Villains Beware: Six Flags Over Georgia Gets a New Justice League-Inspired Ride

Six Flags Over Georgia is one of metro Atlanta’s most iconic attractions. Now joining it, is one of pop culture’s most iconic attractions: a ride entirely inspired by DC Comic’s Justice League.


The Six Flags chain is one which has been long entwined with the majesty of DC Comic superheros, with the Georgia park specifically already paying homage to the likes of Superman, Batman, the Joker, and more. Now enter: the Justice League, the unstoppable team made up of Batman, Superman, Diana Prince, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Together, they form not only a super squadron of impressive avengers, but the inspiration comprising the theme park’s latest thrill, “Justice League: Battle for Metropolis”.


The ride, which is situated in an enormous building almost spanning the length of a football field, begins dark and slow: but don’t relax just yet. Immersed in an interactive storyline complete with animatronics, 3D video, pyro, and other effects, riders plummet into the world of heroes and villains as they are tasked with the job of freeing the Justice League from the evil hands of your favorite bad guys, maneuvering around tricks from The Joker and invading Lex Luthor’s top secret lair.


Guests don’t merely watch the storyline however; they’re a part of it! Each seat equips the guest with a virtual laser gun, which they’ll need to familiarize themselves with quickly in order to survive the many thrills each pesky evildoer has planned. (Hint: there’s a lot.) Riders can see their personal scores tallied in front of them as they play.


Outfitted with thrills and special effects usually only reserved for a more high-profile Florida theme park, the Georgia attraction boasts smooth riding quality and excitement that’s thrilling, but still family-friendly. From a virtual loop to blasting Lex-Bots, it’s a ride that’s quite literally super, giving every attendee the chance themselves to be the superhero themselves.


The ride officially opens May 26.


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