Susan McGalla Stands Out As An Inspiration For Women In The Business World

The struggles of women to achieve a high position in a company are not new. There are some women who have provided aid in this battle, and topping the list is Susan McGalla. She never received any special breaks, but earned the positions she has held with intelligence and a lot of hard work. She began with America Eagle Outfitters, and worked her way up through the predominantly male employees. Her confidence, and insights eventually led to her Presidency of the company.

Susan McGalla has provided inspiration to countless women. Unfortunately, not all of them encountered the same opportunities. More networks have been established to help women strategize, and make the connections necessary to rise in the world of business. This change took time, and hard work. The problem is, women need other women to support them and three-quarters of all senior positions are filled by men. This gives men the power in the world of business.

Susan McGalla began her life in East Liverpool, Ohio. She has gained recognition, and respect in the business world due to her contributions to numerous prestigious companies. She has given her services to hospital research, real estate, and the development of her community. She has built a career for herself while trying to help other women do the same.

Susan McGalla has accumulated a lot of experience in management, and marketing during her career. Susan has launched new brands, been a divisional purchaser for women’s clothing, and responsible for the leadership role for numerous businesses. She is equally comfortable working with both women and men, and strives to be a role model for women in business. She was raised by a football coach along with two brothers. Her Bachelor’s degree is in business, and she is well educated. Susan McGalla is happily married to Stephen McGalla.

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