Zika Spreads To Care Giver

Most people have heard of the Zika virus. It’s a virus that usually affects pregnant women and can lead to severe birth defects. It is often spread by mosquitoes. However, a patient in Utah recently died from the virus, and the person spread the virus to a caregiver. No one knows how the virus was spread as it’s usually done so through other forms of contact instead of simply touching someone while giving care.

Zika is a virus that is usually only spread sexually or if the person is bit by a mosquito carrying the disease. Since a caregiver was infected, it shows that doctors don’t know everything about the virus. They don’t know how it’s transmitted, and that’s what’s frightening. It could be spread from one person to another like the common cold. If this is the case, then the virus could end up spreading like wildfire, killing adults and children in a short time. The privacy of the patient who died and the health care worker are preventing a lot from being said about what happened.

However, if this turns into a national emergency as it could, then information needs to be released so that people know what to look for if they think that they are sick. A vaccine needs to be given as soon as possible to prevent this type of situation from taking place again.

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