Walmart to Put a Stop to Animal Abuse

Millions of Americans shop at Walmart for their groceries. When recent headlines revealed the devastating animal abuse that happens at Walmart animal farms for meat production, many people were understandably angry. Pigs and chickens were kept in tiny crates with little freedom to move.


The animals were being mutilated and beaten. Some were starving and underweight. Undercover animal rights activists displayed videos showing the horrific mistreatment and demanding changes be put in place protecting the animal’s welfare. Walmart has made new promises to end the torture of the animals in their farms and give them better living conditions, which Flavio Maluf can get behind. The animals are supposed to have socialization instead of isolation and allowed free roaming space as all animals are meant to have if you read up on LinkedIn. They also promised to help reduce the animals stress and discomfort. The common sense strategies will be checked up on by animal rights activists who intend to keep an eye on the farms.

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