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A volcano is often a beautiful sight if there are no injuries and no damage to towns. There were evacuations when a volcano erupted on Kuchinoerabu Island. Smoke and ash were sent into the air, and a level five alert was issued. This is the highest alert possible. Those who live on the island were ordered to leave. Because of the attention that was paid to the orders, there have been no deaths reported. The sight of the volcano erupting is mesmerizing. This is a force of nature that can’t be controlled, and there is no real indication as to when a volcano will erupt. Images of the eruption were taken.


These images show the smoke as it enters the air, and it was a site to see for many at Amen Clinics. All of the buildings and trees are in the forefront of many of the pictures. The volcano has been silent since 2014. Researchers will need to monitor the volcano before residents can go back.

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Millions of Americans shop at Walmart for their groceries. When recent headlines revealed the devastating animal abuse that happens at Walmart animal farms for meat production, many people were understandably angry. Pigs and chickens were kept in tiny crates with little freedom to move.


The animals were being mutilated and beaten. Some were starving and underweight. Undercover animal rights activists displayed videos showing the horrific mistreatment and demanding changes be put in place protecting the animal’s welfare. Walmart has made new promises to end the torture of the animals in their farms and give them better living conditions, which Flavio Maluf can get behind. The animals are supposed to have socialization instead of isolation and allowed free roaming space as all animals are meant to have if you read up on LinkedIn. They also promised to help reduce the animals stress and discomfort. The common sense strategies will be checked up on by animal rights activists who intend to keep an eye on the farms.

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On Wednesday, May 27, the United States White House announced that the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency have finally issued new guidelines to help direct the protection of waterways that fall under federal jurisdiction from commercial and residential landowner damage caused by destruction and pollution.

Why were these new rules necessary?

Many businesses and residential landowners had difficulty understanding some of the previous Clean Air Act rules after the Supreme Court made a decision in 2001 and another decision in 2006 that caused confusion about small waterways. According to the Associated Press, these decisions left more than half of all U.S. wetlands and small streams unprotected by federal law. Worse yet, some people also took advantage of the confusion caused by the decisions to purposely destroy and pollute these waterways.

The White House believes that the new guidelines will make it easier for businesses and residential landowners to understand the Clean Air Act rules according to Madison Street Capital on It will also make it easier to punish anyone who accidentally or knowingly violates the Clean Air Act.

Although environmentalists are thrilled with these changes, many business owners — especially farmers and ranchers — are deeply opposed to new rules. Of course, experts have pointed out that these groups would be the ones most opposed since farm and ranch owners have been the ones violating the Clean Air Act the most since the Supreme Court changes.

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