Sacramento: The New “It” City?

To most of the world Sacramento is the home of the Kings basketball franchise and a jumping off point to the gold mines that caused one of the largest migrations in the history of the US. A place to see the ruins of the wild, wild west. An airline hub that also happens to house the state capital building.

In more recent history Sacramentans have noticed an influx of tech workers fleeing high rents and looking for a more relaxed neighborhood. They have welcomed the boost to the local economy and dismayed at the rising property prices. Every month or so there’s a news story about the changing demographic in one of her suburbs. Suburbs that are beginning to sprawl. And then came the movie.

Film director Greta Gerwig grew up on Sacramento. Swimming in backyard pools and riding bikes on tree lined boulevards. Gerwig’s latest film, “Lady Bird”, a family dramady that has steadily gained momentum in theaters, is set in Sacramento. Most reviews of “Lady Bird” include glowing compliments of Sacramento’s quiet attractiveness. The shocking blue of the family pool lives quietly next to a busy, modern downtown. Throw in a bit of the grit that comes with being a larger city and you a compelling back drop. Articles are popping up all over praising the Golden Globe winning movie and they never fail to mention the the scenery and its distinctly Californian flavor. Entertainment and travel media are posting “What to See in Sacramento” lists. Maps to shooting locations for the film are also showing up.

Fist the the tech industry starts leaking refugees into the local population and now a Hollywood moment? With all this attention Sacramentans may need to order more of the cow bells their sports fans are known for.

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