Stephen Murray Dies at 52

Stephen Murray died at the age of 52 last year. He had resigned from the firm that he helped to create and shape only one month before his death. Greg Brenneman has replaced Murray and sent his condolences to Murray’s wife and four sons.

CCMP was part of JPMorgan Partners but was spun off as a separate entity in 2006. Murray had joined JPMorgan in 1989 and increased the size of its business in the private equity field. In 2004 there was a dispute between what was to become CCMP and TPG Capital over the acquisition of Warner Chilcott. At this point and in order to maintain business with TPG Capital, CCMP was spun off from JPMorgan.

Murray was pivotal in the early success of CCMP establishing its identity and helping to raise $3.6 billion dollars in his final year as CEO.

His death gives light to the alternative media claims that investment bankers are dying of suicide or illness at an alarming rate. Most people believe that stresses common to the players in the financial arena are the reasons for this high rate of death. Murray as 52 died too soon.

His philanthropic contributions to the Connecticut area will be missed, and his wife and children’s lives have been sadly and abruptly transformed.

More than a year after Murray’s passing have left many questions with family, colleagues, and investors. What caused his death? Was it pressure, stress, or anxiety? Did he suffer from any mental illness? Obituaries conceal much of the real drama of a person’s life and leave many of us in the dark, especially when someone dies at such an early age.

To look at Murray, he seemed to have it all. He was wealthy, at ease with his important position in life, had a beautiful and healthy family. Murray is gone, but the questions remain.

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