The Magnises Company is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

There was “a new kid in town,” however no more. The member base for the stylish bold and black, weighty Magnises card has swelled to unbelievable proportions. The cool stylish card is the creation of its CEO: Billy McFarland. McFarland has been described by some of the foremost media leaders, in the business, as a technical wizard. See for other news.


McFarland is now twenty-something; however, he rose to his current position, beginning at thirteen years of age. It was then that he created and perfected his first business establishment. His newest offering, that of the black, weighty Magnises card has industry insiders taking notice. This is a card made for the professional Millennial. McFarland is now twenty-something, himself. He recognized a need, with regard to his co-peer group, in way of acquiring entry to all of the amazing, trendy locations, in world-class cities, such as New York. It is correct to state: that McFarland has a true connection to the east coast area; and particularly, New York City. Click for details.


McFarland, went to work immediately on his bold, black Magnises card. His first thought was to assure it provided a handy pay option for his Millennial niche. He made it possible for the professional Millennial to link an existing bank card or debit card to the Magnises card. He was able to add the additional magnetic strip to the card by sending it to China, in order to have the job completed.


His next element was to provide the Millennial a way to easily connect to all of the coolest places in the city. The Magnises card not only provides a way for the Millennial to handily pay for purchases, it provides him or her entry to the coolest clubs; private concerts, art exhibitions, iconic dining establishments, edgiest shows; dancing facilities–also theme-based–complete with late-night DJ sets; get-togethers at premier penthouse locations, complimentary bottles of champagne–at fine dining establishments, great discounts on terrific seating at sports events, and more.


If there was ever a need for a professional Millennial to invest in a great product: it is true of the Magnises card. It is truly a “must-have” for the professional Millennial who embraces the city-scene. Watch it here in


The annual fee of the card is a mere investment of $250. Besides being a card to carry, for the socially cool Millennial, it has a very cool, reasonable price tag, attached to it.

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