Boston Was Buried In 9 Feet Of Snow This Year

the National Weather Service Said 9 Feet Is A New Record

 The city has a total of 108.6 inches of snow so far, and that breaks the old 1995-96 record of 107.6 inches. The mayor of Boston never thought snow would test his patience and managing ability the way it has this year.Mayor Walsh hopes he’ll never have to go through another winter like this one. But if the polar vortex doesn’t stay where it usually stays, which is in the Arctic, he might want to import some dog sleds from Alaska noted Dr Jennifer Walden.

But in spite of the snow, the St Patty’s Day Parade was held but the city used a shorter route due to the accumulation of the white stuff. Even the gay community participated in the parade this year, which in itself is a historic event for the city.

Even though Boston was slammed with ice and snow, it wasn’t the snowiest place in the U.S. this year. Copenhagen, N.Y. had 20 feet of snow. Boston will get back to normal, but the melting snow might be an issue for some Bostonians. Bostonians live in Boston for the water, don’t they?

Boston Has Its Snowiest Winter Ever With Nine Feet Of Snow

The National Weather Service reported that Boston has had its snowiest winter as of Sunday, when yet another snow storm gave the city a grand total of 108.6 inches for the season. That broke the record set in 1995-96, when Boston got 107.6 inches of snow during the winter.

Despite getting almost three inches of snow on Sunday, Boston still had its St. Patrick’s Day parade. The route was shortened, however. Mayor Marty Walsh jokingly announced on Twitter that the yeti would serve as an interim mayor.

The winter might not be over either: The weather forecast says that there’s a chance of yet more snow on Friday.

For Michael Moreno, who had moved from Dallas, the winter came as a shock. After his first blizzard, he spent eight hours digging himself and his car out. He described the blizzards as awe-inspiring. Native Bostonians also found the weather hard to cope with. Joseph Thomas commented that cabs wouldn’t stop during storms and the transit system was closed down. Workers plowing streets have had to either melt excess snow or haul it to empty lots called “snow farms.”

Boston, however, did not come even close to getting the most snow in the U.S. Copenhagen, New York, has that distinction, for it got 20 feet of snow stated Marcio Alaor BMG.

On the west coast, southern California has had unseasonably hot weather. On Sunday, the temperature in Los Angeles reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit, a record for that date. The organizers of the Los Angeles Marathon therefore moved the starting time up by 30 minutes.

Enjoy The Latest Social Networking App

There are a bountiful number of social media apps available for our smartphones. That being said, not all of them are created equal. One of the apps that is starting to make some waves is one known as Skout. This app is one that is helping to get people connected no matter where they happen to be in this world.

The app allows for users to find other people in their local area. It is this localization process that enables them to locate people that they live close enough to to actually visit. It means that they can meet up with others who have similar interests to them, and could also mean that they could meet up with someone for a date.

Skout has recently partnered with other websites in order to allow them to help their users find things to do for dates and the like. It makes it easier for the users to connect with one another and discover the kind of events that they might like to do with one another. It is truly incredible to discover that there are local people who are interested in the same kind of things that you are, and they can go and do them together.

Those who are using this app can use a special feature called Skout Travel. It is something that allows those who are traveling to use the app while they are on the go. It means that they can find people no matter what city they happen to be in at the moment. It is truly something that is useful for those who are frequent travelers. It means that it will not matter where they are traveling, they can always find a way to meet some new people.

The coastal cities are some of the most visited places when it comes to the Skout app. There are places where it is easy to find new people to visit with because there are so many of them in those cities. Skout has an amazing approach to helping to connect people that the other social networks simply do not have. It is an exciting place where people are going to learn to met others and try to have new experiences no matter where they are.

Those who have yet to try Skout should give it a try. It is free to use and to start meeting new people in your local area.

Local Police Officer Helps Student Buy a Car

Lately in the media there has been a lot of negativity around the actions of police officers in the line of duty. Not often enough do you think of a news story that highlights the great actions of a police officer. However, I saw a story shared on Dr. Daniel Amen’s LinkedIn about a great police officer story out of Jonesboro, Arkansas. He gave a McDonald’s worker a ride home late at night. Region 8 News reports that this officer soon found that student James Taylor was without a vehicle. He had to walk 4 miles home to his apartment every night just in order to get to sleep. Officer John Shipman didn’t think that this was a great idea.

