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Fashionistas searching for the latest fashion trend on corp.justfab.com need to look no further than the athleisure trend. What is it? Athleisure is when someone wears gym clothes outside of the gym and it’s never been more popular than right now.

Kelly Dougher, over on Bustle, wrote an article on the newest fashion craze. In her article titled “How To Wear Athleisure Style Even If You Normally Prefer Dresses &Heels” she lays out all the ways gym clothes on https://www.youtube.com/user/Fabletics can be worn in cute ways.

But before diving into her article, it’s worth checking out sites like Facebook on some of their super cute and popular styles. Fabletics is making a name for itself by offering cute workout outfits for affordable prices. As their website states, this attractive active wear has new styles every month and ranges from yoga, running, gym, and other workouts. Simply by looking at their samples customers of Fabletics can see how stylish the brand is and how easy it would be taking them out of the gym.

And for Dougher, she did just that and explains how those daring to experiment with fashion can do the same. After growing up a tomboy and wearing nothing by jeans and othersized hoodies in in high school, Dougher found a new way to express herself in college. From tomboy to a more feminine attire on Instagram, she learned how to rock dresses and heels.

It was when Dougher started to work from home that she found her style changing again. Embracing the athleisure trend, Dougher described in her article how to make this work for any occasion.

Dougher explained how fashionable on http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/style/fabletics-review-need-read/ it is to wear gym outfits to run errands. Wearing leggings and a hoodie and then going to the gym later is easier than ever before. Not only that, but if the need to dress up a little more is needed, it’s easy to switch the leggings and hoodie for skinny jeans and cute coat.

Dougher further shows how save the pains of heels by wearing sneakers with an adorable dress as well. Learning these tricks can help any fashionista and is worth trying for those looking to experiment as Dougher herself showed.

The Competent CEO of Solo Capital
Sanjay Shah is considered to be a highly competent CEO who is also the founder of Solo Capital. He is an English businessman with a background that includes much success. He has the skills in finance and in business. He displays sound and solid judgment within the business and charity sectors. He is considered to be credible and trustworthy
by those who conduct their financial and business dealings with him. His sound judgment has ensured that he is a skilled CEO with a dedicated team.

New Members on Board of Trustees
The PR Newswire reported the story about the two new members of the Board of Trustees of Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah has appointed Pete and Will Best. Shah had met the brothers during their university days. Sanjay believes that these two both have exceptional experience and superior skills that will greatly add to the organization. Autism Rocks has continued to spread and flourish all around the globe. The Best brothers be highly valuable additions to this entire charity organization. Pete has much experience within the financial market. Will offers his own music background and some of his advertising experience to this position. The two new members on the Board of Trustees will be valuable in furthering the goals and the mission of Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks
Sanjay Shah had his own personal reasons for founding the charity Autism Rocks. He saw the need to raise awareness. Mr. Shah also saw the large need for research of autism. He own son had been diagnosed in the year 2011 with the neurodevelopmental disorder. He is well informed of the many families who are in need of much support. Research and donations are needed. The donations for Autism Rocks are raised through concerts. It was Snoop Dogg and Sanjay Shaw together who formed the idea of staging gigs in order to raise money for autism. Sanjay Shaw is not only a competent founder of the successful Solo Capital, he is also creating much success with Autism Rocks.

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As I look at the current rate of liberalism in the United States’ markets, it is continuously dawning on me that the work done by compliance officers is very important. Additionally, it takes a person of sheer willpower, personal restraint and excellent character to remain partisan and strict in the fight against corruption and selfish interests in the capital, financial and stock markets.

Policing a whole industry is a tall order for anyone irrespective of their gender. Therefore, it is quite amazing to see people like Helane Morrison take up the mantle and actually make a positive change in San Francisco. Her work at the city’s SEC office saw her rise up the ranks to become a regional director famed for going after the big fish. In her tenure, Morrison went after top executives who carried out unscrupulous dealings using the power of their big offices. She is known to open cases against executives from Google, HBO and Co as well as NextCard Inc. among others.

Morrison has had a successful career that has seen her succeed and rise up in every position that he has held. Her lucrative career and huge successes saw her join a premier private investment firm in San Francisco called Hall Capital Partners LLC. The firm is led by a team of professional women and controls a whopping $24 billion plus in assets under management. As the Chief Compliance Officer at the firm, Morrison has put together a team of officers that ensures all the dealings carried out by the company are clean and ethical.

Background on Helane L. Morrison

Helane Morrison is an established lawyer who has made a name for herself as a reputable compliance officer. Reading her numerous accomplishment and indomitable will and strength during her tenure at the San Francisco SEC office is quite humbling. I cannot help but feel pure amazement at her power and strength as a woman. Morrison studied both journalism and law. She has since used both degrees throughout her career in carrying out investigations into corrupt dealings at the stock and securities markets as well as instigating legal action against culprits.

Morrison worked as a clerk during the beginning of her career before joining San Francisco’s Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. She later left the firm to join the SEC where she worked until 2007. Today, Morrison heads the compliance team at Capital Hall Partners LLC. According to me, Morrison is the true embodiment of the strength of a woman.

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Makeup is supposed to be fun. As kids, girls would color pictures to make girls have vivid purple lips and midnight blue eye shadow. Then the moment came when a girl was FINALLY allowed to learn the secrets of makeup, she was presented with her mother’s bland palette of neutral flesh tones and pale pinks. Worse, she had to learn how to blend makeup to make it that she wasn’t wearing any. At that moment, makeup became a chore.

In 2008, entrepreneur, Doe Deere, created a makeup line for people who believed that their face was their canvas. The Russian-born, New York-raised designer created a vegan makeup line that featured vivid lip and eye color.  Lime Crime gives all people the freedom to express themselves beyond their imagination.

As a child, Deere experimented with colors creating a palette beyond a 196 count Crayola crayon box. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick is liking taking your favorite crayon color and wiping in across your lips with a bright opaque pigment that was not your mom’s subtle pinks. Bright yellow, vibrant orange and rich mint lips are possible with Unicorn Lipstick. The fun isn’t limited to the ultra-pigmented lip line. Lime Crime’s Velvetines lipsticks make sparkly denim colored lips a reality and give you copper lips that outshine pennies. Eyes are given the same pigmented treatment. Lime Crime’s Venus palettes provide unique matte and shimmering hues that would make Ziggy Stardust proud.

Aside from feeling awesome to be themselves, Lime Crime customers on Pinterest can feel great about supporting an altruistic company. Aside from manufacturing vegan, cruelty-free products, six charities that support young women and animals. That is five more charities than the average mass produced makeup line supports!

Lime Crime is the makeup that allows you to be the vibrant being you imagine you are. Lime Crime puts the fun back in makeup. Let your face be your canvas and your imagination be your limit: visit them on Twitter today.