Whitney Wolfe: Success, Love, and a Whimsical Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is quickly becoming a female role model for her success in business and her empowerment of women. The success of her app “Bumble” has largely come about due to the criteria that the woman has to take the lead for an online match to move any further. In real life, Wolfe unapologetically took the lead in the winter of 2013 when meeting restaurateur Michael Herd for the first time in Aspen, introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Wolfe dared him to spend some of his Aspen trip actually skiing, after he admitted he was inexperienced.

After their first run down the hill together, they didn’t see each other until January of the following year; however, they spent much of the time in between chatting with each other on the phone. Highlights of their relationship include the next Valentine’s Day, where they officially started dating, and a proposal the following June.

Fast forward to the most hectic time in most women’s lives: the planning of the wedding. Wolfe was inspired by the work of Cynthia Cook Smith and brought her on as wedding stylist, along with wedding planner Diana Sorenson. Always bold, Wolfe and Herd, with their team, planned the entire event at Villa Tre Ville in Italy – which neither of them had ever seen in person. The element of surprise, they hoped, would be just as beautiful for them as for their attendees.

After enjoying a few days of splendor and perfect weather leading up to the ceremony, the couple planned an extensive itinerary where each day was unique, starting with a vintage evening of dinner and dancing in Capri. This was followed by a relaxing Thursday afternoon and an Italian traditional festival lighting by the water that evening. Keeping with the truly Italian feel they desired for their big weekend, the evening included Italian musicians playing classics to the couple and their attendees as they sailed along peacefully on Italian boats from the port to the beach club.

The wedding itself was even more surprising than Wolfe and Herd had bargained for, with the land having not only its first rain shower in five months, but a flash flood. Bold as always, the couple danced in the rain with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, postponing the ceremony until the rain cleared up that evening – taking it all as a traditional Italian sign of cleansing rain and new beginnings. The ceremony itself took place that evening after the dedicated crew of bridesmaids and groomsmen, with of course, the soon-to-be married couple themselves, taking towels to all of the seats. The sun shone through with just enough daylight left for a whimsical ceremony, and even allowed time for photos.

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