for them. One of the age-old problems within nursing homes is that providers tend to profit from doing nothing rather than something particularly in areas where seniors need treatment for issues like mental problems. Physicians working at such homes will make money every time they give tips and advice. Unlike them, the Manse on Marsh is dedicated to make sure that residents are living a comfortable life at a price they can afford. And what is becoming increasingly clear is that it is not just physicians who play a positive role in the seniors’ lives, every caretaker assigned to these residents make positive impact on a daily basis. There are overwhelming evidence to support the claim that the Manse on Marsh is becoming more and more informed to improve the health and well-being of senor citizens. They believe that the right combination of services and team can enrich the resident’s lives and help them become independent as well. In essence, this is the best place to retire.  Contact them online for further information.

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