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Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a graduate of Boston College and the Columbia Business School, had a great deal of experience in private equity. He started out as a trainee and worked his way up to being the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of CCMP Capital, a New York based private equity firm.

CCMP Capital was a spin-off of JP Morgan Partners, and once known as Chase Capital Partners. After a variety of mergers and acquisitions, JP Morgan acquired Chase Capital Partners creating one of largest private equity firms in the world. Murray took over as CEO of CCMP in 2006 and through his inspired leadership the company became a thriving entity that focused on buyout transactions and growth equity. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital basic philosophy was to focus solely on clients as individual entities and develop strategies for each client that helped them meet their goals.

In addition to being a businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Murray also wore a philanthropic hat. He supported his alma maters by serving on the board of directors of both schools and worked to provide educational opportunities to students. He was a great believer in education and found great success utilizing his educational background. A solid education of any kind was part and parcel of a successful career and an important stepping stone to a better life.

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He was also a great supporter of the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank. It was important to Mr. Murray to offer a helping hand to those who may need some assistance once in a while. Supporting the Food Bank was his way of providing a support system to his community to keep it strong and vibrant. Being involved in the community was his way of giving back for the good things he had in his life. Murray was always thankful for the opportunities he had in life which led to a good education, a wonderful and rewarding career and a better life for him and his family.

He also supported the Metro New York Make A Wish foundation. He served on the Chairman’s Council of the foundation, as well as offer financial assistance. He was involved in fundraising for the organization and took heartwarming delight at making each recipient’s world a little brighter.

Stephan Murray CCMP Capital was a man of many talents and passion. He led by example and inspired others to develop a similar path in life and always stay on course. Mr. Murray passed away at from an undisclosed illness at the age of 52 and family and friends were saddened by his untimely passing.

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