The Professional Achievement Award by Keith Mann Targets Young Innovative Entrepreneurs

The talented managing director of prestigious Dynamic Search Partners has launched a Professional Achievement Award popularly called Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. This award will target a pool of young leaders who have goals of establishing successful entrepreneurial careers. The scholarship will be implemented through a collaboration of Keith and Keely Man and Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit organization tasked with the duty of managing charters. The scholarship opportunity will be availed to one graduating student of high schools managed by Uncommon Schools and based in Brooklyn at the end of each academic year.

Joe Frick statements

According to Joe Frick who serves as the Uncommon Charter High School’s college counselor expressed his gratitude to Keith and Keely Mann for launching the generous scholarship program. The program will assist students to attain higher education and proceed to establish a successful professional career.

Steps of application

Applicants are supposed to write a detailed essay of 1,000 words explaining how acquiring a college degree will transform their professional goals into reality. Additionally, the students must have attained quality grades in their high school examination.

Mann is not only a staunch supporter of education causes, but also an active philanthropist. Holding a top position at the Dynamics Search Partners, he is dedicated to pinpointing influential leaders and matching them with firms to nurture their success.

Mann’s statements

Keith Mann confirmed that he would continue to support the goal of Uncommon Schools of helping needy students to graduate from college and utilize their degrees to succeed both professionally and economically. He termed the implementation of the scholarship as a huge stride towards supporting the mission.

About Dynamic Search Partners Co-founder and CEO

Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners a firm that focuses on alternative investments, equity markets, and hedge funds. Currently, Mann is the managing director of the prestigious firm. The company specializes in the provision of executive search services and addresses the unique staffing needs or wants of established equity firms. The company has offered exceptional services to over 2,000 clients since its inception in 2001. Under the leadership of talented Keith Mann, Dynamic Search Partners has expanded its operation to provide other investment services apart from staffing investment positions.

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