The Benefits Of Feeding Your Dog Beneful

What is the Basis of Beneful?
The basis of Beneful is that is is a nutritional dog food. According to the company, Beneful means “full of goodness”. This is related to the goodness in taste and nutrition. Nestle Purina Petcare is so confident in their product, that they spend $34 million on a Beneful television advertising campaign. It was the largest amount paid for advertising in Nestle Purina’s history.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Beneful Dog Food
Beneful dog foods are high in quality protein. Rather than using beef substitutes, like most dog foods do, Beneful uses real beef. Beneful also contains wholesome grains. These grains provide your dog with energy. The food is rich in antioxidants, which help support the dog’s immune system. Finally, Beneful includes accents of vegetables which are rich in vitamins.

Dry Dog Food
Beneful offers eight varieties of dry dog food. There are different types of food, designed for different types of dogs. Beneful makes a puppy and small dog formula, a formula to treat a dog’s skin and coat, to build strong muscles, and to maintain a healthy weight. Beneful also offers a vegetarian food, which contains soy rather than meat.

Wet Food and Prepared Meals
Many dogs prefer wet food over dry food. Beneful offers 12 different types of wet dog food, and 8 different types of prepared meals. Each is made with beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, pork, or salmon. With all of the choices available, every dog will find their favorite.

Dog Treats
Beneful has 7 different types of dog treats. Each is made with either bacon, cheese, beef, chicken, or peanut butter.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious food to feed your dog, you will find both of those qualities in Beneful.

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