The First Person to Survive a Tumble Down World’s End


A 35-year old Dutch newlywed named Mamitho Lendas narrowly escaped death recently, when he became the first survivor known to have fallen from the World’s End escarpment in Sri Lanka’s beautiful Horton Plains Nature Reserve said Marc Sparks. Amazingly, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Mr. Lendas and his bride visited the scenic natural area during their honeymoon. The Horton Plains Nature Reserve in the central part of the island of Sri Lanka offers a stunning glimpse into local natural vegetation and wildlife. The young couple journeyed to the top of a long, 2140 meters high sheer rock escarpment on the south side of the reserve calledWorld’s End. When Mr. Lenas walked to the edge of the cliff to snap a picture of his wife, he slipped, tumbling backwards down the rocky face of the expanse. Fortunately, he landed in a small tree, which sheltered his fall.

Then a team of soldiers carried him for three miles to the closest road, where he was transported to a hospital. A Sri Lankan officer called him “extremely lucky” to have survived the three and a half hour ordeal. Mamitho Lendas agreed, noting: “It was very scary and very painful as well.”

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  1. A rescue team of Sri Lankan soldiers repelled down to the site and attached him to a helicopter using a winch. He was air lifted back to the top. His harrowing experience attracted concern from many people. It’s very reasonable to get everything which is easy too for to get more reviews about that too which may also not be so easy for and sundry.

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