July 7, 2016 · Business

For the uninitiated, becoming a legal professional, especially a fully papered attorney, might seem just a matter of who somebody’s parents knew and who already had all the money. The truth is something quite… else. It is a very tough challenge in today’s super competitive employment arena. This is more true of the legal field than ever before. A person only succeeds in becoming a lawyer who has passed the bar by a steady, hard working, never quit attitude and mental stamina.

For a great example of how to do it right and start out always coming out on top, look no further than Sam Tabar. He put in the many years of tough university and then law school, only to be confronted by the test-of-tests in law: The Bar. He has an office at FullCycle Fund in New York City, where his professional reputation is bright and shiny. He was not an alternate pick by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as their top Director of Capital Strategy. It was because of his great performance while at the SPARX Group, managing the drive of their marketing into their Asia-Pacific Region.

Tabar’s legal genius, connected with his high business acumen, lend him a commanding role as the Co-Head Managing Director of Business Development. He has worked in the highest regions of management in both law and the world of business. His first legal professional gig was at the law firm of Schulte, Roth, & Zabel. His first work associated with the practice of law was at Arps, Flom LLP, Slater, Meagher, and Skadden. It was while there that he was tasked with raising capital and helping with various areas of business development, and inventing whatever he needed to along the way.

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