What drives Michel Terpins?

Jacko or Jack Terpins always dreamed that his sons would join the world of sports. What he may not have anticipated is the level of excellence and competitiveness they would achieve. His son Michel Terpin a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team is one of the best drivers in the Brazilian rally circuit. He began his career in the cross country championship. Michel terpin is remembered in the cross country championship as one of the most competitive and consistent winners. Starting at a young age ensured that he had the advantage of experience by the time he got into the main championship stage. As a junior competitor, he was able to grow himself to the top of the competition. By the time he reached the senior level he had achieved the skill and confidence that would see him go for the ultimate win. He was able to pull his weight and in subsequent competitions improve to become champion. He was at the top of the table when he decided to leave and join the Rallying world. This would ensure that he would already have a record to uphold when he joined the second part of his career as a competitive racer.

The formidable team of Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins would be brought together to form the Bull Sertões Rally Team. This was a team that would, later on, signify just how competitive the terpin brothers were. They would begin as driver and navigator respectively as Rodrigo Terpins had more experience in rallying as compared to his brother.

He would nurture the skills of Michel and soon enough he acquired the finesse that was required of a rally driver. This meant that it was time to expand the Bull Sertões Rally Team by splitting the two and getting each of them a navigator. This proved to be an excellent idea as it ensured that the team was represented by drivers who were competitive to the core. MEM would then develop the T-Rex a car that the team currently uses in all its races. This teamwork is what has seen the Bull Sertões Rally Team become one of the best teams in Brazil.

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