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There are many celebrity impersonators in the world today. This profession has turned into a very big business for the people who are good enough to get hired on a regular basis. Elvis is the most commonly impersonated celebrity. However, the number of Michael Jackson impersonators has risen dramatically since the singer passed away. Sergio Cortes is widely considered to be the best of the best as far as impersonating the king of pop is concerned. Cortes has come a long way since his very humble upbringing. He is now famous around the world for impersonating one of the world’s most beloved entertainers.

Contrary to popular belief, it was not the life ambition of Cortes to become a Michael Jackson impersonator. In fact, he has admitted that he did not even know people made a living impersonating celebrities until he was around 20 years old. Cortes has admitted to being a fan of Jackson’s music as a youth. However, he would never imagine in his wildest dreams that one day he and Jackson would be linked so closely. Cortes grew up in Spain. He learned English by listening to American pop music. As time went by, Cortes noticed that something very strange was happening. Cortes was slowly beginning to look like Jackson. This was as a result of the treatments Jackson was undergoing to lighten his skin. Eventually, people began to confuse Cortes for Jackson when he went out in public.

Cortes was surprised by all of the attention at first. He knew that he had been blessed with a very unique opportunity. It was now just a question of finding out the right way to take advantage of it. Cortes began to get requests to show up at various parties and public events dressed as Jackson. He did this part-time and made a very good living in the process. He eventually decided to take things to the next level and become a Michael Jackson impersonator full-time. However, he knew that simply dressing and looking like Jackson would not be enough to get people to pay top dollar to hire him. He then began to take singing and dancing lessons. He learned the complex choreography to all of Jackson’s most legendary videos. After many months of practice, Cortes began to perform concerts where he would sing and dance like Jackson. These concerts have been a huge hit and made him internationally famous.

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Investors and financially savvy individuals have known for quite some time that owning gold is a great margin for error in your portfolio. Whenever the overall market is performing poorly, gold tends to do well. Many investors love to actually have something tangible that they can invest in as well. President of the US Money Reserve, Phillip N. Diehl, has made a strong case in why it is very important to own gold when you are investing. Diehl also makes a strong case for owning US minted gold and silver versus just owning gold or silver bullion.

Diehl has been a leader and shining force in the US Mint for many years. He is most well known for the 50 state quarter minting. He has been hailed as one of the most well revered and influential US Mint Directors in our modern times. Diehl has also worked as chief of staff at the US Department of Treasury. He also served as Staff Director at the Senate Finance Committee. Diehl was very first held in high regards as Director of the US Mint for completely overhauling the customer service department. The US Mint has now been rated highest in customer services satisfaction out of any other government organization. Diehl was also very successful with the creation of the Sacagawea dollar. This was more successful in the first year than the Susan B. Anthony dollar was in 20 years.

After serving very successfully as the Director of the US Mint, Diehl has decided to reside in his home state of Texas and take on the role of President of the US Money Reserve. If history repeats itself, Diehl will have a very successful time as president of the US Money Reserve. The future looks very bright for Diehl as he continues to move foward with new innovative ideas.

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Over the past 2 years, there has been a steady growth in the hedge fund industry. In 2014, there were 32 hedge fund deals. In 2015, there were 42 hedge fund deals. There was a 27% growth in 2015 alone. This poses 2016 to be a record year in the hedge fund industry. Alternative asset management is one of the key leaders in institutional investing and has attributed to much of this growth. 2016 is primed for alternative asset management growth. 2016 is being more heavily primed for dealers and buyers in the hedge fund market. The deal environment is becoming much more accessible to many parties.

Madison Street Captial is an industry leader in the world of finance. They have made a great impact in the world of capital funding for smaller startups. Madison Street Captial prides themselves in the one on one relationships they have with the company executives in which they are doing business. Madison Street Capital has helped many middle-market companies with strategic growth models. Madison Street Captial also focuses heavily on business valuation. This is aimed at giving companies a much more strategic mergers and acquisitions strategy.

Corporate financial advisement is another key factor in the success of Madison Street Captial. It can be very difficult for owners of middle-market companies to have the time or resources to take care of all of the complex financial dealings in their growing business. This is why the financial advisement Madison Street Captial can offer is so crucial to the growth of a middle-market company.

Madison Street Captial has created a name for themselves as a global leader in mergers and acquisitions as well as business valuation. For companies in all different markets, Madison Street Captial is able to bring them peace of mind as well as a firm business strategy in the ever changing world of mergers and acquisitions. The future seems very bright for Madison Street Captial as they continue to make their name known in the world of business valuation as well as mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital moves forward as a stalwart leader in the financial world.

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As Charles Koch, like Donald Trump, is a powerful businessman with many connections, it has been a question on many people’s mind as to whether or not Mr. Koch can stop Donald Trump. Though the Koch brothers are wealthy and strong supporters for the Republican candidacy, Charles Koch and his brother, David, are none to happy with the 2016 presidential choices on the side of the Republican party. The Koch brothers are strong supporters of the Republican party which was seen in 2012 when the Koch brothers raised over $400 million for the purpose of helping Mitt Romney win the election.

With this loss in mind, the Koch brothers, after the 2012 election, began to raise a total of $900 million that would be used against the democratic candidates at the early 2016 election season. Despite this large number of financial aid, the Koch brothers failed to take into consideration, Donald Trump who is able to finance his own campaign.

The Koch brothers are openly against Donald Trump as his policies on taxes, trade, as well as foreign policy completely clashed with their ideals. The Koch brothers even add that with Donald Trump as president, this will “destroy our free society”.

With the Koch brothers looking for a candidate to support, Donald Trump continues to win votes. The new goal of the Koch brothers as well as their many allies is to bring Mr. Trump’s victory to a halt. To do this, the Koch brothers have carefully analyzed Mr. Trump’s weaknesses. They are currently using the strategy of highlighting his bankruptcy as well as his predatory business deals.

Charles Koch is taking on this mission for the purpose of achieving two goals of his. The first goal is to expand his family-owned business and the other goal is to spread the idea as well as the importance of the free market. This is why Charles Koch continuously makes large donations to institutions such as George Mason which teaches a classic form of economics that supports the free market.

In order to accomplish both goals, the Koch brothers have begun working tirelessly with the Republican party for the purpose of supporting the candidate that values the free market. The Koch network has been recruiting potential candidates that will shift the power of the political party. Charles Koch believes that the power should lie with the powerful and wealthy rather than the politically connected.

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