Shipman turned to social media to help James Taylor get a car. He started an online fundraiser, and it instantly gained a great deal of attention. Almost over night the online fundraiser helped to raise over 2,000 dollars for the James Taylor’s new car. Now that James Taylor has a car, he say’s that his life has changed. He is on his way to get his drivers license, and this will surely help him to excel in his life. There are many obstacles that James Taylor will have to overcome to get to his dreams, but the obstacle of transportation is not one of those that he will have to deal with anymore thanks to the help of officer John Shipman.

Vertical Farms Could Be Our Future

The gardens of the future might be vertical. A new initiative called Vertical Harvest has a created a multiple story greenhouse on the side of a parking garage.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that, as the earth’s population increases, we have to look for new solutions to how we will ge out food, and more important how we will grow it. By using vertical space rather than horizontal, the gardens are able to grow substantially more food in a much smaller footprint. The 30-foot by 150-foot greenhouse produces the same amount of food as 23 acres of a traditional farm. Even better, it does it with 99% less water use and no pesticides.

The Vertical Harvest project has put plants on a carousel, a move that ensures that all of the plants are able to receive the same amount of natural light. The setup also gives workers easy access to the plants when they need to harvest food.

The First Person to Survive a Tumble Down World’s End


A 35-year old Dutch newlywed named Mamitho Lendas narrowly escaped death recently, when he became the first survivor known to have fallen from the World’s End escarpment in Sri Lanka’s beautiful Horton Plains Nature Reserve said Marc Sparks. Amazingly, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Mr. Lendas and his bride visited the scenic natural area during their honeymoon. The Horton Plains Nature Reserve in the central part of the island of Sri Lanka offers a stunning glimpse into local natural vegetation and wildlife. The young couple journeyed to the top of a long, 2140 meters high sheer rock escarpment on the south side of the reserve calledWorld’s End. When Mr. Lenas walked to the edge of the cliff to snap a picture of his wife, he slipped, tumbling backwards down the rocky face of the expanse. Fortunately, he landed in a small tree, which sheltered his fall.

Then a team of soldiers carried him for three miles to the closest road, where he was transported to a hospital. A Sri Lankan officer called him “extremely lucky” to have survived the three and a half hour ordeal. Mamitho Lendas agreed, noting: “It was very scary and very painful as well.”

BRL Trust: A Brief Overview

In this modern world, investing has become a viable mechanism through which Brazilian citizens can build wealth and expand their businesses. If you live in Brazil and are looking for investment opportunities, you should know that BRL Trust is a company that can assist you in this venture. To find out more about this company and how it can assist you in building sustainable capital, consider the following outline:

BRL Trust: Some Background Information

BRL Trust was founded in 2005. From its date of founding, the company was predicated on the principle of offering clients excellent, expedient investment services. Because of the company’s high quality services and continual professionalism, BRL Trust was able to acquire more than 100 loans within just one year of opening. Ever since that point, the company has continued the tradition of offering clients excellent, ever-expanding services that help them profit both personally and privately. Because of its expansive mentality, BRL Trust has been able to begin offering a plethora of new investment services.

BRL Trust: The Company Methodology

BRL Trust is a company predicated on a customer-oriented methodology. In recognizing that each client possesses a distinct set of values and goals, the company’s professionals thrive on developing ongoing, mutually productive relationships with the client to ensure that his or her needs are met. By continually communicating and collaborating with its clients, the professionals of BRL Trust are able to keep the investment process transparent and accessible. In addition to utilizing a customer-centered approach to the world of investment, the professionals of BRL Trust place primacy on maintaining a contemporary outlook towards the industry. As the investment sector is a realm subject to continual evolution and change, BRL Trust’s team believes in remaining current regarding emerging methodologies and best practices. In so doing, the company is able to offer clients the most expedient, cutting edge investment services available.

Basic Services

Some of the services offered include fiduciary services, funds custody, funds management, asset underwriting, and resource management.

