Why Americans Consider USHEALTH Group for Health Insurance

The secret to health freedom lies in the decision that you take to secure your family’s health. Life is unpredictable and no one can foresee accidents or chronic illnesses.

USHEALTH Group has been running the health insurance industry for more than 50 years. Over its years of operation, the company has been able to achieve a vast health reputation and market gain in America and beyond.

USHEALTH Group Family insurance

Through its affiliate insurance brands namely National Foundation and Freedom Life, the group has taken huge strides in providing quality family health packages for all members of the society. Under the family package, you get to enjoy the following options:

Short-term expense plan

The cover offers you and your family medical subsidy when it comes to treatment and you don’t have to incur extra expenses in liabilities before the cover comes into effect. Learn more about USHealth Group: https://twitter.com/ushealth_group?lang=en

In simple terms, the plan prevents you from paying a cover that you don’t need.

First dollar plan

This allows you to receive a cash payment for every expense you incurred in a specified disease or accident. You are able to enjoy up to maximum benefits. The advantage of this plan is that you don’t lose your benefits in case you don’t use them.


This specifically covers you and your family on all medical treatment expenses. If you or a member of the family gets diagnosed with a disease that’s covered by the plan, MedGuard will compensate you with cash.

Accident protector

This cushions you against spending on the savings in case of an accident. The protector offers you the following financial advantages:

Dental plans

  • Cash payments in case of an accident and resultant loss
  • Medical expense coverage triggered by the accident

There are three plans in this category to choose from and they include:

Premium planSaver planSaver plus planLife protector

  • Premium plan- This gives you a maximum cover of $400 per year
  • Saver plan- This offers you a maximum year cover of $500
  • Saver plus plan- This gives you a yearly maximum cover of $1000

The plan allows you to enjoy 10 years of financial health protection. The contract is renewable after a decade and therefore there is no need to panic.

USHEALTH Group Location

According to Crunchbase, you can get into contact with the USHEALTH Group personnel through the following head office addresses, all located in Fort Worth Texas:


  • Freedom Life Insurance
  • National Foundation Life Insurance
  • Enterprise Life Insurance

The need for family health insurance is on the rise and this is because of the rise in health uncertainties.

Bloomberg revealed that the presence of USHEALTH Group gives everyone responsible health cushioning and every community member has the right to enjoy health insurance. With the group active in the market, families can have a worry free life.

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