When an Employee and Employer Part Ways

A Parting of the ways between an employee and employer are a way of life. Nothing lasts forever, and change for any business is always a good thing. New employees are hired to replace those who have left bringing new experiences. On the flipside for businesses is the fact that all employees may not be leaving on the best of terms. If that occurs, it may pose risks to the future of a business.

There are times when an employee may be disgruntled upon leaving their employer and as a result may attempt to harm the business. There are many ways in which this can be achieved. Such as; a data breach, which can happen if an employee decided to download valuable information, and after leaving the business decided to share it with their new employer. Also, if an employee retains access to a database they may make disastrous changes which can impact a companies revenue.

Although we don’t necessarily think about this as a wide spread concern among businesses, there are statistics which prove that more concern and action should be focused on correct procedures created for employees leaving the company. Research from ‘One Login’ showed 58 percent of companies who had been threatened by employees that left, still did not take away their access to signing into the companies database. Also, 24 percent of those companies experienced a data breach by an ex-employee as a result.

The most valuable asset a company holds is its database. Access is provided to employees in trust in becoming part of the team. When an employee leaves the connection is broken. Whether amicably or not, there still remains the fact that when an employee leaves access to the building is taken away. That is like locking the door and taking away the key. Yet, not locking down access to the database is like leaving a window open for the employee to still gain access. HR and IT must work together to make sure that once an employee has left the company they no longer have access through a door or a window.

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