Wrapping It All Up

If you’re interested in investing, you should know that the Brazilian company BRL Trust can assist you with your financial endeavors. Contact the company today to attain a consultation and start moving your financial future forward.

Keith Mann Backs Up The NYPD

The NYPD has been under fire for some time now. They have been under a rash of negative press. They have received some negative press as a result of events that have taken place in New York City. As a result, full protests broke out against the police force. Some say that these protests have gotten completely out of control and have caused the situation in the city to actually be worse than it would have otherwise if everyone had just remained calm.

The unfortunate part of this whole situation is that innocent people are getting caught up in the mix. There have been some injuries as a result of the protests, but there are also great police officers whose reputations have been tarnished as well.

But one New York  investor relations strategist wants to help turn that around. Keith Mann is the cofounder of Dynamics Search Partners, a New York-based firm that specializes in hedge fund investment options and private equity. Keith Mann and wife Keely Mann also have real estate market interest and have been successful in closing sales within the East Village.

According to this article about Keith Mann from, he has shown his support of the NYPD and their efforts by having lunch sent down to the 54th precinct for a second time. Mann realizes that if it were not for the tireless efforts of these individuals, there would be a lot more crime in the streets and a lot more social unrest in general.

Mann feels that the citizens should stand on the side of police and help them with the problems in the community. Currently, the way that he sees it is that a lot of the citizens are actually standing in the way of the police. They are making the situation worse in his view, and he believes this is the angle of the story that is not being covered enough by the media.


Vijay Eswaran

While Vijay Eswaran is most known for his work with Qnet and the business based out of Hong Kong but with braces in almost a dozen other countries spread throughout southeast Asia, there are other elements of this business man that help him expand his presence in the industry. This includes not only speaking and author roles but also his work with philanthropy.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken at some of the most important business forums throughout the world, including the World Economic Forum and the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas located in India. Beyond this though, he has also penned different books as well. Vijay Eswaran’s first book came out in 2005 titled In the Sphere of Silence. While this sounds like a political thriller, it is actually his personal life philosophy on the topic of management and how he starts off every day with an hour of silence. It allows him to focus himself on the tasks at hand and how he can meditate on what needs to take place throughout the day. From sitting silently sipping tea to in the shower, all of this makes it possible to focus his mind and ready himself. After this, Vijay Eswaran following up the book with a book titled In the Thinking Zone, which is a collection of different reflections on life from his point of view, and his third and fourth books came out in 2008 and 2011, respectively. His fourth book did break away from the traditional mold he had followed though as he went on to publish different photographs he had created in the past.Now, Vijay Eswaran has started and work with different philanthropy groups in order to give back to the community. He started the RYTHM Foundation, which is the “social responsible” part of QNet. he also went on to create different charitable organizations which he named after his father. In fact, due to the work he has done and the amount he has donated, in July of 2011, Forbes Asia went on to name him one of the top 48 “Heroes of Philanthropy” of the entire region.

Of course, all of this has helped him build great wealth and he is also one of the top 50 richest individuals in Asia.

Australian Pineapple Growers Urge Restrictions on Imported Malaysian Pineapples

The global pineapple production agribusiness is presently undergoing significant changes. Growers in Australia urged the Australian government to restrict imports of pineapples to Australia from Malaysia, due to bio-security concerns. They worry that a plant disease that produces an internal rotting condition will spread to Australian pineapple farms. The disease is called Erwinia Chrysanthemi.

Many nations in the Pacific and southeast Asia export pineapple, a popular food item. Malaysia has recently ramped up its pineapple production, even while pineapple prices in some other countries, such as India are falling. For example, 450 hectares producing pineapple outside Endau-Rompin National Park will soon expand by an additional 1500 hectares, increasing the size of the pineapple crop produced by Malaysia’s Rompin Integrated Pineapple industries by a factor of four. Folks at Rocketfuel have heard the growers in the region hope to employ mechanized harvesting soon.

Australia presently permits pineapple imports from many countries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and the Solomon Islands. Fresh decrowned pineapple from commercial growers in all those countries can be admitted, subject to current local restrictions.

Representatives from the growers recently met with officials from Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to express their concerns. Biosecurity scientists from the agency were instructed to investigate the issue further.

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