Pastor Tom Williams, Making Mighty Fortress Church Mighty !

Bishop Thomas Williams is the pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. Mighty Fortress Church is located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The First lady of Mighty Fortress Church is Sabrina Williams. Sabrina and Pastor Tom have been married for many years and they have a beautiful family together. Pastor Tom Williams and Sabrina has been doing an amazing job helping Mighty Fortress Church be one of the best churches throughout the entire city. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Bishop Thomas Williams has been ministering for more than 30 years now. He enjoys ministering, he believes that it is something that God himself has called him to do. Bishop Thomas Williams believes in being active in the community as well as with family and friends. Pastor Tom has received many educational degrees throughout his life with some of his degrees reaching the doctoral level. He is very qualified as a pastor and as a communicator as well. Some of his degrees are in the field of Mass Communications and Organizational Leadership.

At Pastor Tom’s church, one of the biggest sermon topics he preaches about is about faith. Pastor Tom believes that coming to church and receiving the word from him is only one piece of receiving blessings. The only way to actually receive extraordinary blessings if for you to receive the blessing and to mix it with faith in order to reach your destiny. Visit to know more.

Church is held each week on Sundays and each week members come to church and receive powerful messages from Pastor Tom. Pastor Tom gives his church members burst of encouragement, empowerment, and inspirational each week.

If you are interested in attending Mighty Fortress Church, attending is as simple as showing up. Mighty Fortress Church is a casual place to worship God. You are encouraged to wear what you feel comfortable in. Appearance is not important to the officials of Mighty Fortress Church. What is important is that you come to church and receive the word of God.

When attending Mighty Fortress Church expect to feel the spirit of being free. Members are invited to sing and clap along with the choir during times of worship!


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