March 4, 2015 · News

The gardens of the future might be vertical. A new initiative called Vertical Harvest has a created a multiple story greenhouse on the side of a parking garage.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that, as the earth’s population increases, we have to look for new solutions to how we will ge out food, and more important how we will grow it. By using vertical space rather than horizontal, the gardens are able to grow substantially more food in a much smaller footprint. The 30-foot by 150-foot greenhouse produces the same amount of food as 23 acres of a traditional farm. Even better, it does it with 99% less water use and no pesticides.

The Vertical Harvest project has put plants on a carousel, a move that ensures that all of the plants are able to receive the same amount of natural light. The setup also gives workers easy access to the plants when they need to harvest food.

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