Spicing up Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is getting a shake up with new product Tree’s Knees Spicy Syrup. The new product infuses chili into the maple syrup for a spicy kick. The idea comes from a company called Mixed Made. Casey Elsass, who has already seen success for his spicy honey product called Bee’s Knees Spicy Honey, indicated that Catskill Mountain Sugar House is producing this vegan product.

Elsass suggests a wide variety of uses for his new product. Pour over vegetables like brussel sprouts or serve on pizza or biscuits, really to be used like traditional syrup or in any way one can imagine. This new product will be available by Memorial Day, and Torchin can’t wait. It will be found some large grocery stores and Elsass is working to the get the product into some smaller food chains as well. In the meantime the product can be ordered on line at the company’s website for a price of $15 per bottle.

One thought on “Spicing up Maple Syrup”

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