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Although the nutritional supplement industry has grown over the years, the results are not as favorable as patients or the consumers had expected. According to Centers for Disease Control, about 70% men and 65% of women in the USA are either overweight or obese. Such a problem has very many health risks. It can impact your relationships, bring self-esteem issues and affect your performance at the workplace. I regard to health, carrying too much weight brings about cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer and diabetes among other ailments.

According to Logan Stout who is the founder of IDLife, personalized approach to weight management problem is the only way to go. Many people have received treatment under the assumption that one product can solve the issues faced by everyone. Such patients have often complained, and they get devastated when they get no results. Some may even feel that they have wasted their money. Because human beings differ regarding genetic components, the food they eat, history of health problems and the learned or acquired behavior that can derail fitness program in unique ways, they should receive different supplements suitable for their bodies.

Logan Stout is also a mentor and a former athlete who has had a strong desire to help people achieve their dreams by breaking the barriers that block them. Through his company IDLife, Logan is living his dream. Through the four approaches listed below, IDLife has managed to revolutionize nutritional supplement industry;

IDLife has changed the face of supplement industry

Through its unique approach of providing a targeted dietary supplement, IDLife is changing the supplement field which is a billion dollar industry in the USA. With this approach, the company will address the needs of every person in a specific way to efficiently solve their problem.

Through use of motivated and passionate leadership

Starting with Logan Stout to the investors and the employees, the company is operated by a world-class renowned corporate team of professionals who are motivated to bring a change by helping others.

Use of high-quality ingredients

Id life is raising the standards in the field of nutritional supplements. They use high-quality supplements to produce reliable supplements that are of excellent quality. The ingredients are sourced responsibly after thorough research.

Science backs their approach

The company was created after extensive research and study of peer-reviewed medical journals followed by clinical trials to ensure that the products are of high quality and that they worked as they were intended to. For more info about us: click here.

IDLife is a health and Wellness company that is changing the way supplements are administered to people. The company aims at providing individually designed supplements to all patients. It operates under the principle that no two people are alike. Its headquarters are located in Frisco, Texas. IDLife was founded in 2014.