Significance of Advertising in Brazil

Advertising in business refers to any form of communication for marketing purposes used as a means of persuasion for an audience or consumers to take some action or continue with that action in regards to commercial, political or ideological support. Advertisements are popularly referred to as ads. Payment for advertising is normally paid for by sponsors. Various methods are used in advertising but the main method used is mass media as it reaches the largest audience within the shortest time.

Cypress Associates tell that Brazil has invested heavily in advertising, making it a country that is known for very creative advertising the world over, with ads and commercials scooping top prizes at international competitions such as the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Going by estimates by eMarketer, Brazil held 55% of the ads market in Latin America and ranking sixth worldwide. The venues mainly used for advertising in Brazil include magazines, newspapers, billboards and television. Advertising is also done at sporting events and also on evening soap opera shows. Even though traditional methods of advertising are still prevalent, online advertising is on the rise.

In Brazil, companies are investing quite heavily in advertising during events such as sporting events with the hope of reaching a large audience. YouTube and Facebook are also being used extensively with Brazil being the second largest market for Facebook and also providing YouTube with the second most unique visits. This trend is made possible by the appetite and propensity of the Brazilian people to watch and share videos, with many of these videos being related to soccer.

A notable contributor to advertising in Brazil is Cláudio Loureiro. Cláudio is an advertising executive and also an entrepreneur, being the founder and also the CEO of Heads Propaganda, an advertising agency in Brazil. Cláudio studied law at University Pontífica at Paraná and is married with two children. In 1997, he went on to win the Colunista’s Award for the Best Advertising Professional of the Year. Cláudio remains active in running Heads Propaganda by keeping up with trends and looking for new and unusual ways that work to advertise. Heads Propaganda is the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil. It has existed for 25 years in Curitiba. It has clients such as Petrobas, LIGHT and SEBRAE. In 2011, the company was chosen by the Institute Great Place To Work, being named as one of the best advertising agencies to work for in Brazil.

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