Sanjay Shah Is Changing The World Of Business And Charity

Sanjay Shah has been in the spotlight recently for his work in charity. Shah founded Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a charity that hosts private concerts with very famous musicians in order to raise money for research for autism. Shah is so passionate about this cause because his soon was diagnosed with the disease in 2011.

Autism Rocks has already raised several hundred thousand dollars for charity. They have had a few private concerts that were hosted in small venues around London. The charity invites a few hundred guests and they are asked to donate at least 500 pounds to charity. Many guests will choose to donate much more. There have been a variety of musicians who have performed for the charity, including Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble, Drake and several famous DJs, among others. The charity’s goal is to continue hosting this concerts but formulate it so that people win tickets rather than wealthy people being able to just pay for the donation. The charity also wants to host concerts in other cities around the world and possibly host several simultaneously. A final project that Shah is working is putting together a CD that is popular music and compiles several different musicians. He would like to make it so that all proceeds from the sale of the CD go to the charity.

Outside of charity, Shah is most well known for his work int he financial world. He has worked for most of the major financial banking institutions around the world, including Suisse Credit and Rabobank. Shah eventually got tired of the commute to work every day and he got tired of the long hours. He felt that he should be able to decide how long it would take him to get his work done. For these reasons, and the fact that he was laid off during the recession, he formed Solo Capital.

Solo Capital is an investment banking firm and has grown astronomically since Shah founded the company in 2011. They help clients with everything from consulting, investing, derivatives, human capital, FX, talent acquisition, and talent management. The firm grew from just a few people and Shah to now more than 100 both part time and full time employees in both London and Dubai. The firm manages assets that are worth tens of millions of pounds and they have a net worth and cash flow of millions of pounds as well. They have been able to achieve this through the vision and guidance of Sanjay Shah. And this is not the only company Shah has been able to may a success in such a short period.

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