The New York City You Never See

Well, I do have a mild infatuation with New York. I was briefly in the city for a wedding in Central Park and fell in love with the bustle and business of the city. Beyond that, I am a huge history buff. I like history that you can feel and see, that utter timeless battle scarred quality that places have after they have been through numerous historical events.

I recently read an article about the hidden places in New York and surrounding boroughs. I loved the article for the beautiful pictures and small tidbits of history that the writer of the article brought to the article. The author goes into detail on the specific streets to visit and their historical significance. Here are a few examples:

Minetta Street, Greenwich Village- besides being a beautiful place to take a stroll away from the bustle of city living, Minetta street has a very long history starting in the 17th century, when the area was farmland run by partially freed slaves. In the 9th century workers actually built the city streets over the brook that ran alongside the farmland. Minetta Street has a long, sordid history that is very interesting to read about.

Grace Court Alley, Brooklyn Heights- This historic street is home to some of the oldest architecture in the city. Named in 1847 after Grace Church, Grace Court is all original architecture. Some of the buildings still have the original hay cranes attached, and a beautiful horse carriage is housed at the end of the street.

You can read the entire article ,here, you will be glad you did. I hope this article inspired the inquisitive spirits to explore.

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