True Dentistry Is About A Lot More Than Just Teeth

In the busy world of medicine for profit, people sometimes forget that there are still medical professionals who actually care. Search scandals and horror stories in the medical profession and you get thousands of hits. It is easy to feel as if most of them are only concerned about “The Almighty Dollar”. So what a refreshing surprise it is to learn about a man named Avi Weisfogel, DDS.

Dr. Weisfogel, DDS., is a man on a mission. A dentist in Old Bridge, New Jersey, looking to make a difference. He has started a GoFundMe campaign to help benefit Operation Smile. In a recent interview Dr. Weisfogel, DDS., was quoted as saying “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.”. With Avi Weisfogel setting a campaign goal of $2000, he is making a great start.

Avi Weisfogel, DDS., has been a man long passionate in educating and helping others in understanding dental care. For him, supporting Operation Smile is choosing to give each child hope for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.And making Operation Smile the beneficiary of his GoFundMe campaign is an excellent start.

Operation Smile was founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy McGee. It has since formed a global network providing more than 220,000 free medical procedures. Their services help young adults who suffer from cleft palates, cleft lips, and other dental deformities. In a world where facial appearances seem to carry so much weight, the chance to have a smile that is a bright, shining star is sometimes a miracle in a child or young adults eyes.

Dr. Weisfogel  is a man from an ordinary town who believes the children truly are our future and wants to reach out and help them in any way he can. Most likely he will never win an academy award, or a Nobel prize, but he deserves our praise and thanks all the same. This is a man who should stand and take a bow, being applauded for being a good man, a decent human being, and a true doctor for the soul, as well as the mouth.

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