San Francisco City Officials Use Creative Tactics to Urge Water Conservation

Officials at the city of San Francisco in California are getting creative in the way they spread their message to conserve water. A significant portion of the state of California is undergoing a severe drought that has officials worried. Many cities throughout California have urged consumers to water when possible and some cities have even instituted mandatory limits on the amount of water a consumer can use. San Francisco is one of the hardest hit cities in California by the drought which continues with no relief in sight.

In order to get citizens conserving water, officials at the San Francisco Power Water and Sewer Company are using some sexy ads to try and convince people that conserving water can be sexy. The “sexy” ads do not feature any scantily dressed girls and muscular men, instead they feature sexual innuendos that promote water conservation. Take this highly effective water conservation ad for example. “Most gardens only need to be satisfied twice a week reads one add. Another ad by the San Francisco Water Power and Sewer Company reads “when showering make it a quickie”, save 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

This new “sexy” ad campaign has been very effective so far in reducing water usage in San Francisco. The goal of the campaign was to reduce water consumption by 10%. So far water consumption has dropped by over 14%. Perhaps other cities in California should take heed from San Francisco and start their own “sexy” water conservation campaigns. Keith Mann began following them on YouTube and has noticed the ads are featured on buses, billboards and other mass transit locations.

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