Who Is Andrew Rocklage?

Andrew Rocklage graduated from Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management. It was obvious from the beginning that Andrew has a knack for business and seeking new and innovative business opportunities. At the beginning of his career Andrew Rocklage was an intern for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Branching out from internship to full on employment, he became legal council for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. This started his career in the legal counseling world, but Andrew also spearheaded himself toward bigger and better things from becoming legal council to EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, then corporate council, and now being the owner and operator of the popular indoor trampoline chain Sky Zone Trampoline park.

It’s easy to ascertain from his history that Andrew Rocklage is a go-getter. Starting your own business is a heavy risk, and without the right skills, money, and management things can go south really fast. Sky Zone Trampoline Park was the first official indoor trampoline park in Massachusetts, and has been wildly successful in other states as well. Andrew looked for a business niche and filled it with an innovative idea that has a growing popularity all over the country and in a few neighboring countries. To say that it’s genius would be an understatement; his business skills are astounding and should be spoken about at seminars. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park features hours of family fun mixed with the daily exercise a lot of modern adults lack due to a busy schedule. It’s an easy and fun way for people to connect with their families. About a thousand guests visit the main campus of Sky Zone a day. With that much foot traffic it’s obvious that the business and it’s surrounding management have been thorough with ensuring people have fun while maintaining a safe and encouraging environment.

Andrew Rocklage is still on the up and coming when it comes to wildly known business moguls, but with the advancement of his Sky Zone business and it’s popularity, Andrew will be notable and seen as a person of great business knowledge to be referenced in the beginnings of new business ideas and innovations.


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