Vijay Eswaran

While Vijay Eswaran is most known for his work with Qnet and the business based out of Hong Kong but with braces in almost a dozen other countries spread throughout southeast Asia, there are other elements of this business man that help him expand his presence in the industry. This includes not only speaking and author roles but also his work with philanthropy.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken at some of the most important business forums throughout the world, including the World Economic Forum and the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas located in India. Beyond this though, he has also penned different books as well. Vijay Eswaran’s first book came out in 2005 titled In the Sphere of Silence. While this sounds like a political thriller, it is actually his personal life philosophy on the topic of management and how he starts off every day with an hour of silence. It allows him to focus himself on the tasks at hand and how he can meditate on what needs to take place throughout the day. From sitting silently sipping tea to in the shower, all of this makes it possible to focus his mind and ready himself. After this, Vijay Eswaran following up the book with a book titled In the Thinking Zone, which is a collection of different reflections on life from his point of view, and his third and fourth books came out in 2008 and 2011, respectively. His fourth book did break away from the traditional mold he had followed though as he went on to publish different photographs he had created in the past.Now, Vijay Eswaran has started and work with different philanthropy groups in order to give back to the community. He started the RYTHM Foundation, which is the “social responsible” part of QNet. he also went on to create different charitable organizations which he named after his father. In fact, due to the work he has done and the amount he has donated, in July of 2011, Forbes Asia went on to name him one of the top 48 “Heroes of Philanthropy” of the entire region.

Of course, all of this has helped him build great wealth and he is also one of the top 50 richest individuals in Asia.

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