US Money Reserves Founder Influence Just Like George Soros

US Money Reserve is famous for being the largest distributor of gold coins and silver in the world. It has been a topic of discussion especially after its president Phillip Diehl decided that they remove the penny in the market as it’s doing well. The decision also comes at a point when George Soros had predicted a crisis in the investment world and dropping of the trade in many stock markets. Diehl has been running the US Money Reserve for some time and has been an influence of many investors by bringing sense to them of the financial benefits of owning precious metals.

Philip has also increased the trust worth of US Money Reserve to many clients he has dealt .the influence has also been as a result of the government being the issuer of gold, platinum and silver coins. Diehl recently accepted an interview with enterprise radio. His influence on the market comes with being the first president that the United States government trusted to issuing the US Money Reserve a platinum coin. Diehl was also chosen by Bill Clinton to be the director of the United States Mint. His previous work has been of close association with many senior officials and he even at one point worked in the United States treasury board.

Diehl position in the US Money Reserve came as a complement to his previous efforts like being the initiator of the 50 states quarter program that was the most powerful coin program from the history in the United States. From his effort too when he was in Mint Diehl recorded an increase in profit to $2.5 billion by the end of his term. He has also made many individuals gain very high-profit positions by making them invest in buying more coins as their assets. Many clients have not been disappointed with Diehl as the leader of us money reserve. He assures people of the importance of investing with the US Money Reserve in that you are assured of quality you will not be subject to lies and face gold coins, but you will get the best. According to the epodcast, the influence of the US Money Reserve is by being the only gold selling company being led by a former Mint director.

According to prnewswire, the leadership of the company is safe with Phillip. Just as he did magic with his work as a mint director so will he do to the US Money Reserve. One of the working strategies he has started with is the withdrawal of the penny from the market. He is surely a saver of many investors.

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