Rocketship Education: Sending Communities To New Heights

Education is something that’s value can not be understated. A well-educated adult can create opportunities for themselves that are unavailable to those without it. That is why the achievement gap found when comparing low-income houses to their wealthier counterparts is something that cannot continue to exist. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit that has made its mission to address this devastating occurrence. It is their hope that they can develop a sustainable program that eliminates this achievement gap in our lifetime. Their innovative strategies have led them to be in the top 10% of California schools serving low-income areas. They operate in 3 different states as well as the District of Columbia.

A great program is built from the bottom up brick by brick. For Rocketship Education the foundation of their success is hiring the best staff available. In order to find the most qualified instructors, they search the applicant pool only considering those with a strong background in the STEM fields and humanities. From there they provide quality training, ensuring that each instructor is able to provide the careful and thoughtful educational experience that Rocketship is known for. Once the instructor has students, or rocketeers, of their own they are required to visit each student’s home at least once. This requirement ensures that every parent feels like their child’s teacher is accessible as well as committed. It also allows the teacher a unique ability to discuss a child’s needs. With parent, support Rocketship believes that every rocketeer can take off

Natural disasters impact economically stretched communities the hardest. Families that already struggle to make end’s meat suddenly see all their possession and home destroyed. After such a loss it can become difficult to impossible for parents to continue working much less prioritize their child’s education. The family can easily become homeless when they are unable to supply security deposits on new housing. Seeing something like that threatening the education of their students Rocketship Education was compelled to act. Working with local nonprofit charities the organization was able to raise $62,000 to go towards helping families rebuild their lives.


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