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With the explosion of social media in the last decade, it’s no surprise to find that dating apps and websites are booming with business these days. The simple fact is that it is easier, and often safer to try to meet someone online. The days of people meeting at church gatherings and Sunday socials are long gone, today you log onto your choice of dating app or website and the company matches you with people who they think would be your ideal choice.
The concept is fairly straightforward. The process begins with the creation of a profile, which is what everyone will see and read to help make the decision of who is and isn’t a compatible mate. A few diverse selfies are necessary, they give a glimpse into who the profile is really about and make other app users feel more comfortable about who they are contacting. A short bio is included, it’s the space where users really get to sell themselves. The more creative, fun, and attractive they are the more likely they will be to find multiple dates.

Once the profile is fully finished it officially becomes part of the dating pool for anyone and everyone on the site to see. Users surf the sites which are fairly similar to Facebook, and look for people who they think will serve as good matches so they can begin messaging back and forth to feel each other out. Numerous matches are made through this industry each year. Although not all last a lifetime, it’s the new and effective way to be a part of the dating scene.

Skout is one of the newer dating apps to hit the market. In 2013 alone the company reported that over 500 million matches were made on their app. Skout works like other dating apps but with an added bonus, the program uses GPS on users cell phones to help connect with those in their immediate area. Skout also offers fun little features like Shake to Chat, this allows users who shake their phones to connect to other users who are shaking their phones at the same time. Due to the apps immense success, Skout was able to purchase Nixter, a nightlife app, in 2014. This allowed the company to add a new feature to their services that allows users to locate nightlife events like ticket sales and guest lists in major metropolitan cities. Recently, Skout launched Fuse, another app that allows users to create their own social network that functions from the address book located in their smartphone or tablet. As of 2015 Skout reported that it had officially reached over 10 million members.

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As the world is dealing with the issues of financial complexity that have been challenging the economy, the need for experts who understand the financial markets is rising. The demand for financial guidance in today’s globalized economy has never been so high. This why financial advisers such as Brian Bonar have become very famous and popular in the world of business. Bonar is the current big name in finance and his acumen in financial markets has won him great admiration among his peers and admirers across the world. Being the leader of Trucept, he has risen to the top of his career as a reputed Finance Executive. He has some of the most effective leadership strategies and this has been clearly displayed by his success in Trucept.

In addition to leading Trucept to the highest level in the financial trade business, he is also the immediate former leader of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He left a legacy there and his management skills has remained to be fundamental pillars of the company’s operations. Interestingly, Bonar is not a trained business man but an engineer by profession. As such, one is left to wonder how engineering can lead to a successful career in a totally different area of operation. However, the skilled engineer has been using his creative mind and skills in structuring to crate workable managerial structures.

Academically, the renowned financial advisor is also very well educated in his field of interest which is engineering. He has a degree in technical engineering as well as a masters in the same filed. He has worked in many companies including IBM and QMS where he actually practiced the skills he learned from the university. Before moving on to start his own company, he first gathered some marketing experience from working as a sales manager in Adaptec. He later moved on to start his own company called Bezier Systems. Even after starting his own company, Bonar was still consulted and he also worked for several other companies.
Bonar has since specialized in mergers and acquisitions and his skills have elevated him in this career leading to numerous awards that he has won over the years. At Trucept, Bonar helped the company to build up its name as a financial services advisory company based on his skill to create structures for financial management. His greatness has since been acknowledged the world over as he currently gives financial advises to big corporations and governments as well. On the other side, he continues to serve humanity with his philanthropic personality helping out in charity organizations as well funding community help projects. He is a true example of a real entrepreneur through his unhesitant risk taking personality and his compassionate traits.

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In a landmark announcement, Highland Capital Management has announced the hiring of a new President of Institutional Products, Terry Jones. Mr. Jones is expected to enhance the company’s position in the market by focusing on client specific product innovation. This new trend in the money managing market drives a very specified approach to investing. Each client’s holdings are diversified with the risk that they are comfortable with, in markets they find acceptable and within industries that they think are worthy of investing. Mr. Jones said that he is optimistic and excited to begin working within the Highland Capital team. He explained that Highland Capital is already well known for its positioning within the industry to foster a dynamic investing platform. He is looking forward to creating a client driven customization solution which has the potential to further solidify Highland Capital’s position.

Highland Capital controls just over $20 billion in assets with investors from high wealth individuals to pension funds and trusts. James Dondero, co-founder and President, expressed great excitement in the hiring of Terry Jones. Jim has been a leading innovator within hedge funds and equity marketplaces for decades. He co-founded Highland Capital after years of investing experience, with a focus on customization investment offerings. Since its inception in 1993, Highland Capital has become a leader in collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, special situation private equity, and long only funds and are the recent recipients of the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. These strategic steps have been taken under the direct leadership of James Dondero, and have come to place Highland Capital as the largest and most experienced alternative credit manager.

Jim formerly founded and sold another hedge fund in the early 90’s, which had more than quadrupled in size before he sold it in order to begin Highland Capital. James Dondero is known for his innovative strategies and forward thinking attitude, which has lead him to the hiring of Terry Jones in order to further the revolutionary positioning of Highland Capital and enhance its relationship with investors around the globe. Mr. Jones will be critical in aligning the portfolio acceptable risk levels with Highland Capital’s risk management platform. Mr. Dondero said that Mr. Jones will be critical in both the risk assessment alignment and the client solutions that are developed around these assessments throughout an increasingly complex globalized market. While Terry Jones is a proven expert in the investment industry already, Mr. Dondero’s leadership and skill as an investor show the strength and ingenuity to trust in any appointment he deems wise.

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The development of the music industry across the world has led development of different types of musicians. Many people have chosen to invest in music with the aim of making profit while others invest in music as a passion and a calling. This has led to the development of different types of music that is listened to by people from all sorts of lives. Music has been used for many different reasons depending on the prevailing situation. As such, musicians have developed different types of music that are geared towards passing a specific type of message to the general public. Michael Jackson was one of the most celebrated music personalities in United States of America. He was recognized as the king of hip hop music which made him to develop a large fan base. Many people loved his music and could throng his live concert in large numbers to listen to his music. His death made an impact on the way music was being done in United States of America. Many fans were devastated but have continued to keep the spirit running by continuously celebrating him through his music. As a result, many people have emulated and copied the dancing styles of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes is one of the leading Michael Jackson impersonators that have continued to play Michael Jackson’s music throughout the world. He developed interest in the music style of Michael Jackson when he was still a young child. This was his opening point towards emulating and performing Michael Jackson’s music across Europe.

Sergio Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain and has continued to perform Michael Jackson’s music in other parts of the world like Brazil. He began his career as a teenager but his depute came when he performed on the Michael Jackson tribute in Madrid. Here, he started rising in standards due to his resemblance to Michael Jackson. He employed all the dancing skills of Michael Jackson in every move he underwent on the stage making people to develop interest in him since he reminded them of the late Michel Jackson. He has continued to perform in concerts across the world and has recently scheduled trip to perform in United States of America. This will be a big boost in his career since America hosts a huge fan base for the late Michael Jackson. He has a good and captivating voice that leaves people touched whenever he is performing on the stage.