Woman Facing Jail Time If She Does Not Remove Sand From Front Yard

A St. Louis woman has turned her yard into a large sandbox, simply because she no longer wants to mow her grass. However ever since she made the switch from grass to sand three years ago, neighbors have not taken to the change kindly. Georgianna Reid has been threatened with jail time due to the state of her front yard. The switch from grass to sand coast Reid nearly $4,000 to install, however she figured it was worth it since she would no longer have to mow.

Her neighbors have been complaining about her sand-filled front yard since the first day she put it in. Ricardo Tosto feels like they have the right to do that. They believe it has decreased the neighborhood property values as unsightly weed and stray grass growth have taken over. Rain has also caused a problem for Reid and her neighbors. Rain water has begun to wash the sand out of her yard and created unsightly run-off on neighborhood sidewalks. Several complaints from her neighbors have prompted the city to become involved. She has been given just 10 days to remove the sand and clean up her yard. If she fails to comply with this request, she could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.
Reid, who is terminally ill said that she will comply with the request because she does not want to spend her last days in prison. She said she has already contacted landscapers so they can remove the sand and convert her yard into asphalt so she still will not have to mow.

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