Securus Technologies Keeping This Real in Prison

I am currently working in a local jail as a corrections officer, and this year the violence has escalated to a point that me and my team have had to use some unconventional methods to keep order. The issue we have in this facility is we have the same staff of officers but the inmate population has doubled in the last three years. Cells should only have four inmates, but are stuffed with eight in many cases. This makes this very problematic because tensions are at an all time high.


Now if you bring drugs into this already dangerous situation, not only are officers in trouble, but so are inmates, guests, and staff. Inmates have found some very creative ways to get the drugs into the jail, and we have a limited team but are doing a good job locating many of the spots that are vulnerable to problems. One area we attack hard is the visitor center, trying to keep guests from bringing the inmates any contraband that could be used in the jail to make trouble for all.


In the past, we used to have to designate some of our team to the call center to pay attention to what the inmates were discussing. That took away resources we could have used elsewhere to maintain order. Now that Securus Technologies has installed their monitoring system in our facility, we can get those officers back out where they can be more productive. The LBS software does the work of those officers, scanning every word of every call, isolating certain chatter and alerting my team the instant trouble has been detected.


Now when inmates are discussing drugs in the cells, weapons in the yard, fighting in the mess hall, or acquiring any sorts of contraband, my team is able to eliminate any threats.


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