The Veil Comes off the DeVos’s $139 Million Philanthropy Project

Unquestionably, Dick and Betsy DeVos command a lot of attention—at the same time—criticism because of their ginormous political donations. However, even their political donations look like pocket change compared to the charitable contributions, which have amounted to $139 million total. Betsy DeVos, the US Education Secretary nominee of the Republicans, DeVos has championed the wonders of charter schools.



How the DeVos’s Contribute to Society

A glance at 2015 alone revealed $11.6 million in contributions to different charities, which doubles itself compared to the $5.3 million in campaign donations from the last five years. As a part of the vetting process for a Cabinet post, Betsy DeVos reported to the federal government. The DeVos family has remained a kingpin of Republican politics for years, which started with Dick’s dad, Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway. In 2015, the elder DeVos and four of his grown children gifted over $104 million to charitable organizations in 2015. Because of their philanthropy, the family landed in 24th place on the Forbes’ list called, “America’s Top Givers.” Learn more:



Giving over a Lifetime

When we look at what the DeVos family gave over a lifetime, we see over $1.33 billion handed out. To put it into perspective, the family has given one-quarter of their $5.2 billion fortune. Betsy DeVos has actually come from a family, the Prince family, famous for their charitable donations, and she has only continued with that family characteristic. Their giving displays their values like education as a top priority. For example, in 2015, the family donated over $3 million to educational causes. It made up 26 percent of their total donations, and the family gave $357,000 to reform education groups. It shows how dedicated and unwavering the DeVos family remains to improve education.



Not Fulfilling the American Dream

As the DeVos’s looked at the current system of education. They could see a broken platform where many students fell through the cracks. Unfortunately, they didn’t like what they saw and made an attempt to improve education for Americans. DeVos states in an interview with MLive how the lack of education increasingly became a civil rights problem. If you grew up in the wrong zip code, you might not have access to the right resources to fulfill the American dream, and education becomes a prerequisite to have a fighting chance at living the American dream. Their goal is to address the problem of a “one-size-fits-all” public education platform.

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